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Late form =P ---

Dr. Cameron Madoc
Cardiothoracic surgeon

Cam didn't grow up priviledged. His parents struggled but they made a comfortable upbringing for their only son. He always wanted to make them proud and he wanted to help people. He got into medical school on a scholarship and graduated at the top of his class. He's been working a prominent hospital as a Cardiothoracic surgeon for the past 5 years. His father was diagnosed with alheimer's disease and he was in Sydney to attend a convention on the subject. He was thinking of changing is line of work in order to help those effected but with the plane crash, thats a kind of on hold.

(Are we gunna say she's trapped under debris so they can't move her. And she's dying from interal bleeding from being crushed)
"Where's my Daddy." Briony sniffled.


Libby blinked a few times. "I don't know sweetheart..." She said softly. Libby then reached for her daughter and brushed some hair off her face. "Remember that lullably I sang to you every night at bedtime?"

"My names Aly. Please, I just need to find my husband." She couldn't help but cry. She was so worried about him and their baby.
"Just hold still. You'll be okay." Dominic said. "We need help here!" he called out to anyone left who wasn't screaming.
Cameron was doing CPR on an unresponsive woman. She was sitting next to him on the plane and told him about her husband and kids waiting for her back home. He couldn't let her die but there was nothing he could do; he could tell she had internal bleeding and she'd stopped breathing. He had a nasty cut across his chest and at some point he couldn't tell if the blood was from him or her but his well being wasn't his current priority. He wanted to keep working on her; try to save her but he heard a million other people calling for help and he couldn't leave them. He left the woman alone and made his way to the next injured person he came to and the man trying to help her.
"I'm a doctor. I can help her." he said and kneeled down to look at her injuries. Her arm looked completely smashed. "Miss, whats your name?"

Mark looked everywhere for Aly and suddenly found her trapped in her seat. "Aly" He said as he went over to her, relieved that she was fine.

Emma looked up to the new guy who walked over to her, "It's Emma," She told him, her voice shaky. She kept telling herself not to look at her arm.

Marcus cut her free "I think we found him." Marcus told her as Mark ran up.

"Mark!" Aly nearly jumped for joy. She carefully stood up from the seat that the other man freed her from and threw her arms around her husband. She was a bit dizzy but she was so happy he was ok. "I was so scared you were gone."
"Aly, I'm Cam. Can you hear me okay?" He asked as he wiped some blood from her forehead. He wanted to make sure she didn't have any critical injuries.

((should her arm be saved or should he have to amputate it?...i've been watching soul surfer lol))

Mark smiled as he held his wife in his arms. "I'm fine Aly, I'm not going anywhere" He promised her softly. "How's the little one?" He asked about the baby growing in her belly.

(That's what I was thinking, I mean I'm using her so she could easily not have an arm... Let's just do it more drama) 
Emma nodded vigorously, "I can hear you," She told him, "Please help me," She said, still breathing heavily.

sunshinee and nerf-

Cam gave her a quick look over her and saw that her main issue was her arm. It was so smashed, it was dead and if she didn't bleed to death she would certainly get an infection. "Whats your name?" he asked the guy with her. "Dominic."
"Dominic, I need you to stay with her and keep her calm. I need to find my medical supply bag but I'll be right back." he told them. He knew he'd have to amputate but she didn't have a chance without medical supplies. He stood up and looked around when he spotted the flight attendent.
"Miss? Miss, are you hurt?" he first wanted to make sure she was okay.

Emma watched as the second guy got up and walked behind her. She still didn't know what was going on or what was going to happen. She was supposed to be on her way to California, with her connecting flight back home to South Carolina, this couldn't be happening to her. She couldn't help but start crying, she looked up at the first guy who had helped her, "Dominic, am I going to be okay?" She asked, her vision was starting to get a little hazy from the loss of blood.

"No I'm not hurt. Can I help?" She called to the man.

"Yeah, you'll be okay. I promise." Dominic said and took her good hand to hold for comfort her. He had no idea if she would live but he didn't think he could handle watching her die; he had to believe she'd be fine. "Tell me about yourself..where are you from?" he wanted her to get her mind off her arm.
"Yes. I'm a doctor. I had my medical supply bag with me, I have to find it, I was sitting in 3B." He quickly told her. "Theres a girl in bad condition, I really have to find that bag if I can save her."

Emma nodded, knowing he was distracting her, "I just finished up my study abroad program and I am or I was heading home for the summer," She said, "I'm from South Carolina, and I have two older brothers and a golden retriever named Dixon" She said, she'd been so homesick and this wasn't really helping.

