Let it Snow!

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*Mark would appreciate a wife like me* Daisy thought to herself.
"So. How does it taste?" She asked with a smile

"Its really great." Allie told her.

"When you're done you can show me around the house." Daisy told her.

"Well, this is the kitchen." Allie teased before finishing her eggs.

"I kind of figured." Daisy laughed.

Allie adjusted the baby and walked Daisy around the house. "Here's the living room and across the way is the dining room."

"This is a really nice place. Did you decorate it yourseld?" Daisy asked as they walked through.

"Not exactly. Mark's ex girlfriend actually helped him design and decorate the house." She told her.

"Oh thats.... weird." Daisy said "Did they live here together before you and Mark were together?"

"No they just worked on the house together." Allie told her. "and then she kissed him and tried to steal him back and it didn't work."

"You're much more trusting than me." Daisy said "If I jad a husband I'd never let any of his exes near him."

"Well I trusted him when he said she didn't want him back. We were both wrong there." She smirked.?

"I still wouldn't have trusted her." Daisy said.

"Lesson learned." Allie laughed.

Daisy laughed "Well I suppose hindsight is 20/20."

"Exactly." Allie laughed. "Come on I'll show you upstairs."

"The nursery is so cute." Daisy said walking into the babies room.

(I had an idea that since Mark won't sleep with her Daisy drugs him and has sex with him while he's out of it hoping that he can get her pregnant)

(I literally shared that exact idea with you at the start of Daisy being in the rp and you said you didn't see her being like that. I feel like Jan in A Very Brady Movie lol)

"Thank you. I wanted a neutral color so it can stay a nursery if Mark and I have a boy someday." Allie said.

(Lmao! That's probably where i got the idea from aha. Well then I changed my mind XD)

"How many kids do you want?" Daisy asked her.

"Just one for now." Allie laughed. "we haven't talked much about it but I figure we'll have another when Ella's older."

"Did you have a big family?" Daisy asked her

"Sort of. I'm an only child but I have a lot of cousins." Allie told her. "Mark's the one with a big family. I was actually quite surprised when Ella came along. I always thought I'd have trouble conceiving."

"Oh why's that?" Daisy asked her.

(Ooohh maybe Allie decides she wants another baby at one point so daisy starts secretly feeding her birth control.)

(Yes! And I don't know if you want to do the other part of my drugged idea about daisy drugging Allie so she doesn't wake up at night when the baby cries and Daisy looks like a better person. And she could drug her so she won't wake up when she drugs and bones Mark?)

"infertility runs in my family." She told her.?

(I was also thinking she doesn't actually get pregnant but lies and tells Mark she is)

"Oh. Well I guess she's a miricle."

(That's good OR she could get pregnant but since she psycho, she gets sent off to the loony bin and mark has full custody of the baby and later when she gets out she comes back after them)

"she sure is." Allie smiled at her little girl. "Come on, I'll show you your room."?

"Thanks." Daisy smiled.

(I don't think Allie would be ok with raising someone elses kid. )

(*thug voice* bitch you don't know her life)

"You'll be right here." She said, opening the door by the nursery. "Mark and I have a bathroom in our room so the one down the hall is all yours."

(Im just saying she's the jealous type already lol)

"Thankyou." Daisy said "It looks great." She smiled.

(very lol)

"There's?2 more bedrooms that you're welcome to use but this one's a little bigger and it's right between us and Ella." Allie explained.

"This is just fine." Daisy told her. "I'll move some of my stuff in soon."

"Mark can help you if you need someone." Allie offered.

"Oh I don't want to put you two out too much." Daisy said feining humbleness "You're already offering me your home."

"We're dragging you into our house to take care of our kid. The least we could do is help you move your stuff in." She assured her.

"Ok. I'll cave." Daisy laughed "I don't have much."

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