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A handful of strangers heading to California from Australia. Some for a vacation. Some going back home. Some for business. Whatever the reason, they all ended up here together. A devistating plane crash will leave several dead and the survivors stranded on a remote, uncharted island with nothing but each other to make it through. Inspired by "Lost." The rp will start off right after they've crashed landed on the island.

I've listed some ideas below. Make as mannnyyy characters as you want! Try to keep boy/girl ratios even:
Guilt ridden pilot. Flight attendent. Vegetarian who won't want to eat the fish and animals they'll have to live off of. Doctor.
Rich kids. Newlyweds. Vacationing youth. Vacationing families. People with medical conditions. Ec con. A prisoner on board. Junkie. People who lose someone and have survivors guilt. Go crazy with creativity!

You can also write in flash back scenes!

To include on your form (along with the basics):
Job (if they had one)
Any paticular survival skills?
Where are they from?
Why are they on this flight?

Joining this!!

Allison "Aly" Carver
Travel Agent
Originally from Napa, California.
Travel Gear.
Aly had a pretty normal life. She loves to travel and always loved the outdoors as a kid. She became a travel agent, met a nice guy, and settled down. They're currently expecting their first child. They decided to take one last big trip together as a couple before they baby arrived, a vacation in Sydney, Australia. It was perfect. They had a wonderful time but coming back has obviously had its issues. She's currently 6 months pregnant and the only survival skills she has are knowing a thing or two about tropical islands and the outdoors.

((someone can play her husband if they'd like.))

Briony LeStrange
Student of Mrs. Springers 3rd Grade Class
Briony was on the flight with her mother and father who did not survive the crash. They were on the way to their first family vacation together when the plane crashed. Briony is an only child.
Briony has no survival skills other than being cute and having the other passengers feel compassion for her.
She is from Notting Hill England.
Briony is a very shy girl, especally now that she's on her own. She doesn't speak much and tries to keep close to those she sees as kind and friendly.
Marcus Dewitt
Sky Marshall
Marcus was the acting Air Marshall on the flight when it went down. He doesnt have much in the way of survival skills but he does have a gun and that counts for something.

Harper Vanhorn, 23
Harper has been acting since he was a small child and recently got a rather large break when he landed a role in a popular teenage show. It's a pretty big role but he is letting the fame go to his head. He is making good money but most is going up his nose or in his veins. He is flying back home after a week long bender down under. He knows he will be rescused soon but he might not last long once he starts detoxing.
He did some boy scouts as a kid but he is kind of useless

Nash Lewis, 25
Police Officer
He was flying back home after a vacation to visit his mother.
Nash's parents never really got along with each other. His dad was paranoid about the government taking over and kept his family in a small cabin in the woods. His parents split when he was ten but Nash had to stay with his dad. He never went to school but was trained on how to survive. Evything got better once he got away at eighteen and ended up somehow becomeing a cop after years of hard work.
He knows he can survive but having to be with all of these people isnt his favorite.

Tracy Laar
Flight Attendant
This is Tracys first job. Fresh out of college she's got to pay off her student loans. She has a useless degree in philosophy and doesn't want to admit to her family that she's in over her head.
She was on her way home from a long flight when the plane crashed.
Tracy used to be in scouts and went camping with her family a lot so she's got some idea about roughing it, but nothing like how it is now.
carry on

 Leah Jayson
Pub barmaid
Orginally from Sydeny, AU
Leah is a tough, outspoken, wild, sort of bitchy party loving shelia from down under who is out partying with her mates and enjoying the beaches when not working. So how did she wind up on a doomed flight with a bunch of strangers? Well she was on a mini vacation after a rough breakup from her fiancee. Now here she is stranded with no way out. But life has a shocking way of surprising you and through all this drama she could actually find the light at the end of the tunnel?
Can someone play a love interest for her?

thanks. =]

Mark Carver
From Napa Valley, CA
Mark is an ambitious, outgoing, kind and humorous young man who's head newcaster of a popular men's lifestyle news program back home in Cali. His work has him travel to LA but he's a devoted hubby to his wife Aly and is very happy they're going to be parents soon. When the plane crashes he is terrified for the welfare of his small family.

Holland Avery, 24
Holland was in Australia on a modeling shoot. She models for a pretty popular mens magazine usaully half naked but its good money and she doesnt have to work very hard. She is a sweet girl but no one takes her seriously. She has no out door training and broke her arm in the crash. She is so scared.

