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Emma shook her head with a smirk, "We shouldn't really be joking about this," She couldn't help but chuckle. She knew she wouldn't be doing that either.

"Theres nothing better to do here." Dominic pointed out. "We just went through something huge. We're allowed to deal however we can."

Emma looked over at the wreckage, too many died in this accident, "Let's just talk about something else."

"So far about twenty." Marcus told her.

"Sorry." He didn't want to upset her. "Hows your..injury?" he was going to say 'arm' but that seemed odd to say now.
"When I woke up, I thought it was just me." Lena admitted. "Thank you so much for helping me."

"Your welcome I'm Alice."

"Are you hurt at all? Theres a doctor around here somewhere." Aly informed her.

"It was stinging, but now those pain killers are setting in, so it's just sore," Emma said, looking at it, "This feeling is going to take some extra time to get used to."

"Well the look suits you." He told her, hoping to cheer her up some.

"Its getting cold anyone know how to start a fire."

"Well I wasn't just going to leave you." Marcus pointed out "I'll help you to the others."

Emma looked at him, she really didn't know how to take that comment, "Is that supposed to be a compliment?" She asked him as she leaned back on her one elbow but decided that wasn't very comfortable.

"It was supposed to be but I'm not very good at flattery." He laughed and shook his head. 
"I appreciate it. I didn't get your name?" Lena asked him. 

Emma chuckled when he laughed, "No, you're not," She told him.

"Marcus. I didn't get your name either." He told her.

"I'm just saying, your just as beautiful with one arm as you are with two." He explained but he didn't want it to come off as flirty  
"Lena Cavanaugh." She told him. She limped a little with her sore leg and saw it was a bit bloody but it wasn't as bad as she originally thought while she was pinned. 

"Well I wish we could have met under better circumstances." Marcus told her

"Yeah me too." Lena agreed and hobbled out of the plane. She looked back at it in shock and couldn't help but cry when she finally took it all in; the crumbled plane, the dead bodies, the injured people scattered along the shore. "How did this happen?"

"Thank you," Emma said with a smile, "Do you think we should try to start a campfire, look for food?" She asked him. 

"I'm sure theres enough food on the plane for one night." Dominic pointed out. "Do you want me to make a fire?"

"I can help," Emma told him, "And should we look in the wreckage? I'm sure there's waters and snacks somewhere to help us get through," She said. 

"We can go scavenger hunting but only if you're up for it." He told her.

"I don't know. We hit turbulence and next thing I know we're in pieces on the beach." Marcus told her

Thinks"there i more people here than I thought."stands up and starts to find supplies.

"I think I'll be okay," Emma smiled, "I'll let you know if I start to feel funny," She said, as she pushed herself up to stand.

"We're going to be rescued right?" Lena asked. She didn't know why he would know more than her, she just needed another person to calm her fears.
"You want to start looking for luggage? See if we find our own?" Dominic suggested.

"Yeah," Emma nodded, "I was seated in 10A, not like that's going to make a difference now but it's a start," She told him.

"Was your carry on in the over head compartment?" Dominic asked. It might still be lodged in there.

"Yeah, I had a carry on bag overhead and my backpack was at my feet," Emma told him, she had multiple bags since she was in Australia for six months.

"We can check the plane but there are a lot of bodies in there..can you handle that?" He asked her.

Emma thought for a moment, she knew this was about to be really hard. But with the situation they were in she needed to toughen up just for a moment to ensure her survival, "I'm going to try," She told him as she continued to walk with him.

"You don't have to..I've delt with the deceased before. You shouldn't have to go back in there." He pointed out to her. It meant climbing over people and debri and the spot where her arm got chopped off.

Emma shook her head, "You don't know what my bag looks like, and I can fit in smaller places better than you can," She pointed out, she was going to be brave. This situation had taken her arm, but it wasn't going to take her dignity.

"Alright then." Dominic nodded and carefully stepped into the opening of the plane, thanks to the back half being completely torn off.

Emma followed him inside, she just told herself that the people inside were sleeping so it wouldn't phase her that they were dead. She closed her eyes for a moment as that frame of mind didn't help her. She took a deep breath before she started looking for supplies.

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