Let it Snow!

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"Okay. I'll see you there." She said, pecking his lips once before going to the bathroom to shower.

Mark smiled and gathered his clothes up, getting dressed before he left the hotel room. He really hoped the rest of the weekend went by well. He really liked spending time with Alex.

Alex got ready for orientation and dinner. She wanted to look really nice for Mark before she started showing. She decided her belly was still flat enough to pull off a form fitting dress and she knew he'd like it.

(Damn Alex you sexy thang lol)

Mark was downstairs in the banquet hall talking to the hotel manager and a couple of the staff memebers about the weekend they had planned. It was still a few minutes before the orientation was meant to start so only a few people were trickling in.

Alex walked into the banquet hall and eyed Mark talking to the manager. She decided to find her place and let him come to her.

Mark tried to pretend he didn't notice Alex when she walked in, but secretly wondered if she was trying to kill him with that dress.

Alex sat down at her assigned seat and felt her stomach growl. She was hoping orientation didn't take so long so they could have dinner soon.

Connor walked into the ordination quickly trying not to be caught almost being late. He spotted an empty seat beside Aubrey and slid in beside her. "Probably didn't get the memo to dress up." He grinned still in jeans and a teeshirt from earlier.


"You can just blame the intern." Aubrey teased
Mark eyed his brother chatting up the young new intern and made a note to warn her about his brothers past before anything bad happened.

"Oh I would but you are not a huge bitch like the last intern so I'll keep you around." Connor grinned over at her. "Plus mark would just blame me anyways."

"Oh good." Aubrey chuckled "You're pulling off the hoodie so it's ok." She said awkwardly brushing a strand of hair away from her face.

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Jonathan smiled. "Hey Evaline" He greeted warmly. "Been bloody long ay?" He asked in his English accent. It had been awhile at least years since he had last seen the cute blonde. He hoped they would get reacquainted at the company retreat.

Connor shrugged shoving his sleave up. " I thought it would be a good change of pass compared to all of the suits. But I do like your dress."

"Thanks." Aubrey smiled, she was glad someone liked the dress she was always very self concious.

After Mark said his opening speech he found his seat next to Alex.

"That was very presidential." Alex teased quietly.

"Thanks." Mark laughed "Barley even practiced. "

"Good job." Alex smiled at him.

Thanks. I'm starving." Mark said "You really know how to work up my appetite. " he added quietly so only the two of them would hear.

Connor rolled his eyes after Marks speech. He pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his hoodie pocket and stood up. "God I need a smoke after that shit. Wanna come with me?"

"Thats what I do best." Alex smirked and popped an olive in her mouth.

Mark smiled at her as the waiter served their food "Oh man this looks good."

(Alex should exibit some weird pregnancy cravings)

(you read my mind)

"Yeah it looks great." Alex said and realized how hungry she was. She picked out the olives in her salad and ate them first. She'd been craving olives like crazy lately.

"I thought you didn't like olives." Mark said casually as he took a bite of his food.

Alex never cared for them before she was pregnant but she tried not to look suspisious. "No, I like them." she said before taking a normal bite of her salad.

"Oh." Mark shrugged "Must be thinking of someone else then." He said nonchalantly as he dug into his food.

"An old girlfriend maybe?" Alex teased and took another bite of her food.

"Maybe." Mark teased back "You jealous?"

"No." Alex smirked. She was jealous of his other girlfriends but not the 'olive ex' since that was technically her, he just didn't know it.

"Liar." He smirked.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Alex teased and nudged his leg with her knee as she took another bite of her salad.

"Yeah I don't know either." He chuckled "So were you going to go on the bus tour tomorrow?" He asked her making casual conversation

"I hadn't planned on it." Alex said with a shrug. "Are you going?"

"Dunno." Mark shrugged "We've been coming here every year for my whole life so there's not much new to see. Might go skiing instead or something."

Alex didn't think that was safe for the baby for her to go skiing. "Where does the bus go anyway? Whats there to see here?"

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