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Marcus decided that it was in everyones best interest to get them off the beach and into the shade of the nearby treeline "Aly I think you have a concussion. I'm going to get Mark here to help me get you over to the shade and then we can go help the others." He told the pregnant woman.

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"I know it's tough. But I'm sure there's people already looking for us and tracking the plane now. It won't be long until we're rescued and this will all be over." He assured her. He had to believe they weren't stuck there forever. The planes black box would tell the control station exactly where they were. 
Aly nodded while still feeling a bit fuzzy. "I'm sorry, what's yours name?" She didn't know if he never gave it or of she forgot it. It was hard to remember much   She just felt so tired. 

"Marcus. I'm an air marshall." He told her helping her up.
Tracy came around the wreckage holding the bag of jerkey to get the dog to follow her "Dr.....uh...." She realized she didn't know his name "How good are you at vetrinary?"

"Thank you, for all your help." She said tiredly. She stood up as well as she could and hobbled towards the treeline. "Is there a plan? For situations like this?"
"Why? What's wrong?" Cam asked as he was rinsing blood from his hands in the ocean water. 

"We just have to hang tight until a rescue crew finds us." Marcus told her "Be careful I don't want to have to carry you."
"I found this dog. I think it's hurt." Tracy told him "Dogs are kept I cargo god only knows how it survived the crash. "

"I don't think you could. I'm a whale these days." She pointed out.

Cam saw some cuts on the dog and he seemed really shaken up but not critical. "I can treat his wounds but he'll have to let me get close enough. Do you know who the owner is?"

"You aren't that big." Marcus told her.
"No. I found him...her? It was eating beef jerky out of my purse." Tracy told him.

(i was thinking Alyssa Milano. She's had a lot of different fashion styles)

((Yeah but not a whole lot of hair styles. Basically just long or short. No varying colors or anything.))

"Smart dog." Cam smirked and eyed near it's hind legs. "It's a he." 

"I feel back hurts." She noted, though that was a constant and not just from the plane. 

Emma nodded, she needed to sit up. As she did so she continued to look around at the wreckage, "Can we please get off this plane?" She asked him, "I think fresh air would be best." She said, wiping under her eyes, "I'm sorry, can you tell me your name again?"

(Well they're clones they'd have the same haircolor unless it was dyed)

"Hey boy." She said reaching out slowly to see if it would allow her to pet him.
"Well you are carrying another human being 24/7." Marcus pointed out

((i thought that they'd dye their hair with their varying personalities =P ))

Lennox sniffed Tracy's hand  before nuding his head for her to pet him.
"Looks like hes okay with you." Cam said opened his bag to get out some gauze and alcohol.
"Yeah..but I don't feel her anymore." She told him. It made her want to cry but she thought if she started, she'd never stop. "She hasn't moved since the crash."

Emma nodded, she needed to sit up. As she did so she continued to look around at the wreckage, "Can we please get off this plane?" She asked him, "I think fresh air would be best." She said, wiping under her eyes, "I'm sorry, can you tell me your name again?"

"I'm sure you'll be ok." Marcus said with fake asurance "I think there's a doctor around here somewhere."
"Animals seem to always like me." Tracy said patting the dogs head.

"Its Dominic." He told her and helped her up. His shoulder hurt but it was better now that it was put back in place. "You lost a lot of blood. Let me know if you need to sit."
"Lucky for us." he smiled and carefully wiped up the wounds with the alcohol. The dog whined but he managed to stay in place.

"Dominic, that's right," Emma said, remembering bits and pieces now, she stood up but she felt woozy from doing so. She leaned against a seat, "I don't think I can."

"I can..carry you?" He suggested. He didn't want her falling over and it probably was a good idea to stay inside with all the dead bodies.

Emma shook her head, she noticed his shoulder was hurt, "How about I just lean against you until we get somewhere we can both sit comfortably," She suggested, the smell was starting to get to her on this plane.

"I hope help comes soon." Tracy said "I don't even know if the captain is alive or dead. What if they don't even realize we're missing until the plane doesn't show up at the airport on time. That could be hours from now."

