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"Good, because all of a sudden I feel exhausted," Emma said with a light chuckle.

"I'm not surprised." Dominic said. They had an emotionally tiring day.

(off to bed!)

"Will you carry me there?" Emma asked softly as her head remained on his shoulder.

"Yes." Dominic laughed and lifted her up. He easily carried her to their room and set her on the bed.

"Thanks babe," Emma smiled before pulling back the covers on her side.

"You're welcome." Dominic laid beside her and kissed her cheek.

Emma leaned over and set her alarm before turning off the light.

"I love you." He told her as rested his pulled the blankets over them.

"I love you too," Emma said, she pecked his cheek before rolling on her side to go to sleep.

Dominic soon fell asleep beside her. He didn't realize how tired he was.

Emma groaned as she heard her alarm go off for class, she hit the snooze button once before getting up to get ready.

"Don't leave." he murmured as he felt Emma get out of the bed.

Emma threw on a tshirt and running shorts before walking over to Dominic, "But I have too," She whispered, kissing his temple quickly, "I'm done with classes at noon," She said as she put her tennis shoes on.

"I'll see you before I go to work then." Dominic told her.

"Yep," Emma said, "Go back to sleep," She chuckled before grabbing her book bag and heading to class.

"Kay." Dominic mumbled before falling back to sleep again.

Emma chuckled as she headed out the door to her classes for today. She met up with some friends to grab coffee before their first class. At noon, her last class let out and she headed back to her apartment.

Dominic was making lunch when he heard Emma come in. "Hey. How was class?"

"It was class," Emma said with a chuckle, "What have you been up too?"

"Not a lot. I just woke up an hour ago." He laughed.

"Must be nice," Emma teased as she got a left over slice of pizza out to heat up.

"It is except when you have to work nights at the station. Occasionally a fire breaks out." Dominic smirked.

"Hm, but not always," Emma teased again before taking a bite of her pizza.

"Sometimes. Other times we're called to accidents." He pointed out.

"I'm surprised you get up for the calls, you're so grumpy when you don't get enough sleep," She laughed.

"Thats why I sleep during the day." Dominic laughed.

"I'd call it hibernating," Emma said, "You're such a deep sleeper."

"I don't sleep as easily at the station. Plus we play games or watch tv between calls to stay on alert. We're not allowed to sleep the whole time." Dominic pointed out.

"Getting paid to watch tv and play video games," Emma said, "Maybe I chose the wrong career path," She teased.

"Its not always great. When we go to real emergencies, people don't always make it. That's when I want to quit." Dominic pointed out.

"I know babe I'm just teasing you," Emma gave him a smile, "You're my hero," She said, blowing him a kiss across the counter before taking another bite of her pizza.

"Don't be cheesy." He teased before eating his pizza.

"What? You are," Emma grinned at him.

"I know." Dominic laughed.

"Then don't call me cheesy," Emma said as she finished off her slice of pizza.

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