Let it Snow!

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"Yeah?" Mark said "but she's not getting married. Not for a very long time at least."

"Like not ever." Allie agreed. "she's not allowed to grow up- I already told Daisy."

Mark laughed "Well good luck enforcing that."

"Thank you for the support." Allie smirked.

"Your Welcome." Mark laughed "'I'm going to go work up a contract for the new Nanny. Do you mind putting Ellie down for her nap."?

"I don't mind at all." Allie said and picked the baby up to take her inside for her nap.

"Sleep tight baby." He said kissing his daughters forehead.

"She's already so sleepy." Allie noted.

"So are you." Mark chuckled at his fiances droopy eyes.

"She woke me up twice in the middle of the night." She pointed out.

"Maybe we'll get the nanny to spend the night for a couple days before you go back to work. So you can get some sleep." Mark suggested

"I don't want to make her do that." Allie said. "I'm still unsure of how the whole nanny thing works as opposed to a babysitter."

"Well I'm an expert with nannies my mother hired and fired several." Mark chuckled.

"What were they fired for?" Allie asked curiously.

"You've met my mother right....she didn't need a real reason

"You ever have any bad nannies that you didn't like?" She asked curiously. She hoped Daisy would be perfect but she didn't have much experience judging nannies.

"We can install a nannycam if you're worried." Mark suggested.

"I don't think thats really necessary..do you?" She asked worriedly.

"No. I don't think so. But if it makes you more comfortable we can." Mark shrugged

"That feels..shady. I don't want to install one. Not now atleast." She told him.

(i gotta go for the night. ttyl!)

"We don't have to. It was just an idea." Mark shrugged "She seems pretty trustworthy anyways. All her refrences were great."?

"Yeah especially her most recent one. They raved about her." She told him.

"We'll get to know her for a few weeks anyways." Mark said

"Yeah thats the best part." She told him. "I'm going to put her down and make lunch. Anything special you want?"

"Lobster thermidor." Mark teased "Or a ham sandwich. Whichever is easier."

"Sandwich it is." She laughed and took the baby inside.

Mark went to his home office to work up a contract for the nanny.

Allie put the baby in her crib to nap for a while and took the baby monitor back downstairs with her so she could make sandwhiches for her and Mark.

(Daisys first day?)

Allie held the baby and had her daily schedule printed out and laminated for Daisy. She wanted to make sure everything was ready for the new nanny.

"You went crazy at kinkos didnt you?" Mark laughed adjusting his tie.

"You call it crazy, I call it being?thorough." Allie pointed out. "Your tie needs straightening by the way."

"You want to laminate that too." Mark teased letting her adjust his tie.
Daisy pulled into the driveway and straightened her skirt before getting out of the car. She wanted to look sexy but wholesome for Mark. She needed to prove to him that she could be a better mother than Allie.

"If we have time." Allie teased. "It wouldn't end up with baby spit up on it." she smirked, referring to her own shirt, which already had Ella's breakfast stained onto the shoulder.

"You should just wear a rain poncho when you hold her." He joked "problem solved."
Daisy rang the doorbell.
"That must be the nanny." Mark said.

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