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"Watch your step." Dominic said as it was hard to walk between the people and the debris.

Emma took a deep breath and blinked her eyes shut before finding a bag, she emptied the contents in it to make room for the things they needed. 

"Anything in there we could use?" He asked her as he found someones luggage.

"Unless you're a size XL in women's clothing, then no," Emma said as she found a pack of water bottles. It was taking her longer since she could only grab one at a time instead of a handful to put in the bag.

Dominic wanted to offer to help but he knew she'd just do it on her own. He admired her bravery. He found some presciption meds in a bag and wasn't sure what they were for but decided to take them to let the doctor look at them.

Emma then pushed the overturned snack cart, she found crackers and other stuff and put them into the bag as well.

"Anything good?" he asked as he moved on to another bag.

"I've got crackers and waters from the flight attendants' carts," She said, she couldn't look up because then she'd see everything. 

"I've found some snacks and people's carry ons- and some pain meds for you." He said as he carried the bag full over to her. "Whats your bag look like?"

"My backpack is red, with a white ribbon tied to the top handle," Emma told him, "And my carry on is black, but it's also has a white ribbon on the handle as  well as a purple luggage tag," She described for him.

"Whats with the white ribbon?" Dominic asked curiously as he looked through more luggage.

"I play intramural soccer at my university," Emma told him, "We always wear it in our hair for games and such, kind of a
tradition, when I'm not playing it's on my bag," She said.

Finds a blue camo bag and a white purse"finnaly i found my stuff."finds a book bag of snacks and a blanket with a pillow"aly would you like this".

"You sure you don't want it?" Aly asked. She was glad that she was being so nice.

"Yea I'm sure I like helping people."All she hoped that all would take the pillow and blanket so she would be OK.

"I play intramural soccer at my university," Emma told him, "We always wear it in our hair for games and such, kind of a
tradition, when I'm not playing it's on my bag," She said.

"Thank you." Aly smiled and took the pillow and blanket. It was hard for her to get comfortable being so pregnant. "I didn't get your name."
"Oh. Thats cool."  Dominic said. He wanted to point out that she could play soccer with one arm but he figured she didn't want to hear it.

"Oh my name is Alice."Alice was happy to meet a new person hopefully a friend.

"Its nice to meet you." Aly said and shook her hand. "So what were you doing on this flight?"

"I had took a trip but I was moving to California why are you here."

"Vacationing with my husband for the baby arrives." Aly said and rubbed her belly. She was still nervous there might be something wrong with the baby. She couldn't feel her move.

"How is the baby."

Emma nodded before going back and looking for supplies, she liked staying near the back where the flight attendants were, less bodies. She found two pillows and two blankets, sure there were more but she only had so much room in her bag.

"I don't know. I haven't felt her kick since the crash." She said with a shrug. She was hoping the baby was just laying still. 
He kept looking around an eventually found his carry on. It had some snacks, his passport, and dog treats. He frowned when he saw them. He didn't know what happened to Lennox. 

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Emma stuffed more supplies in the bag before looking to Dominic, "Find anything you were looking for?" She asked him.

"Yes." Marcus assured her "But it might take a bit for them to find us. I think we went off course."

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"just my bag." He said with a shrug.  He pulled his clean shirt out of his carry on and pulled off his bloody shirt he was wearing. It wasn't worth saving so he tossed it aside and put the new shirt on. 
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"What are we supposed to to?" She asked worriedly. She didn't know how to handle this situation. 

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"Just sit tight. Gather some supplies to keep us going until we get found."

Emma nodded, "I got blankets and pillows too," She said, "Any luck with my bags?" She asked.

"I'm still looking. The A seats are really wrecked." He pointed out. There were a lot of bodies there. If she's gotten to her seat on time, she probably wouldn't have made it out alive. 
"My parents are going to be so worried. They'll be waiting at the airport tomorrow morning and I won't be there." She thought outloud. 

Emma nodded, looking towards them, she wondered if she'd been in her seat if she would've made it out alive. She noticed the woman that had sat beside her on the flight, she was a reporter, and she was meeting up with her fiancé in California before they flew out to meet their families in Maine. She couldn't help be tear up for the woman, knowing all that information.

Dominic was looking through a random bag when he saw her start to cry. "Are you okay?"

"I think everyone's family is going to be worried." Marcus told her as they got to the group of other survivors.

"I can check for you if you mind."She hoped that even if she didn't know all very well she still could help her.

"Has anyone tried cell phones? Maybe we can reach somebody for help and let them know who survived." Lena pointed out. 
"you're a doctor?" She asked in surprise. She looked young for a doctor. 

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