Chasing Life

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"He said my medication was too blame too," Aly said, "Too much excitement for one day."

"We'll take it easy from now on. We won't get married from now on." He teased.

"Yeah, ones enough," Aly couldn't help but laugh.

"We'll renew our vows when we're old and surrounded by grandkids." Drew smiled.

"That sounds like a great idea to me," Aly told him.

"When you're in remission, we should start working on a family." He suggested. Part of him thought if they made plans, she'd be more motivated to keep fighting.

"I really, really don't want to be thinking about kids right now," Aly told him.

"Okay." Drew sighed and closed his eyes again.

Aly continued to run her hands through his hair, her mind was racing and she knew she wouldn't be able to sleep tonight.

"How do you feel?" He asked, wanting to make sure she was okay.

"My body is exhausted but my mind is racing," Aly told him honestly.
(Where should we jump for Mia and El?)

"Do you want the doctor to give you something to help you sleep?" Drew asked her.

"Yeah, I will when they move me into my actual room," She was still in the emergency unit.
Mia zipped up Leo's bag she had packed for him to stay at his grandparents while her and Elliot were away, "Got Dory?" She asked him, referring to his stuffed animal he slept with of his favorite character.

"He say how long you'll be here?" Drew asked her.
"She's here." Leo said, grabbing Dory from his bed. "when will you be back?"

"He said they'll know for sure after my tests come back," Aly told him.
"On Saturday, that's six days," Mia said, "Are you going to miss us?"

"I'll stay here with you." Drew told her.
"Why can't I go with you?" Leo asked. He wanted to stay with them.

"How kind of you," Aly teased with a smile.
"Because this trip is just for grownups," Mia told him before picking him up, "But we sure are going to miss you," She said before kissing his cheek.

"I'm nice like that." Drew smirked.
"I'll miss you too." Leo said before hearing his dad come upstairs. "We set to go? The grandparents are waiting."

Aly kissed his forehead before hearing the doctor come back in, "Aly your test came back," He said, "We're going to keep you over night and let you go home. We're going to admit you Wednesday to start chemo and radiation," He told her.
"if we have to," Mia teased as she let Leo down on the ground.

"She need to do anything until then?" Drew asked for her.
"We have to." Elliot said and looked to Leo. "But we'll be back soon."
"Mommy told me." Leo said and held Dory to him as he went downstairs.

"Just rest and relax," He told them, "You'll be checking in here for three weeks, so enjoy your time at home,"?
Mia smiled, still getting butterflies when she heard him call her mommy. She smiled as she greeted Elliot's parents downstairs, handing over his bag, "Don't have too much fun while we're away," She teased.

"thank you doc." Drew said and looked back at Aly.
"I won't." Leo said and gave her a big hug.

"Thank you," Aly said softly before squeezing Andrew's hand.
Mia gave him a hug, "I love you, we'll see you later."

"You okay with that?" Drew asked her.
"This week will fly by, trust me." Elliot said as he hugged him after Mia.

Aly just nodded, thinking about how the next few days were going to pan out.
Mia smiled as his grandparents took him out to their car, she closed the door after they left.

"Our parents are on the way you want to see them?" He asked.
"Alone at last." Elliot teased and wrapped his arms around her.

"Can I just pretend I'm asleep?" Aly asked with a pathetic chuckle, she didn't want to have to deal with either of their mothers who were most likely going to be so upset.
Mia grinned before kissing him quickly, "I'm so excited," Shs told him.

"Yeah I'll talk to them outside." Drew told her.
"You have everything packed?" He asked her.

"Thank you," Aly said softly as she slumped back against the pillows when he got up.
"I've been packed since yesterday," Mia grinned.

Drew went to deal with their parents. He was pretty good at calming them down at this point.
"Eager are we?" Elliot smirked.

Alyson sat in her bed, staring up at the ceiling as she contemplated everything that was going on.
"I'm so ready," Mia told him with a chuckle.

Drew came back to Aly after dealing with their parents. "The coast is clear."
"Come on." Elliot smiled and grabbed his bag by the door.

"Thank you," Aly said softly, "Was my mom freaking out?" She asked.
Mia grinned as she grabbed her bag and followed him out the door after locking up.

"A little." Drew told her. "But it was okay."
Elliot put their bags in the car and started the engine.

"Thank you for doing that," Aly told him.
Mia got in and buckled up, "I guess we could've gotten your parents to drop us off at the airport," She aid, not even thinking about it until now.

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