Let it Snow!

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"She starts tomorrow." Allie informed him.

"I'll get a contract drawn up that we can go over tomorrow." Mark told Daisy "We can go over your schedule and wages."?

"That sounds perfect." Daisy nodded.

"I should probably get going." Daisy smiled handing Ella back "I need to get some affiars in order before I start." She said.?

"We'll see you tomorrow." Allie said as she took the baby back. She turned to Mark after she left. "What do you think of her?"

"She seems really nice. Great with kids." Mark said. "I hope she'll work out."?

"We don't need her as a live-in but I know there will be nights when we work late. I hope she won't mind staying." Allie noted.

"We'll have to get the spare room beside Ellas furnished then." Mark said "So she doesn't have to sleep on the couch."?

"We've got time before I go back to work." Allie said. "Just don't build it yourself..it'll fall apart."

"Ha Ha, I'll make sure the people at pottery barn put it together." He laughed

"Good or it'll end up like our lawn chair." She teased.

"I fixed it." Mark said "it's not my fault my drunk brother broke it."

"Well he's not going to be around the baby drunk." Allie said and put her back in her swing.

"Well then he's not gunna be around the baby." Mark half joked

"He's such?a dick anyway. He made a scene when you found out I was pregnant." She pointed out.

"Yeah he takes after Mom." Mark smirked "but I had to invite him to the housewarming or I'd never hear the end of it."

"I know. I want Ella to have her uncle but he's unstable." Allie pointed out.

"Eh one day the rehab will stick."mark shrugged

"I hope so." Allie said and sat in a lawn chair.

"At least your family is normal." Mark said.?

"Semi normal." Allie shrugged. "My moms getting into blogging. She keeps sending me all of these parenting hacks."

"Oh god. Don't turn into a pintrest Mom." Mark laughed.

"Thats what shes becoming." She pointed out. "Now with her own blog to share her pinning experiences."

"Oh god. I want to read it." Mark laughed "There's probably so many things with chipboard and burlap."?

"Mostly she writes about grandmothering." She told him. "She calls it Granny's Artistry."

"That sounds adorable" Mark said.?

"You'll have to read it so you can chat her up about it." Allie laughed.

"We'll get her to plan our wedding." Mark teased "We can have chalkboard labels on everything."?

"We need to do that soon." She told him. "Everyone calls me Mrs. Duncan anyway."

"Ella can be flower girl." He smiled.

"She's too tiny." Allie laughed. "She'll just lay around for decoration."

"Well she can wear a pretty dress anyways. Can't you." He said tickling Ellas feet.

Allie laughed as she watched the baby smile at her silly daddy. "She's so cute. We need to have her portraits done."

"Yes we do." Mark said "We can do it the same time we do our engagment photos."

"She could wear a little wedding dress for our pictures." Allie suggested.

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