Let it Snow!

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"You wish." Alex laughed. She was going to miss his flirty side. She got to her door and checked the number on her card. "This is my room."

"This is me." He said motioning to the next room.

"Pretty big douche bag." Connor did not get along with pretty much anyone since he got back. All the trouble he got in embarssed everyone. "But I am partial I'm the annoying little brother."

"And I suppose that's just a coincidence?" Alex smirked. She wasn't dumb like his other hook ups. "Are they adjoined?"

"Of course not. That would be unprofessional. " Mark smirked

"And we never do anything unprofessional." Alex smirked back and opened her door.

"Well not before dinner no." He smiled.

"You're so full of yourself." Alex laughed and leaned against the door frame. "You want to watch tv or something before orientation?" she asked, seeing as they had a little time to kill.

"Yeah ok." He said. He didn't imagine they'd be watching too much tv.

She set her bags down and grabbed the remote. "So what do you want to watch?"

"There's probaby a cheesy christmas special on." Mark said flopping onto the bed.

"I didn't peg you for the type that likes cheesy Christmas specials." She told him and found what he was talking about before sitting next to him.

"I'm not completly heartless." Mark smiled

"I can see that." Alex smirked and leaned against the pillows. She wished she could go back to hanging out with him like this without knowing she was pregnant.

Evaline got out of the town car and the driver followed her inside with her bags. She spotted her brother's best friend and walked over to him. "Funny running into you here." She teased with a flirtatious smile.

Jonathan smiled. "Hey Evaline" He greeted warmly. "Been bloody long ay?" He asked in his English accent.

Mark skimmed through the channels "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation" He smiled switching it on "We used to watch this every year when I was a kid."

"It's really funny." Alex said and wondered if their kid would have any Christmas traditions with the both of them, if she decided to keep it.

Bump for Aubrey and conner

(Woops missed it)
"Mmm." Aubrey nodded "Well you probably have great family gatherings." She said sarcastically.
"Yeah Chevy Chase is hilarious." Mark said

"Does your family do anything special for Christmas?" She asked as she looked over at him.

Mark shrugged "Not much anymore. Just dinner. We had fun times when we were kids though."

"Yeah? What did you used to do?" Alex asked him.

"Holy fuck, they are horrible, everyone drinks to much then I get in a fight with my dad and my brother then my mom cries and then we don't speak to each other." Connor paused for a second before grinning. " Is it bad taste to tell the intern bad things about the boss?"

"Why are you so interested in my childhood all the sudden?" Mark smirked over at her.

"Maybe a little bit. But I don't get paid, so technically he's not my boss." Aubrey pointed out

"Just curious. I don't know much about you." She told him and shrugged.

"Do....do you want to come to Christmas with me?" Mark said looking over at her. He didn't know if she wanted to get all relationshipy with him or what was up with her.

"Are you inviting me or asking if that's what I want?" Alex asked as she looked back at him.

"Well....that depends what you want." Mark said. He didn't know that he wanted to settle down, but he figured if he did it would be with someone like her. But he didn't quite want to give up his playboy lifestyle either.

"Why is it suddenly about what I want?" Alex asked. She was surprised at how different he was acting.

"Well then fuck him." Connor smirked stopping infront of the front desk to gget his room key. " Atleast this place is pretty nice."

"You're the one that brought it up." Mark pointed out.

"I can't spend Christmas with you..we're not supposed to be together." Alex pointed out. She didn't know what would happen to her position if they were openly together.

"And you're gunna get reprimanded by who exactly?" Mark pointed out

"Nobody in the office will respect me." Alex pointed out.

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