Let it Snow!

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(totally found a site for actual banff tours lol http://www.banfftours.com/sightseeing-winter/discover-banff-wildlife-tour-winter)

"Wildlife, historical sites junk like that." Mark told her.

"Ever see a polar bear?" Alex teased him.

((that looks like fun))

"No I've never seen a polar bear." Mark laughed "Seen a lot of grizzly bears. Not up close of course."

"Where were you?" Alex asked, intrigued that he'd seen gizzly bears.

"I don't know camping and hiking and stuff." Mark said

"I didn't know you were so outdoorsy." Alex said and pictured him taking their kid camping, as if they had a happy ending.

"Can we name it something more manly than 'outdoorsy'." Mark laughed.

"Rustic?" Alex offered. "Is that manly enough of a word?"

"I was thinking more Wilderness badass." Mark joked.

"Oh I have to see some of this winderness badassness in the flesh. Whens the next time you're going camping?" Alex laughed.

"Do you think you could handle winter camping?" Mark asked her.

(I posted in fnl)

"I didn't know you couldn't." Alex smirked and finished her salad.

"We can go winter camping next weekend if you want then." Mark suggested

"That would be kind of cool." Alex nodded and sipped some water.

"Sure you can handle the cold." He asked her again.

"I'm sure I can." She told him. "Can you?"

"Is this turning into a competition?" Mark smirked "I never knew you were so competitive."

"I'm at the top of your company. I got there because I'm competitive." Alex pointed out. "And I sleep with my boss." she added in a whisper.

"Well I mean to be fair you only started doing that AFTER we promoted you." He teased

"It's just a perk that came with the job huh?" She asked with a smirk.

"Something like that." Mark smiled

"Are you coming to my room after dinner?" Alex asked quietly so only he could hear.

"Do you want me to?" Mark asked.

"I wouldn't object but I wouldn't go as far as to beg." Alex said with a shrug.

Mark smiled "Well maybe I'll stop by."

"That would be nice." Alex said and sipped her water.

Mark watched Aubrey excuse herself and head towards the washrooms and decided now was the best time to talk to her since dinner would be wrapping up soon.
"I'll be right back." He told Alex as he got up.

"Okay." Alex said and watched hm leave. She was surprised at how abruptly he left.

Mark stopped Aubrey in the hall on the way to the washrooms "I need to talk to you a second." Mark told her.
"Is everything all right Mr. Duncan?" Aubrey asked wondering if she'd broken some rule she wasn't aware of.
"Come on in private." He said nodding towards an empty confrence room.

Alex waited for Mark for a while and wondered where he'd gone off to. She finished her second glass of water and got up to use the restroom.

Mark shut the door behind them
"Did I do something sir?" Aubrey asked nervous that she was in trouble.
"No. Nothing like that relax." Mark told her "I just don't want you to get caught up with my brother not without knowing what he's like?"
"Oh?" Aubrey asked curious. He seemed nice enough and she hadn't been around long enough to catch the office gossop about anyone.
Mark tried to decide how best to put it "He just got out of rehab and I don't want you getting caught up in that. Especially if he relapses."
Aubrey was speechless "Oh...I didn't know. But we weren't....we haven't done anything. He was just keeping me company at dinner."
"Just...be careful ok." Mark said.

Alex walked by the room she saw Mark go into and she tried to listen in but the voices were muffled. She didn't realize how much she liked him until she saw what a jealous girlfriend she was acting like.

"All right get back to dinner." Mark said "Oh and hey, don't tell him I said anything. He'd be pissed if he found out."
"Oh...Ok. My lips are sealed." Aubrey told him turning to leave.

Alex backed away from the door and was surprised to see Aubrey walk out. She didn't know why Mark still needed to hook up with other girls when he had her at his disposal.

"Oh...um....hi." Aubrey smiled awkwardly and walked around Alex to get to the dining hall

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