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"He likes doing all of that with you." Dominic told her.

"You should hear him when I try to wake him up though," Emma laughed, "He doesn't like that too much."

"He's just like me." Dominic teased.

"So that's where he gets it," She smirked.

"He's learned from the best." Dominic teased.

"The best at what, dork," Emma teased as she nudged him softly.?

"Best at sleeping." Dominic smirked at her.

Emma just rolled her eyes with a chuckle as she went back to her computer.

"Laugh now but what are you the best at?" Dominic teased.

"Doing everything that requires two hands with one," Emma said as she stuck her tongue out at him.

"You do that better than most." He smirked at her.

"Oh what a compliment," Emma teased with a chuckle.

(Chasing Life!)

"It's a compliment unique to you." Dominic laughed.

"Oh shut up," Emma teased before she leaned in to peck his lips.

"You're so mean." He teased her.

"No I'm not," Emma said with a smirk.

"Yes you are." Dominic teased.

"Then why do you love me so much if I'm so mean?" Emma smirked.

"because you're pretty." Dominic teased.

"Oh good, you're only here for my looks," Emma teased as she rolled her eyes.

"And your cooking skills." Dominic teased.

"You're right, I make a pretty mean pb&j," Emma chuckled.

(I was thinking, I'd like to jump back into our characters, Aly & Andrew, on brought back -- but to make it easier we could post their story on Chasing Life since it fits that theme, wdyt?)

(oh thats perfect!)

"The best ones ever." he laughed at her.

Emma just shook her head with a chuckle as she closed her computer, setting it down on the coffee table, "Speaking of cooking, what do you want for dinner?"

"Doesn't matter. I have to go to work in a few hours." Dominic told her.

"Well I could run to the grocery store and make us something, I just need to know what you'd want me to make," Emma said.

"PB&J." Dominic teased? her.

"I can make you that but I will not be eating a sandwich for dinner," Emma said as she headed to the kitchen.

Dominic followed her into the kitchen. "I can make something. What are you hungry for?"

"We have chicken in the freezer, we could make barbecue chicken in the oven or grill it outside," She suggested.

"I can grill it." Dominic offered. "We haven't grilled much lately."

"Okay," Emma smiled, "I can make the sides in here," She looked in the fridge for what they had, "Corn on the cob sound good to you?" She asked.

"Yeah that sounds delicious." Dominic said before going outside to get the grill ready.

"Okay, I'm sure I can whip something else up with it too," She said as she got out the pot to boil the corn.

"Sounds good." Dominic said and got the grill going.

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