Chasing Life

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"And if I didn't?" Mia asked with a smirk.
"Oh stop it," Aly said as she wrapped her arms around him.

"Leo and I would still be lonely." He told her.
"Did you have a good wedding?" Drew asked as he pushed her hair behind her ear.

"I'm sure you would be," Mia teased, she finished up eating her lunch.
"I did, I wish I could've stayed longer," She told him softly.

"We would be." He said honestly.
"Its okay. Everyone had a great time." Drew assured her.

(whats Drew/Aly's last name? i forgot lol)

"I know babe," MIa said, "I'd be pretty lonely without you guys," She told him before standing up to put her plate in the sink.
"I hope so," Aly said, "I don't want them to feel like they came for nothing since we left early."

"I'm just sorry it took so long."? He told her.
"I'm sure they understand." Drew assured her.

"Don't worry about it," Mia said as she cleaned up the kitchen, she didn't want to dive back into the arguement over Becca.
"Yeah, Aly rushed into this wedding and she can't even last through it," She said as she gave him a look.

"If you want to stay here in relax, I'll walk Riley." Elliot told her.
"No one is thinking that." Drew told her. "they know you don't have a lot of energy."

"No, I want to take him," Mia said with a smile as she looked down at the dog.
Aly just nodded as she rolled onto her back, realizing she was still in her dress, "Will you help me get out of this thing?" She chuckled.

"Yeah. Want me to grab you some clothes?" He asked as he worked on the buttons.?

"Yeah, my pajamas should be in the first pocket of my suitcase," She told him.

Drew went to grab her pajamas and brought them back to her.

"Thank you," Aly said softly as she stepped out of her dress and put on her clothes, "Sorry it's not sexy lingerie," She teased as she went back and sat on the bed.

"You have your whole life to make up for it." Drew pointed out.

Aly just sighed as she sat back on the bed, she hoped she did at least.
Mia got back from her walk with Riley and went to the kitchen to fill his water bowl.

"Want to watch a movie?" Drew asked.
"Leo's asleep again." Elliot said as he came down the stairs.

"That sounds fine to me," Aly said, "I wonder when the room service will be here," She said.
"Why doesn't that surprise me?" Mia said with a chuckle as she turned off the sink, placing Riley's bowl on the floor.

"It won't be long." Drew said and grabbed the remote.
"Because all he does is sleep?" Elliot smirked.

"You're not going to change out of your tux?" Aly asked as she looked up at him.
"True, poor kid," Mia said with a shrug.

"I didn't think about it." He laughed. He was so focused on her he didn't think about himself.?

Aly just chuckled as she sat cross cross on the bed, taking her bobby pins out of her hair.

Drew changed into sweats and a t-shirt before hearing a knock on the door. "Must be the food." he said before letting room service in and tipping the man before he left. "You want anything?" he asked her.

"I'll have soup for now," Aly said looking at the tray.

"Soup it is." Drew said as he?grabbed a bowl and a spoon and carefully handed it to her.

"Let me know how that sandwich is," Aly told him as she began to eat her soup.
Mia laughed as she watched Riley go lay down before looking st Elliott, "Do you have any plans for the day?" She asked.

Drew sat back down next to her and took a bite. "Its pretty good." he said with a mouthfull.
"I have a manuscript to edit but I can do that later." Elliot told her. "Why?"

Aly laughed lightly as he talked, "I may steal a bite later," She told him.
"Just wondering, I was going to do some housework since I'm off for the next two days," She told him.

"Theres another one for you." Drew told her. He wanted her to eat as much as she could. She was becoming so thin.
"Theres not a lot to be done." Elliot pointed out.

"I'll try to make room for it," She chuckled.
"Laundry," Mia said, "The toilets need to be cleaned, and I really need to dust the fans." she told him.

"You should its great." Drew laughed.
"It must be so hard being a single mother." Elliot smirked. "I can help with all that."

"I'm almost getting full now," Aly told him as she continued to eat her soup.
"Good, you can start on the toilets," Mia smirked before heading to grab the laundry basket.

"you should try to eat a little more." Drew said.
"Thanks." Elliot smirked before going to clean the bathrooms.

"I just don't have much of an appetite," Aly told him with a shrug.
Mia went and loaded the first load of clothes into the laundry room before going to vacuum in the living room.

"I know but you should try." Drew said softly.
Elliot finished the bathrooms and came out to dust the ceiling fans since he could reach them better than Mia.

Aly leaned forward to take a bite of her sandwich, "Happy?" She asked, she knew he meant well but she was already getting irritable with her symptoms and trying to put on a happy face for everyone.

Mia turned off the vacuum a moment to look at Elliot dusting, "Wow, my night in shining armor." She teased.

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