Chasing Life

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Chase laughed. "I can promise that."

"Good," Emily said, folding a tshirt of his, "That's the last of it," She told him.

He finished putting things in drawers. "Now what? Should we take an old toothbrush to the baseboards?" He teased.

"Oh ha ha, you're so funny," Emily said, giving him a look before placing the hamper in their closet.

He went up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Wanna watch a movie?" He kissed her on the cheek.

"Sure," Emily said with a giggle as he wrapped his arms around her, "What movie did you have in mind?"

"We can check what's new." He said.

"Okay, do you want to watch it in here or in the living room?" She asked, turning around in his arms.

"The living room I guess...if that's okay with you." He said.

"That's fine with me," Emily told him, "You pick out the movie and I'll pop some popcorn," She said.

Chase made himself comfortable on the couch as he flipped through the movies. He picked Nonstop.

Emily popped them some popcorn and grabbed them two sodas before bringing it into the living room, "What did you pick?" She asked, setting that down and sitting on the couch.

"That new movie with Liam Neeson in it, Nonstop." He answered her.

"Oh, I heard it's really good," Emily said with a nod, she brought up a blanket over her legs and leaned into him.

Chase wrapped one of his around her after she got comfortable. He used his other hand to get a handful of popcorn.

Emily ate some popcorn as she got into the movie.

"You really don't have to." Elliot told her. He didn't want her spending all her free time watching the same sick kid she took care of when she was working.

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"No, I want too, I want him to enjoy his class field trip," Mia said.

"You do too much as it is." Elliot pointed out. "You do too much for him."

Mia didn't know how to take that comment, it sounded like that was a bad thing, "Do you want him to go ok this field trip?" She asked him.

"I do but I just don't want you resenting me or him for it." Elliot said honestly. It would ruin his chance of taking her out on more dates.

Mia reached across the table, grabbing his hand, "Elliot, if I didn't want him to enjoy himself or you to relax I wouldn't have volunteered," She told him honestly.

Elliot glanced at her hand and looked back up at her. "Okay, if you're sure then, please do go. He would love that."

Mia nodded with a smile, "I'll get a note from the doctor tomorrow that you can turn in to his teacher," she said.

"Thank you. You really don't get how much you're doing for him." Elliot said, feeling bad that he couldn't repay her for all she did.

Mia smiled, "It's really not a problem, I know he'll be just as excited as I am to go."

"I think he'll be more excited than you. He loves the zoo and he loves school trips." Elliot pointed out.

The movie kept Chase ' s interested as well. He sipped his soda and at popcorn as they watched.

Mia smiled, "You'll have to let me know about his reaction after you tell him I'm going," She chuckled.
- - - 
Emily yawned when the movie was over, chuckling to herself as she looked up at Chase, "Babe, we're turning into one of those old, married couples that we told each other we'd never be."

"I can already tell you he's going to be thrilled." Elliot told her.

Mia laughed, "I still can't wait to hear about his reaction."

"I'll let you know what he says." Elliot assured her.

"Great!" Mia said with a grin as she continued to eat her meal.

"Then I didn't know I'd enjoy it so much."  He laughed.  He stood up to take their trash to the kitchen, stretching his legs.  "Boy do I feel it."  He teased.

Emily shook her head with a smirk as she stood up, she folded that blanket and fixed the pillows on the couch.

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