Chasing Life

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Mia finished rinsing off before grabbing two towels, one for her hair and one for her body.
Aly nodded, "Okay," She smiled, some guests coming up to the table to say hello and congratulate them.

Elliot dried off and went to their bedroom to change.
Drew came back and greeted the people at their table as the waiters started serving the food. "Maybe you shouldn't have champagne. The alcohol will make you more tired." he said as he sat down next to Aly.

Mia brushed through her wet hair before changing into something comfortable, once she was done with that she went to Leo's room to check on him.
"One glass isn't going to kill me," She said as she took a flute.

"I didn't say it would." Drew said. He knew she didn't want any cancer talk but he had to watch out for her.

Mia layed down with sleeping Leo, she was exhausted from her shift at work and her morning with Elliot.
"Andrew, it's our wedding day, I'm going to have a glass of champagne to celebrate," She told him.

Elliot walked by Leo's room and saw Mia laying with him. He smiled at his little family and walked over to them. "You want a nap too?" he teased her.
"I won't stop you." Drew said and got a glass for himself.

"Yes," Mia said softly, she was cuddlig with Leo.?
"Good," Aly said as she took a sip of her champagne, she smiled to more friends and family members that came up to them.

"I'll leave you alone if you want." Elliot said.
Drew smiled and chatted with their friends. He kept his eyes on Aly to make sure she was making it through okay.

"No, lay with us," Mia said with a yawn as she snuggled closer to Leo.
Aly reached down and held Andrew's hand as she talked with people. She was so happy to see people having a good time out on the dance floor as well.

Elliot layed down behind her and put his arm around her and Leo. "I could stay like this for a while."
"Would you like another dance?" Drew asked, hoping she was up for it.

"I could too," Mia mumbled as she started to drift off to sleep.
Aly nodded with a grin, she stood up and walked with him with the dance floor.

Drew put his arms around her as they danced to another slow song. "we can take a break from all this whenever you need to."

Aly nodded as she laid her head against his chest, "I don't want it to be over," She told him, once it was over that meant her treatments were starting and her cancer was real.

"We can keep dancing forever." Drew smiled at her.

"That sounds good to me," She said softly, not moving from his chest.

Drew held her and kissed her head as they danced.

Aly could've fallen asleep against his chest but there was still so much time to go at their reception.

Drew held her as she song ended. "You want to sit down or keep dancing?" He asked her.

Aly stood there for a moment, "I think I need to go home," She told him softly. She hated that she was going to have to leave their reception but she felt so weak.

"Then we'll go home." Drew said as he looked down at her. He didn't care about the reception if she wasn't feeling up to it.

"I'm sorry," Aly told him, she wasn't ready to leave but her body couldn't take anymore.

"Don't be." Drew assured her. "I'll go tell our parents so they can take over."

"Wait, I want to have my dance with my dad before we leave," She told him.

"I'll go get him." Drew told her.

Mia woke up snuggled between the two boys still, she smiled to herself, not wanting to move just yet.
Aly's dad came up to her and the band played a song for the two of them.

Elliot woke up and realized they forgot to give Leo his medicine. "Shit we overslept." he said and got up from the bed. "he needed his meds an hour it okay to give them to him now?"
Drew told his parents they were leaving and he watched Aly and her dad. He hoped to have that moment with his own daughter someday. He wished Aly was healthy enough for them to start a family.

Mia looked over at him, "Yeah, it's fine," She said, "Just make him a grilled cheese or something so he can have something on his stomach."
Aly finished dancing with her dad before hugging him tightly. She wanted to make an easy exit with andrew so the reception would continue for everyone else.

"I'll go make it." Elliot said before going to the kitchen to make Leo a sandwhich and get him his medicine.
Drew went to walk Aly off the dance floor. He figured she needed someone to hold onto. "How you feeling?"

Mia nodded as she looked back over at Leo who was still sound asleep. She smiled, not going to bother him until his lunch and medicine was ready.
"Exhausted," Aly said softly as she leaned into him.

Elliot came back with the food and medicine and sat next to Mia. "I hate to wake him."
"We'll go home and nap and binge on wedding cake." Drew teased.

"He slept all night and he's slept for the last two hours, it's fine," Mia said as she sat up, her stomach was growling. She was going to get up and make them some lunch.
"Okay," Aly said with a nod, she didn't know how much she could actually eat but it sounded like a good idea to her.

"He needs the rest though." Elliot said before gently waking Leo up.
Drew walked them outside without drawing much attention. He knew Aly didn't want to make a big deal about them leaving early.

"He's fine," Mia told him as she rolled out of Leo's bed to go make her and Elliot something to eat.
Aly grabbed his hand as they walked out to the car, "I'm sorry we had to leave army," She told him.

(I'll form for unorthodox later when I get home tonight)

(i'll probably wait for you to make the wifes form in the surrogate couple before i make the husbands form)

Leo was tired but took his meds and ate the sandwhich his dad gave him. Elliot went back downstairs to join Mia. "His chest is still sore..anything we can give him for that?"
"Don't be sorry. I married the most amazing woman on the planet today. Theres?nothing in that to be sorry for." Drew said as he smiled at?his bride.

"He can have some children's Advil, there's some in the medicine cabinet," Mia told him, "He didn't complain that it was itching, did he?"
Aly squeezed his hand as she looked up at him, "Yeah but we were only at our reception for like thirty minutes."

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