Let it Snow!

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"Do you trust me to satisfy you?" Alex asked and unzipped his pants.

"I don't know. Maybe I don't. " He teased "maybe you should prove me wrong."

"Don't I always?" Alex pointed out and tugged off his pants and boxers.

"Mm good point." Mark said "c'mere."

Alex smiled and leaned in to kiss him deeply.

Mark pulled her ontop of him intensifying the kiss.

Alex kissed him harder and ran a hand down his chest and stomach to get him worked up.

Mark thrust into her moaning softly at the feel of her hands.

Alex moaned and held onto his shoulder for support as she moved over him.

Mark grabbed her hips thrust faster.

Alex moaned at the feeling and kept moving with him.

Mark flipped her over so he was on top moving his hips harder against hers

Alex bit her lip to keep quiet as she pushed her hips up to meet his.

"Trying to keep quiet?" Mark smirked smugglsmugly as he continued his ministrations.

"Trying to keep quiet?" Mark smirked smugglsmugly as he continued his ministrations.

(happy Thanksgiving! Is Canada's Thanksgiving in October? Happy late Thanksgiving! lol)

"Shut up." Alex smirked and wrapped her legs around his waist. Being pregnant made her body more sensitive and it was harder to stay quiet.

(Yeah it was Oct 12th lol but thanks! Happy American thanksgiving!!)

"I don't think I'm the one that needs to be told that." Mark said purposfully doing everything he could to make her moan.

((why is ours different? when is your Christmas?))

"I'll hurt you." Alex teased and bit her lip again. When that didn't work she kissed him to muffle her moans.

((Canadians settled the country at a different time than in America I guess. And we celebrate Christmas in july...it's very weird ;-P))

"Ooo if that's what you're into." He chuckled breathlessly

(i googled that just to make sure you were joking lol)

Alex bit his lip playfully in response. "Maybe a little." she teased.

(Lmao dying lol)

"We're gunna expand on this when we have more time." He said thrusting into her faster

"Okay," Alex nodded. She wasn't really paying attention, she was just focusing on how amazing he felt.

Mark grunted in response as he concentrated on his actions.

Alex could tell she wasn't going to last much longer. "Don't stop." she moaned against his lips.

"Wasn't planning on it." Mark grunted his fingers digging into her hips. He knew he wouldn't last much longer going like this but he had to get her off first.

Alex couldn't hold back her moans as he brought her to climax.

Mark held tightly to her hips as he climaxed with her.

Alex breathed heavy as she laid beneath him. Her hormones really added to the intensity and she didn't expect it. "That was great."

Mark rolled off her trying to catch his breath "Yeah." He agreed breathlessly "But well have to hurry if we want to make it in time for orientation." Mark told her.

"I need to shower." Alex said when she checked the time.

"Id say I'd join you but then we'd never get to the orientation." Mark chuckled giving her a peck on the lips and gathering up his clothes.

"What do we even need orientation for?" Alex asked as she sat up and grabbed her clothes from the floor. She was suddenly nervous that she might be looking pudgy.

"Because there's a lot of stuff planned for the weekend." Mark said "And everyone needs to be on the same page."

"What exactly is planned?" Alex asked. It was her first season there.

"Well you'll find out at orientation won't you." Mark smirked "Go shower. I'll meet you downstairs, I have to get there early."

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