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Emma laughed as Lennox went back to licking her face and nuzzling her. She always thought that dogs had this sixth sense, like they knew when someone was sick or hurt. 

Dominic turned back to Emma and Lennox. "You ready for a fire?"

Emma pushed Lennox away a bit, "Sure," She said, "I can go look for wood," She told him. 

"You want help?" Dominic asked her.

Emma shook her head and then realized that she wouldn't be able to carry it back, "Yes," She told him before walking back to the wooded area.

She had found her supplies but she didn't want the aly to be worried.Alice placed the microscope on all stomach she wasn't sure but she heard a heartbeat."The baby is fine I just heard the heart beat do you want to hear it".

"We won't need much." Dominic noted and and started looking for wood.
"Yes." Aly nodded and almost wanted to cry again. She was so relieved to hear she was okay.

Emma grabbed a few pieces that weren't too wet or too dry and handed them to Dominic. At this point in time, she was glad her dad had taught her basic survival skills growing up.

"You build a fire before?" He asked as he grabbed some dry leaves that would help the fire get started.

"When I was growing up my brothers were in the Boy Scouts and my dad was their troop leader," Emma explained, continuing to look around, "I always begged them to go along," She chuckled.

"You didn't want to do girl scouts and learn how to French Braid?" Dominic teased and grabbed a few more large sticks.

"I tried," Emma laughed, "I never fit in wth girls, doing girly things,"She told him as they walked back, "I've always loved the outdoors and adventure. That's why I studied in Australia for six months."

"I'm sorry your adventure turned into this." He said honestly.

Emma looked at him, "I am too," She said with a shrug.

"I think we've got enough firewood." He told her.

She agreed, she held what she could as she walked back to the beach with him. 

(bump to sterlings!)

Dominic got back to their spot on the beach set the wood on the ground. "Are you getting cold?"

"Not really," Emma said, "But I'm sure when it gets dark it'll get colder." She grabbed her bag and opened it, noticing for the first time that the shirt she had on was bloody. She grabbed a tshirt out of her bookbag and slipped it on.

"I hope it doesn't storm. We don't have much of a shelter." Dominic noted and looked to the sky. It didn't look like rain and he hoped it stayed that way.

"Here you go."she noticed the aly had ripped clothes."Have you found your husband or bag."

"Well the tarp I found can be slung over for a tent," She reminded him.

"I found my husband but not my bag." Aly informed her and rested a hand on her belly.
"I guess we'll do that if we need to." Dominic said and started rubbing sticks together. Within a few minutes he had a healthy fire going.

Emma looked around, she just wanted to calm down from this situation, "So, tell me about yourself," She said as the fire started, they both needed a distraction.

"What do you want to know?" He asked as he threw a rock into the fire.

Emma shrugged, finding a snack in her bag and opening it, "Anyrhing, I've told you about myself, now it's your turn," She said.

"Well you know I'm a wildland firefighter from California." He said and tried to think of something interesting about his life. "I like to be outdoors a lot."

"Is this your idea of being outdoors?" Emma asked him with a chuckle.

"If I was on an island by choice then yes." Dominic laughed.

"Where do you think we even are?" Emma asked, "Like what if we only like 100 miles out from California?"

"I don't have any idea where we are. We fell off course." Dominic said with a shrug. "Maybe tomorrow some of us can look around the island..see if theres a village or something on the other side. I mean the island seems pretty big."

 "OK since you don't have your bag I had found a bag I with clothes in it."She changed her bandgage and tried to find the other.

Emma nodded, "That sounds like a good idea," She said.

"For all we know we could be on some Hawaiin Island." He said, hoping that was the case. 

Emma shook her head, "What if we are?" She said, "What if about 15 miles back in the woods there's civilization?" She chuckled.

"That would be a big relief." He said before stating the obvious. "But then they had to have seen and heard the crash and no ones come out to look."

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