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"Cell phones don't work. Pilots dead and the radio is trashed. " Marcus told her.

Emma shook her head, "I found my bag, it's on top of the lady I was sitting beside," She wiped her eye, "Her fiancé is waiting for her at the airport."

"So we just have to wait and hope we get rescued?" Lena asked.
"What about your parents? Will they be waiting for you at the airport?" he asked her.

"Yeah, the airport at home - I had a connecting flight," Emma said, "But I'm sure this crash is all over news, my family is probably worried sick about me 

"Then there should be a search team already looking for us." He pointed out optimistically.

Emma nodded, "Can you grab my bag off of her, please?" She asked, she hoped she'd find her bigger bag next.

"Yeah." Dominic nodded. He didn't want to look so he just deffered his eyes and reached for the bag. He saw the other white ribbon bag tucked under a chair next to the woman. "Found your other bag."

"Thank goodness," Emma said, sighing with relief, "Thank you so much," she told him.

"You're welcome. You want to get out of this plane?" Dominic suggested. It was a bit depressing to be in.

"Yes, please," Emma nodded, she took her backpack and slung it over her good arm as the exited.

"Do you need me to carry something?" He asked her.

"Yes, this bag I made is kind of heavy for just one arm to hold," Emma told him.

"I got it." Dominic said as he took it for her. "I have some chips in my bag. Are you hungry?"

"Sure," Emma said, "Do you just want to go back to where we were sitting and make a fire?" She asked, and just as they exited the wreckage a dog came running up to them. 

"Yeah," Dominic was about to keep talking but he lost his train of thought when he saw his dog. "Lennox!" he smiled in relief and leaned down to practically hug the dog, who happily greeted his owner.

Emma set her bag down, "I'm guessing he's yours?" She asked with a smile, seeing that dog made her miss her golden retriever even more. 

"Yes, I thought he didn't survive." Dominic said and pet him again. "His name is Lennox."

"Hi Lennox," Emma said with a smile, leaning down to let the dog.

The dog licked her face when she went to pet him.
"He likes you." he told her.

Emma couldn't help but laugh when the dog licked her face, "He looks just like my dog, Dixon," She said, sitting down on the ground as Lennox continued to lick her.

"He's a great dog." He told her. "I've had him since he was a puppy."

"Can we bring him back over there?" Emma asked since they were right outside the wreckage.

"Yeah. Come on Lennox." He called the dog over to where they had decided to make camp.

Emma followed behind him, bringing her bag and setting it down when they reached the spot, "I found this tarp on the plane, don't know why it was there but since it doesn't look like rain, we can lay it down so we won't have to sleep on the sand tonight," She told him.

"Yes I had went to college at a young age."

"Well we cant exactly pull a gilligans island and build a radio out of coconuts so I guess we havd no other choice." Marcus said
Tracy looked from the dog to Dominic "That your dog?" She asked him.

"Thats a good idea." Dominic nodded and looked to Tracy. "Hes more like my son." he laughed. "His names Lennox."

Emma sat down and started going through the bag of supplies.

"Oh good. I was hoping his owner was still alive." Tracy said "I found him nosing through my purse for beef jerky. Even tragedy can't quench his snackiness." She laughed.
"There should be pillows and blankets." She pointed out "If we have to sleep here."

"We got a few from the plane." He said an motioned back to Emma. "I'm sorry he ate your jerky. I have a bag of trail mix if you want it?"

"Should I check they baby."she was trying to find her supplies but she could stop thinking about her family.

Tracy laughed "It's ok he clearly needed it more than me."

"Yes if you don't mind." She nodded. She wanted to know the baby was okay. 
"thank you. He's got some scrapes but they look treated. Did you do that?" He asked her 

"No our talented doctor did that. I just distracted Lennox." Tracy told him.

"Oh. Well thank you for that." He said sincerely. 

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