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Emma also decided to make some brown rice to lay under the chicken. She got to cooking before turning on some music.

Dominic cooked the chicken on the grill and brought it in when it was ready. "What else did you make?"

"I made some rice along with the corn and even whipped up some strawberry lemonade," Emma smiled as she got two plates out.

"We've got a full southern meal going on." Dominic teased.

"It's a normal meal for me," Emma said with a shrug as she poured them both some lemonade.

"I'm a city boy. You knew this when you fell for me." Dominic smirked and kissed her cheek.

"And you knew I was a southern girl," Emma smirked as she made his plate and handed it to him.

"Thats why you make the best food. I'm getting fat." Dominic teased and sipped his lemonade.

"Momma taught me well," Emma chuckled as she sipped on her lemonade as well.

"This is good. Did you use all the sugar?" Dominic teased. It was sweet, which was how he liked it.

Emma eyed him before giving him a smirk. She shook her head before beginning to eat her dinner.

Dominic tried the chicken with the rice she cooked. "Thats really good. You should be a chef."

"Too late to change majors babe," Emma chuckled as she ate her dinner.

"Its never too?late." Dominic teased her.?

"I only have 1 semester left after this one, so yes it kind of is," She chuckled,

"You can have another degree." Dominic teased.

"I am so done with school," Emma said.

"You don't have to be." Dominic teased.

"Oh, I definitely want to be," Emma said as she took another bite of her meal.

"Do you know where you want to work when you get your degree?" Dominic asked.

"I'd love to work for the university, broadcasting for their sports," Emma told him.

"Do they have an opening?" Dominic asked her.

"As of right now, no," Emma shrugged.

"That'll change once they see how talented you are." Dominic said honestly.

((off to bed ttyl))

"They're not just going to make a position for me," Emma told him, I"If something opens up I'll apply."

"I'm trying to pay you a compliment." Dominic told her.

"Well thank you babe, I appreciate it," Emma gave him a cheesy grin.

"You're welcome." Dominic laughed.

Emma continued to eat her dinner, when she was finished she got up to put the leftovers away before making a plate for Lennox to snack on.

"I can do the dishes." Dominic said as he finished eating.

"Thanks," Emma smiled after shutting the fridge.

"You're welcome." Dominic said and went to the sink.

Emma went and folded the blanket on the couch and went into their room to put her laptop away.

Dominic finished with the dishes and checked the time. "I've got to get going."

Emma nodded, "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow babe," She said as she wrapped her arm around his middle, "Stay safe and have a good night," She told him before standing on her tiptoes to peck his lips.

(chasing life!)

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