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"I wont call you cheesy anymore." Dominic laughed. "But you do have some cheese on your lip."

Emma licked her lip before laughing, "Did I get it?" She asked taking a sip from her water bottle.

"yeah you got it all." Dominic laughed.

"Good," Emma said, "You go in at 8 tonight, right?" She asked.

"Yeah." Dominic nodded and finished his lunch.

"Oh wow, a whole seven hours you get to spend with me," Emma chuckled.?

"we've made the best of 7 hours before." Dominic smirked at her.

"Yeah, but it always goes by so fast," Emma said with a pout.?

"what do you want to do then?" Dominic asked as he put the dishes in the sink.

"I don't know, I haven't really thought much about my day," She chuckled.

"Do you have homework?" he asked her.

"Yeah, but I can do it when you leave for work," She told him .

"Well I guess we're just stuck with each other...and Lennox." Dominic teased.

"I don't see that as a problem," Emma smirked.?

"You're not disgusted by me yet?" Dominic teased and wrapped his arms around her.

"Only when you don't shower for a few days," Emma teased with a smirk.?

"I thought you'd like a sexy fireman all gritty." Dominic teased her.

"Not when you smell," Emma teased back before pecking his chin.?

"Do I smell now?" Dominic asked as he looked down at her.

"No, I can tell that you showered this morning," Emma said with a smile.?

"Thanks for noticing." He laughed and pecked her lips.

"I could only tell because you didnt have bed head," Emma chuckled before pecking his lips back .

"I need to cut my hair." Dominic laughed. "Its getting too long for me."

Emma reached up and ran her hand through it, "I like it," She smirked.?

"Why? Its too shaggy." Dominic laughed

"It's not too bad, I can still see the back of your neck and forehead," Emma pointed out.

"I guess I should let it get long enough enough to hide my face." he teased.

"No, I wouldn't like that very much," Emma said with a chuckle, "Then I couldn't see your handsome face," She grinned before pecking his lips.

"That would be a shame." he smirked and kissed her again.

"Yeah, it wouldn't make me too happy," Emma smirked against his lips.

"Whatever makes you happy." Dominic smirked and kissed her back.

Emma grinned against his lips, squeezing her arm around his waist as she kissed him back.

Dominic kissed her harder and held her tighter.

Emma continued to smile against his lips as she kissed him back.

Dominic placed his hand on her cheek without breaking the kiss. This was a nice break from fighting all the time.

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