Emma Hartling, 21
College Student from South Carolina
Emma had just finished her study abroad program I'm Australia, the flight to California was her connecting flight back home. 
She had been counting down the days until her flight because she had become so homesick, now she doesn't even know if she'll ever get back home. She knows how to fish and start a fire, she grew up with three older brothers whose father always took camping. 

may I join 

yes! everyones welcome to join! =]

Julian Brent. 25
San Fransisco, CA
Julian came from a family of former miltiary men: His dad in Vitenam and his grandfather and great grandfather in WW1 and Pearl Harbor so it was basically in his blood to serve his country. His desire to protect his country increased after the 9/11 attacks and the war that followed. He's a good guy through and through with respect for his elders. Was on his way to a Marine station in Sydeny when the plane crashed.
Well him being in the military-he is quite fit and in shape body wise and does know quite alot about survival.

Alice smith 24
Alice came from a poor family she became a doctor to help provide for her mother and father.she is a very helpfull and friendly person.she helps others so that they don't have to worry much.Alice was on the plane to go california because she was moving there.she knows how to clean wounds,cook,and sew.

Dominic Bauer
wildland firefigher
Dominic took a much needed vacation to Australia to get over his ex. She cheated on him and a messy break up ensued and Dominic took 2 weeks in another continent to get over her. He loves to be outside and he's very active; in Australia, he went rock climbing, hiking, scuba diving. He was on his way back home when this whole thing happened. He's got pretty good survival skills; he knows how to build fires and hike through rough terrain and he knows a little bit of animal tracking.
The only person he took on his little vacation was his dog, Lennox.

BTW, we can also have filler characters or characters intended to be killed off!

Lena Cavanaugh
Lena ran a beach side shop with her family, selling everything from surf boards to scuba lessons. They made a good bit of money with their business; enough to travel comfortably. She was visiting some friends in Australia again and even got a job offer. She planned on taking it and needed to go back home to get everything in order and thats how she ended up on this flight. Whats worse is that she's an epileptic and without her meds, she can have a seizure at any moment.
She doesn't have a whole lot of survival skills. She's a certified scuba diver so she knows a lot about the ocean and whats safe and unsafe to eat. She can probably catch a fish if she has to.

Libby LeStrange. 28
Clothing boutique owner
Notting Hill, England
Libby is a gentle and motherly young woman who was on the flight with her husband and young daughter Briony who is her world. When the plane started having problems, her little darling became very scared so she did what any good mummy would do-soothe her and tell her everything would be fine. Unfournatley as the plane began to crash, Libby got hurt and collided with glass.
She's now near death and knows she doesn't have much longer-scared of leaving behind her baby.

Starting! I'll make a doctor as a filler chracter later because i think its best to have more than 1. And like Lost, theres a bunch of survivors, the rps just focusing on the ones we've created =P

Allison woke up with a throbbing headache to the sound of people screaming. She blinked her eyes open but only saw red from her right eye. She didn't know what was happening and when she wiped the blood from her eye, she realized the plane had crashed somewhere. She was still in her seat but now the carrier was laying on its side and she'd hit her head hard on the glass and was bleeding everywhere. She instantly panicked when she noticed her husband wasn't beside her. "Mark!" she called out and frantically tried to get the seatbelt unhooked but it was tight on her pregnant belly and the stupid thing wouldn't come off. "Someone please help me!" she cried out again.
Dominic saw nothing but blue skies but the serenity was deeply contradicted by the sounds of screams and a roaring broken plane engine. He turned his head and spit sand out of his mouth when he finally saw everything; the planes back end was completely gone and what was left was laying on some beach with the head just barely in the water. He felt like his whole body was broken but he attempted to roll over. He was met with a sharp pain in his shoulder, causing a few curse words from him. He knew it was dislocated. He barely managed to stand up with this all over ache but he did his best to stumble over to the other survivors and try to help.

Emma woke up, she was laying in the floor is the aisle of what was left of the plane. She could feel her arm was pinned down by something and a shooting pain was sent up through it went she tried to move it. All of a sudden everything came rushing back to her, the plane going down, people screaming, and she was trying to make it back to her seat from the restroom. She obviously didn't make it back to buckle. She looked around and saw empty seats, dead bodies, and the plane totally dismembered. She starting panicking about the plane and herself, she wondered if anything else was injured as badly as her arm. "Help!" She screamed, "Is anyone out there?" 

Tracy had buckled herself up into the flight attendant seat when they hit turbulance and thank god she did. She unbuckled her seatbelt and tumbled out of the seat and tumbled onto the ground.
She stood up on shaky legs and stood in horror as she saw the tragedy that was unfolding infront of her.
Marcus was up and out of his seat when he heard screaming all around him. The woman nearest to him, was a very obviously pregnant woman trapped in her seat "Miss are you hurt? Can you hear me are you hurt?" He called running up to her.
Briony was blinking as red covered her vision. It took her several minutes to realize that the blood wasn't coming from her "Mommy!" She screamed "Daddy!"

