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It had gotten darker in the time they'd been sitting on the beach, Emma reached into her backpack and grabbed a sweatshirt. She was even struggling to put that on. She sighed as she placed one arm through and then pulled her head through. This was so embarrassing, "Can you pull the other side down for me?" She asked pathetically. 

"Yeah. Dominic said and helped her with her sweatshirt. He really felt bad for her. "That better?"

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Emma nodded, "Thanks," She said softly before looking down. She was embarrassed over a stupid sweatshirt. 

"You're welcome." He could tell she was feeling pretty down about herself and he didn't know how to help. 

Emma just sat there thinking about everything that she wasn't going to be able to do or what was going to be a challenge. It was finally dawning on her that simple things like getting dressed and doing her hair were going to be hard things now.

"Are you warm enough?" He asked after he'd gotten the fire started. 

Emma nodded, snapping out of her trance for a moment, "Yeah, that feels nice," She said, motioning to the fire.

"It's really beautiful out here." He noted as he looked to the beach. Despite the wreckage, the island they were on was stunning. 

Emma just nodded, she didn't want to think about any of this anymore. She just wanted to be at home, safe and sound, but she didn't think that was going to be.

Dominic went through the rest of his bag for anything usefull while Lennox layed down with his head on Emma. "I think he likes you."

Emma pet Lennox's head softly, he was really comforting her, "I like him too," She said softly as she kept her gaze on the dog.

"I read something about how dogs sense when people are hurt." He told her. 

Emma finally looked up, "I think that's true," She said softly, she ruffled Lennox's ears and smiled when he scooted closer, "Whenever I was at home sick, whether it be the flu or just a cold, and even when I was crying over a break-up, my dog would sit with me. It was like he knew something was wrong."

"That's how Lennox is. I had to get surgery on my leg when I flipped over a hill mountain biking last summer. He stayed next to me the whole time I had my cast on." He informed her. He was so glad Lennox survived. 

Emma continued to pet the dog's head, "Well aren't you a good boy."

Lennox licked her face and Dominic laughed at the two. "He's a great dog."

"I can tell," Emma said, she couldn't help but laugh a little as she leaned back when Lennox licked her, it tickled.

"Come on Nox, leave her alone." Dominic pet him to distract him from licking her face.

Emma smiled while she looked at the fire, she pulled her knees up to get confortableX

"I wish we could roast marshmellows." Dominic said and tossed a small rock into the fire.

"Smores would be so good right now," Emma said with a playful groan.

"You can't camp without smores." Dominic agreed. "Does this count as camping?"

"No," Emma chuckled, "No s'mores, no fishing, no cozy sleeping bag," She said, "We got jipped."

"Well we're stuck so I'm going to look at it as camping." Dominic joked and layed back on the ground.

Emma nodded as she watched him lay back, she looked up at the stars, thinking that despite all of this that the skies were still beautiful.

"You know theres over 400 billion stars just in our galaxy?" Dominic said as he looked up at the sky.

"It's amazing isn't it?" Emma said with a small smile, "You know, my ex-boyfriend bought me a star for our anniversary," She said with a chuckle.

"Yeah? Which one is it?" Dominic asked jokingly.

"I don't really remember," Emma chuckled, "I think it may be that one," She said, pointed to the one under the Little Dipper.

"Good star." Dominic teased and looked at them all. "it would take years to count them."

((i have to get to bed ttyl!))

"I could never think about counting them," Emma chuckled, "I'm content with just sitting up at looking at them."

"I am too." He laughed and kept watching the stars. He wished there was a plane. 

Emma decided to lay down as well, sticking her one arm behind her head to get comfortable.

Alice walked around the beach thinking.She missed her family and friends.Alice soon hoped they would get resuced."Aly are you hungry."

"You want to use my bag as a pillow?" Dominic asked as he noticed her trying to get comfortable.
"Yeah..I'm kinda starving." Aly nodded. The baby made her hungry a lot.

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