Tracy nodded "I'll help but I don't think it'll be that easy." she told him, since the plane was currently in pieces along the beach.

"I have a golden retriever too. His names Lennox." He told her before sadly remembering he was on this flight. He didn't want to say that to her and depress her more; who knew what happened to any pets below.
"Please try. If I don't get that bag, this girl will bleed to death." He told her. He didn't want to scare her, he just wanted her to know how important it was. "Not to mention anyone else with injuries like hers."

"Really?" Emma said, trying to pull off a smile, her vision was getting hazier and hazier. She was actually starting to feel sleepy, "What were you I'm Australia for?" She asked him.

"Vacation." He answered simply. It was too complicated to get into how he ran off to get away from his ex. "I did a lot of stuff in Australia..did you do anything fun when you weren't in school?"

Tracy raced towards the plane looking for anything that resembled carryon luggage. After several frantic minutes of searched she saw what looked like a medical bag sticking out of the debris, she grabbed the handle and unsuccessfully tried to pull it out by the strap, the strap ripped at the seem and she fell backwards.
She tried again, digging in the sand at the base to make it easier for her to pull it out, it slid out easily and she let out a sigh of relief.
"I found it. Here it is."

Emma nodded, she was slowly slipping in and out of consciousness, "Scuba diving," She said, that was about all she could say to him.

Cam was looking under the seats when he heard the flight attendent yell out. "Thank you- she might be okay now." he told her. He really was grateful she found it. "If you find any more luggage, look through it for any kind of first aid kits or prescriptions. Some of these people are going to need a lot of pain killers."
"I scuba dived too." Dominic told her but noticed she was passing out right as Cam got there. He opened his bag and searched through for what little sedatives he had so she wouldn't wake up. "Emma..I need you to hear me okay? The only way I can save you is by amputating your arm. If I don't, you will bleed to death. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Emma was so out of it, when she opened her eyes she thought that Cam and Dominic were her two brothers. She nodded her head even though her vision was blurred, and everything just sounded so loud, "Evan... Eric," She said faintly, squeezing Dominic's hand with her good arm.

Tracy pulled each bag out from the wreckage and dumping the contents onto the ground trying to find things that would be of use.
She came around a corner and saw a dog with his nose buried in what appeared to be her purse, tearing open the bag of beef jerky and eating hungrily.
"Hey little guy. You friendly?" She cooed approaching with caution.

"Is she going to be alright?" Dominic asked the doctor.
"I hope so." Cam said and injected her with the sedative before making a tourniquet around her arm to stop the bleeding. It looked like the bones were all broken so he could easily cut through her arm and bandage it up with just his scalpel.

Emma passed out from the sedative, not even knowing what was going on with her. 

It took a while but eventually he had her arm completely off and had sewn her up as best he could. He wrapped her shoulder up in bandages and gave her another injection of pain medicine so she wouldn't feel much.

A few hours later, Emma woke up. She had the panic feeling again before remembering once more about the plane crash and then the guys who helped her. She looked over to see if her arm was bandaged up or not and when when she saw that it wasn't there she started screaming, she didn't remember what happened.

Dominic had stayed with her while Cameron went to help the others.He had a feeling this would happen and he wanted to be there for her. "Hey Emma, Emma its okay- you're okay, don't scream." he said as he quickly crawled over to her. "Do you remember me?"

Emma had started crying as she looked up at him, "You lifted the debris off my arm," She told him through her sniffles, "But I don't remember much after that," She said honestly.

"Your arm was really bad and you were bleeding to death. The doctor had to.." He didn't want to say it. He knew it had to be hard to hear. "If he hadn't done it, you would have bled out."

Emma nodded, feeling up to where it was gone. She couldn't believe it was all the way up to her shoulder. She tried to stop crying but with news like that, along with the situation they were in it was hard to take. She took a deep breath and looked up at him once more, "Thank you," She said, "For staying with me."

"You're welcome." Dominic told her and gave her a comforting smile. "I know this is really hard to deal with but I'll stay with you so you don't have to do it alone."

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Alice woke up with blurry vision and a bloody arm.All she heard was people screaming and crying.It seemed like all hope was gone.She stood up and walked over to a ripped blanket and patched up her arm.

Emma nodded as she continued to cry. This was a complete stranger who was willing to help her in a tragic situation. She still couldn't get over how this was happening to her, to them, to this whole flight. She looked over at her shoulder, before looking up at the ceiling, "This can't be happening," was all that she managed to say.

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