All Harper could hear was screaming. This shit was giving him one bad trip, his face felt wet and he couldnt breathe. Once he opened his eyes he realized this wasn't a bad trip, this was  hell. People were screaming and trying to get out of what was left of the plane. He couldnt help but be thankful he was high as a kite right now, he was not in pain. He stumbled out of the wreckage of the plane and dropped on to the said when he saw the chunk of metel sticking out of his thigh.
Holland couldnt stop screaming. He arm was pointing in an unatural direction and she couldmt get out of her seat. She didnt know what to do,  this felt like a nightmare. She saw her face in a twisted piece of metal and screamed even more, her whole face was covered in blood.
Nash was in survival mode now. He suprisingly was not overly hurt. His chest hurt but he could still move. He pulled himself out of his seat and looked around at the horror around him, he needed get people who were alive out of the plane. His eyes went wide when he saw a small girl screaming for her mom. He went over to her. " Honey you got to come with me then I will come back to get your mommy okay. You cant stay in here."

"I'm stuck." Aly cried frantically. She couldn't feel her baby moving and her head was still throbbing and she didn't see Mark. "I can't get this belt off. Please help me, I need to find my husband." she told him as best she could as she cried.
Dominic got to the first person he reached, some young blonde with a pinned arm. "Are you okay? I'm going to get you out of here." he told her and looked at the hunk of debris on her arm. It looked heavy and his shoulder was still messed up.

"I don't know," Emma said in a frantic state, "My arm is stuck, but I can't feel it anymore," She told him. She didn't think anyone heard her calling since she was away from other survivors. She was thankful that someone was going to get her out of here.

Dominic didn't think that was a good sign but he didn't want to scare her. "Try to pull your arm out when I lift this." He told her and grabbed the hunk of metal as best he could, pulling most of the weight with the arm opposite of his dislocated shoulder. It was hard to move but he finally got it off of her arm.

Emma tried her best to do what she was told. Once he moved the debris from off of her arm she looked over at it. Immediately screaming when she saw all the blood. The shock of the situation stopped her from crying, but she didn't know what else to do but scream out of pure panic.

Dominic tossed the hunk of metal to the side and kneeled down beside the girl. "You're going to be okay..please stop screaming." he didn't know what else to say but he wanted her to stop panicking- he wanted everyone to stop panicking.

To nerfherder-
Libby moaned in pain as she woke slowly from the crash. It was all a big blur and she wanted this to be a bad nightmare. She felt fear and anguish in her heart as she heard her daughter cry for her. "Darling, it's okay" Libby began to say before beginning to cough up blood. "Mummy'" She said weakly.

Emma tried to take deep breaths but it was really hard. She didn't want to panic but at some points it was uncontrollable, especially when your arm looks like that. "Wha.. What do you... You need me to... To do?" She asked, looking at him, trying to keep her vision away from her arm.

Mark sat up slowly amongst the debris. The whole plane was covered with bodies, luggage and airplane parts. Oh god this cannot be happening. He thought as he stood up on shaky legs and began to look for his wife. Since she was preggers he was even more worried about her now than ever before. "Aly?" He called looking for her.

Leah, a pretty blonde lay unconscious in the middle of the airplane seat aisle face down and with her arm shielding her face. The last thing she remembered before the plane went done was listening to edm music on her Ipod to try and get her mind off her ending her engagement to her fiancee back home in Sydney.

"Stay still." Marcus told her "I'm going to have to cut you out." He told her after the first couple times he unsuccessfully tried the buckle.
He picked up a jagged shard of metal to cut through the seatbelt.
"You have a head injury." He told her "Can you tell me your name and recite the alphabet."
"Mommy?""Mommy?" Briony sobbed when she heard her mother and Nash speaking to her "I cant leave my Mommy."
Tracy finally snapped out of her shock of the situation and tried to help.
"Hello? Does anyone need help?" She cried in panic as she walked through the piles of dead bodies.

Libby squeezed Briony's small hand. "I'm right here sweetheart, everything's gonna be okay" She said softly, losing energy. Libby was too hurt to look for her husband Will but she was sure he was hurt or dead.

Julian looked around at the catastrophic situation in front of him, glass and bodies everywhere and the air smelled of island and the ocean. Where in god's name were they? He slowly got up and looked to see if anyone was alive or needed help. "Hello?"

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