Let it Snow!

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"Why does anyone in the office have to know?" Mark grinned "Do you think we all live blog the event to our employees or something?" He laughed "Look I'm not saying you have to come. Im just saying if you want to go don't use work as an excuse."

"I'd like to go." Alex admitted. "But what does that mean for us?" She asked, wondering if maybe he did want a relationship.

Mark shrugged " We don't need to label anything. We're just two friends who like each other going to a family dinner."

"Am I the first friend you've ever brought to family dinner?" She asked and tried not to smile too much.

"....Maybe." Mark told her.

Alex smiled and looked away. "Why am I so special?"

Mark rolled his eyes playfully "Dont make it weird."

"I'm just wondering why I'm the first girl you've ever wanted to bring home." Alex pointed out.

"You'll find out when you meet my parents." Mark smirked.

"Don't they own the company?" Alex pointed out. "They won't mind that you're stripping the assistant manager?"

"My Mom was my Dads secretary so No." Mark smirked "Besides ththey're retired."

"I guess I'm coming to Christmas dinner then." Alex smiled. She was really happy he wanted more from her than just sex.

"Yeah I guess you are." Mark said with a slight smile. He wasn't sure what he was getting himself into.

Alex smiled and leaned over to peck his lips. "You sure you want me there?"

"Yes I want you there." Mark said "And I mean maybe we can bang in my parents house."

"Of course you'd want to bang." Alex laughed and rolled her eyes.

"What and you don't? " Mark smirked.

"At your parents house? I don't know. I feel like we won't have any privacy." She said with a shrug.

"Well isn't that half the fun?" Mark smirked.

"You would think so." Alex laughed. "I mean the copy room has a lock. Does your room at your parents house?"

"Lots of rooms in their house have locks." Mark smirked.

"Well maybe. As long as you can be quiet." Alex teased.

"I can be quiet it's you that can't be quiet." Mark smirked.

"I can so be quiet. You'll wonder if I'm asleep." Alex said and shook her head. "That sounded bad. But I'm super quiet."

Mark leaned over and kissd her "Wanna prove it? We have time." He said "You can pretend youe asleep. I had no idea you were into that stuff." He teased.

(I love how the security questions are just giant advertisements)

((i have them memorized so I don't need to play the videos lol))

"I'm not." Alex laughed. "We don't have that much time." she said and checked the time. Maybe they did have enough.

"Come on. I can make it a quicky." He said slipping his hands under her shirt.

"Maybe." Alex breathed and felt his hand on her skin. It wouldn't be too long til her flat stomach was swollen with a baby and he probably wouldn't want her when he found out it was his.

"Hm maybe?" Mark chuckled.

"Only if you can be quick." Alex told him and shut off the TV.

"Don't trust me to satisfy you?" He said pulling her sweater off.

"What makes you say that?" Alex said and tossed her sweater to the floor.

"You don't think I can make it quick and good? " He said yanking down her jeans

"I have faith in you." Alex breathed and pulled him closer so she could lift off his shirt.

"Oh good." Mark smiled letting her pull off his shirt "I won't let you down."

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