"We won't need to walk very far." He assured her and put his hand around her waist to help her walk.
"Don't they have tracking signals and are constantly in contact with air control? The pilot probably made a mayday call." Cam pointed out, though he was just going on what he saw in the movies.

When they finally reached the beach, she found a shady spot so they could sit down, "Thank you for staying with me, I'm sure it was a lot to take in," She told him, she was thankful that a complete stranger was willing to make sure of her well being.

"I don't know I just hand out the headphones and listen to people complain about leg room." Tracy told him

(Should there be stuff that were salvageable like luggage,food,or medical supplies)

Alice picked up her phone and walked over to the ocean.She tried to call her mom but it went to voicemail."dang it no bars."It smelled of smoke and salt.She picked up a roll of gauze took off the blanket and wrapped her arm up.She thought"why" throwing a bunch of rocks into the ocean.All she had was the jungle anything she could salvage and a bunch of strangers she had to trust.

"I wasn't going to just leave you." He told her as if that was a crazy idea. If he was in her situation, he'd want someone to stay with him. 
"All planes have tracking devices. Even if they didn't think there were any survivors, they'd still send out a recovery squad." He pointed out and looked at the plane again. "We might be able to use the radio in the cockpit." He thought out loud. It would be hard going through all the dead inside and then working the radio when he had no experience there. 
(deedee, yeah there could be anything from the wreckage. As long as it's nothing that would get them off the island lol.))

Lena had woken up covered in blood inside the plane but it wasn't coming from her. It was from the people around her and some big guy draped over waist. She remembered the turbulence but then she just blacked out. It felt like she'd been unconscience for hours. She thought it was one of her seizures brought on my trauma. She cried out for help but all she saw were bodies, no survivors. 

"I really appreciate it," Emma told him, looking at her injury, "How much blood do you think I lost? I don't remember anything really after you came over," She said.

Marcus heard yelling from the wreckage. There were still people alive in there.
"Hello?" He yelled "I can hear you, but I can't see you." Marcus called "Are you hurt.Please keep making noise so I can find you."

"I could still be hours till they make it to this location though." Tracy pointed out.

"A few pints? I don't know. There was a lot of it." He told her. He'd never seen so much blood before. He didn't think she'd live. "This isn't my blood." He pointed to his bloody clothes. 

"Has this ever happened with your airline?" He asked her. He didn't remember reading about this ever actually happening. 
"Help me please!" Lena yelled from the wreckage. It was such a relief to hear someone. "I'm stuck. There's a body on me" she cringed as she said the words. "My legs pinned beneath a seat."

"No never." Tracy said "They told us not to even worry about it becausw air travel was the safest form of transportation. I haven't even worked her for three months I'm still tchnically in training." She told him.
"Hang tight I'm coming to get you." Marcas called.

Emma looked at his clothes and could have thrown up, "I wish I could repay you somehow," She said, fiddling in the sand, "If we get out of here, I'll buy you one of those really expensive but really not good dinners in the airport," She teased.

"What were you doing before this?" He asked her. She seemed like a perfect flight attendant, before the whole crashing thing. 
"please hurry." Lena yelled out. She felt like she'd never get out and she was panicking. The more she panicked, the more the chance of another seizure. 
"Score!" He teased. "When we get out of here, we'll make a pretty penny from all this. Especially you. They'll give you money for pain and suffering plus a new arm and cover all the medical expenses." 

"I was away at university." Tracy told him.
"I see you. I'm right here." Marcus said to her as he climbed over some seats to get to her.

"Majoring in desert island survival I hope." He teased. 
"I can't push this guy off me." She told him while the big guy across her torso was clearly dead. 

Emma pulled off a smile, "Yeah, I don't think any amount of money could make up for this," She said referring to her arm, she looked down at the sand, "My dad was going to take my family on a big camping trip when I got home, fishing, hiking, the whole nine yards. I can't do any of those things now." She said, she hoped help was on the way soon.

"Sorry Philosphy. I Guess we're SOL. " tracy half teased.
Marcus checked the guys pulse to be certain he was really dead before pushing the body off of her.

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