Let it Snow!

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"Be nice. Don't weird her out." Allie told him and went to get the door.

"How could I possibly weird her out?" Mark smirked answeing the door.
"Hi." Daisy smiled "I'm a little early I hope that's ok."
"Yeah come on in. I'm just heading back to work."

Allie came out to greet Daisy as she wiped Ella's spit up off her shirt. "Hi Daisy. I'm glad you're here."

"You look like you could use some help." Daisy smiled "What do you need me to do first?"

"If you want to take her off my hands, I can go change my shirt." Allie laughed. "Then today you can just shadow me and get to know us. I've got a ton of laundry I need to get to. its so?hard to keep up with her and the house at the same time."

"I don't mind. I assume she's already eaten." Daisy said since the baby had already spit up.
"I'll let you too get to it." Mark said kissing Allie goodbye "I'll be back around six."

"See you then." Allie said before handing the baby to Daisy. "I've printed off her eating and sleep schedule, along with a lists of all the things she likes. It can be your cheat sheet while you get used to her."

"Wow. You're super organized thankyou." Daisy said looking at the schedule.

"You're very welcome. I'll leave her with you while I go change." Allie laughed before going to switch out her shirt.

Daisy smiled down at the baby "Hello little one." She said rocking Ella slightly in her arms.

Allie changed into a vomit-free shirt and came back downstairs. "Thats better." she laughed. "Are you hungry? I haven't eaten yet so I was going to make some eggs."

"I can make you some food." Daisy said. She knew she was a better cook than Allie anyways.

(well gee Daisy just knows everything)

"That would actually be really great." Allie said. She was exhausted from being up all night with the baby.

(Except how to not be crazy XD)
"You sit down with the baby I'll make you some breakfast."

"Thank you." Allie smiled and took Ella back and sat at the kitchen island. "I love your outfit by the way."

"Thanks." Daisy smiled opening the fridge

"So what do you do for fun when you're not being a nanny? Do you have a boyfriend?" Allie asked her.

"Not at the moment I'm kind of on a love life hiatus. So don't worry about me needing time off to go om dates or anything." Because I'll be married to your husband soon enough, She added in her head

"I wasn't going to worry. You're allowed to have a life away from here." Allie laughed.

"Well just in case you were....do you have any lemon juice?" Daisy asked.

"Yeah it's in the fridge." She told her.

Daisy began pouring ingredients into bowls.
"So how long have you and Mr. Duncan been together?" She asked making conversation.

"A?little over?a year now." She told her. "Doesn't seem like very long. Ella came along rather suddenly."

"Oh...." She started. That was rather interesting Allie would have been pregnant right as they started dating. That would make it easier to steal Mark.
"Well surprises happen." She finished.

"We knew each other a while before Ella surprised us thoguh. We worked together and it was kind of forbidden in the company but the heart wants what the heart wants." Allie laughed.

"Ohh sounds like I stepped into a soap opera." Daisy laughed cracking some eggs

"Its not as dramatic as it sounds..most of the time." Allie said, thinking of all the drama Jacqueline brought. That woman was a walking soap opera.

"Eggs Benedict." Daisy said putting a plate on the table infront of Allie. She had to admit she went a little overboard to show off.

"Wow, fancy." She laughed and grabbed a fork.

"I just threw it together with whatever was in the fridge really." Daisy said acting humble.?

"I can only make scrambled eggs." Allie laughed.

"I'm sure you're just underestimating you're skills." Diasy said.

"I'm really not. Mark does the cooking half the time." She laughed.

"Well maybe I'll have time to show you one day." Daisy smiled.

"Mark would appreciate that." Allie teased.

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