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Emma continued to kiss him harder as she pulled him closer to her.

Dominic lifted her onto the counter top like he'd done the night before and kissed her again.

Emma wrapped her legs around him as she kissed him back, bringing her hand to his cheek.

Dominic kissed her harder and ran his hand up her back beneath her shirt.

Emma moaned against his lips as she continued to kiss him.

Dominic kissed her deeper and let his hands rest on her hips.

Emma moved her arm so he could take off her shirt, never breaking their kiss.

(off to bed!)


Dominic kissed her again and ran his hands along her sides.

Emma continued to kiss him as she ran her hand through his hair.

Dominic pulled her closer and kissed along her neck.

Emma moaned softly as she moved her head to the side to give him easier access.

Dominic started undoing her jeans and moved his lips back to hers. "this okay?"

"I'd prefer to not have sex on our kitchen counter," Emma chuckled before she went back to kissing him.

"Want to go to the bedroom then?" Dominic smiled against her lips.

"There or the couch," Emma chuckled as she kissed him again.?

"Couch is closer." Dominic smirked and lifted her up to carry her to the couch.

Emma wrapped her arm around his neck as before kissing along his jawline with a smirk.

Dominic breathed harder at the feel of her lips and laid her on the couch before kissing her passionately.

Skylar hummed with a smile against her lips, "Now that's more like it," She said before kissing him back.

Dominic grinned and leaned up briefly to pull his shirt off before kissing her again and working on her jeans.

Emma moved her hand to his shoulder as she continued to move her lips against hips, squeezing it slightly.

Dominic tugged down his pants and gently thrusted into her without breaking the kiss.

Emma couldn't help but let a loud moan escape from her lips before she went back to kissing him.

Dominic moaned against her lips and moved with her at a steady pace.

Emma continued to moan in pleasure, arching her head back as she did so.

Dominic kissed down her neck and worked on leaving a little love bite low enough for her to cover.

Emma smirked as he sucked on her neck as she continued to let out pleasurable moans.

Dominic moaned with her as he moved faster against her.

Emma breaths became heavier as she got closer to her climax.

Dominic kissed her again as he moved harder. It wasn't long before he reached his climax.

Emma held his face as she reached her climax, smiling against his lips once she caught her breath.

"I love you." Dominic breathed and pecked her lips once before leaning back up to pull his clothes on.

Emma reached down and put her clothes back on, "Cuddle with me," She said, pulling Dominic to her.

"I will. I just didn't want to be naked." Dominic laughed and laid beside her.

"Mm, skin against skin," Emma laughed as leaned into his shoulder.

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