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"You can still do everything you used to. You'll just have to do it a little differently." He pointed out. He couldn't imagine going through it but he knew she'd be able to do all things she loved. "This happens to people all the time..they adjust."
Lena finally felt like she could breathe. "Thank you." She said as she leaned up. "My legs still caught beneath the seat. I can't move it much." 
"I think we'll manage. We just might have to stay here a night or two before rescue finds us." He pointed out optimistically. 

"I mean, how do I know I'm not getting an infection?" Emma asked, "My arm was cut off in the middle of a wrecked plane," She said, she was still in shock and her wound was really sore.

"We should start getting the survivors organized." Tracy said looking around "Or else it'll be chaos."
"Stay still. " marcus told Leena "I'll get you out."

"He sterilized everything. His some big shot surgeon, he knew what he was doing." He assured her. "Just try to relax. You'll go crazy it you over think it." 
"I think I can almost pull myself out. It's just too tight." She told him as she tried to wiggle her leg free again. 
"we'll need to sort whatever food that's on the plane." He added. It probably wouldn't last long but the survivors needed whatever strength they could get. 

"Go crazy?" Emma scoffed, "I already think I hit that point when the plane crashed and my arm was amputated," She rubbed her forehead. "Do you think that he's around or there's some pain meds hidden in the wreckage?" She asked, her wound was stinging and really sore.

"There won't be much. We already served the in flight meal." Tracy said "But there might be water and snacks."
"Do you think anythings broken?" Marcus asked "I don't want you accidentally ripping your leg apart."

"I'm sure he's somewhere around here." He said and looked around. He saw him further up the beach with another survivor. He stood up and waved for him while calling out. 
Cam heard someone yelling "doctor" and looked up to see the man with the amputation girl. "Excuse me" he said to Tracey before going up to see what they needed. He wasn't looking forward to the conversation he'd have to have with the girl. Most people weren't happy about getting a limb hacked off. "You two okay?"

"Uhm, I don't think so. It hurts but I don't think it's broken." She told him, feeling more like it was sore and cramped. 

He grabbed her around the waist and helped pull her out.
"You look ok. But I'm gunna have someone check you out."

Emma nodded, "As okay as I can be I guess," She said, "Thank you for saving me," She told him, it wasn't the best of circumstances but she knew she was glad to be alive, "My wound really hurts though, are there any pain killers in the wreckage?"

"We haven't gotten that far. But I have some in my bag." He told her. He was relieved she thanked him instead of yelling at him, like he'd encountered before. "I hope you understand I wouldn't have amputated if there any other option..your bones were completely smashed and severed. Even in a hospital, we wouldn't have been able to save it."
"there are other survivors?" She nearly cried in relief. She was so afraid there was no one else. "Are we being rescued?"

Emma nodded, "I understand, or I'm trying too," She told him, "This is all just a lot to take in right now," She said, "If I wouldn't have gone to the restroom I would've been in my seat when we crashed and I'd still have my arm," She shrugged, "It's all just a matter of time and place it guess."

Marcus nodded "Yeah a bunch." He looked around at all the death "Not enough though."

"I'm sorry this happened to you." Cam said sincerely before going to his bag to give her the pain medicine. He wished he could have done more for her, and for everyone who didn't survive.
"how many?" Lena asked as she tried to stand up.


Emma nodded, taking the medicine from him, "Thank you for saving my life," She said as she looked up at him with a sincere smile.

"You're welcome. But you don't need to thank me." He assured her. It was his job to help. "Let me know if you need anything else. But remember our supplies are limited so if you can bare the pain, try to wait it out for as long as you can."

Emma nodded and watched as he walked away, looking back over at Dominic, "How many survivors do you think there are?" She asked him.

"I haven't counted..30 or 40?" Dominic guessed. "Out of 200 passengers."

Alice started to go through the pieces of the plane so far she found four bottles of water and a bookbag filled with big baggy clothes.Even though people were getting help from other people she asked"does anyone need something".

"Wow," Emma said, looking around at the wreckage, she still couldn't believe this. She finally took a deep breath, she needed to stop dwelling on all of this, "So where are you from?" She asked him, wanting to change the subject.

"I'm from Califonia." He told her. "I don't think I'll ever leave there again when we get home." He laughed.
"Do you mind if I had a water bottle?" Aly asked the girl. She was so thirsty and she had to eat and drink more for the baby she was carrying.

Emma smiled, "Yeah, I don't think I'll ever want to leave home again after this," She chuckled.

"You said you're from North Carolina?" He asked her. "Whats it like there?"

"South Carolina," Emma corrected, "And it's beautiful, and humid," She chuckled.

"I don't mind here you go."shes pregnant she needs more water."so are you ok."

"So is California." He laughed. "I'm a firefighter. The humidity is a big part of the wildfires."

"Yeah I'm alright." Aly said and took a drink of her water. It was so good after all they went through. "Thank you. I'm Aly."

"Oh wow, a firefighter huh," Emma said, "Do you only focus on the wildfires or do you do the city stuff too?" She asked.

"My team is spefically for wildfires. We get a lot. I mean they're not all 10 miles long and make the evening news but theres always some idiot trying to make a bonfire in the dry heat." Dominic explained.

Emma nodded, "I guess not everyone learned a lesson from Smokey the Bear," She chuckled.

"I guess not." Dominic laughed. "You said you were studying abroad? Whats your major?"

"Marketing," Emma told him, "Thankfully the major is so broad that I could pick anywhere I wanted to go abroad, instead of some programs that are restricted to selected countries."

"And you chose the country with faulty airline. Good call." Dominic teased her.

Emma just gave him a look, "You picked the airline too," She pointed out.

"I know. I made a terrible deicision too." he joked. He wanted to make light of the situation.

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