Chasing Life

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Mia nodded, "You deserve some time to yourself," She told him, "And so does Leo," She added with a smirk.

He popped a grape into his mouth. "Have some." He smiled at her after he finished chewing.

Karla nodded her head. "I've had one treatment. " She told him. "I feel no different....I mean in general...besides being a bit clumsy I don't even feel like I have a disease...yet." She looked away from him. She was talking too much. She did that sometimes when she was nervous. She looked back to him, smiling. "I'm Karla by the way."

Emily just gave him a smirk before grabbing a grape from his plate, "Delicious," She said with a chuckle after a moment.

"Nom nom nom." He chuckled as he continued to eat. "What are the afternoon plans for today?" He asked her.

"he wants to go on this school trip to the zoo but they leave early and don't get back til late. I'm afraid he'll have an emergency and I won't be there." He said, though he didn't want to keep him from the trip. 
"Simon." He smiled back at her. "and I know what you mean. I get tremors and I'm a little clumsy but I don't feel sick. But they say I'll eventually be near the point of dementia in a couple decades."

"Don't elementary schools usually have parents as volunteer chaperones?" Mia asked, "You could look into that."
- - - 
Emily shrugged, "I just have some laundry to do, but other than that I don't have anything planned," She said, leaning against the counter.

"I heard that if you smoke cigarettes you are less likely to get dementia. " She said. "So if you don't already you may want to pick up the habit." She joked.

"Laundry...sounds exciting enough." He grinned.

"Yeah, so how about I fold, and you put away?" Emily asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I'll have to look into that." He laughed. "My hands shake enough as it is though. Cigarettes will make that worse."

"Deal." He said moving his hand back in forth so he could aim a grape at her mouth.

A nurse came and called her name. She scribbled down her number on the front of a magazine and ripped it off, handing it to him. "It was nice to meet you Simon." She made the call me gesture, exaggerating it playfully.

Simon laughed and looked down at her number. He didn't want to lose it; she seemed funny and quirky and she was damn cute. He set his coffee down so he could get his phone and put her number in.

Karla ' s nerves hit her when she sat down on the bed. She had enjoyed conversating with Simon. She had almost forgotten about why she was there.

Emily laughed before opening her mouth, catching the grape. She have him a grin, "C'mon goob," She said before walking to the laundry room.

"They have all the people they need. I already asked about it." Elliot told her.

"They aren't willing to make an exception with his condition?" Mia asked, thinking that was a little ridiculous.

Chase followed her into the laundry room. "Do you want all of this on hangers? He asked pointing to some folded up clothes.

Emily shook her head, "If I want it hung up I won't fold it," She chuckled before taking the hamper of clean clothes up to their room to fold them.

"Hey...take it easy on me I don't know what your process is." He laughed following her.

Emily just shook her head as she emptied the hamper on the bed and sat down, folding their clothes.

"They suggested I let him sit this one out." Elliot explained. "They just don't want liability."

"That's not fair,"Mia shook her head, "He's not comtagious, he's not a problem, he doesn't need special assistance, they're just being annoying."

"Its likely we'll deal with this til he graduates." Elliot shrugged. He execpted that by now.

"That's bull sh.t," Mia said, "Excuse my language, but it is."

Elliot laughed at how blunt she was. He never heard her curse before. "No its okay. I agree."

((ive got to go to bed. ttyl!))

"What if I went?" Mia asked, she didn't know if that was too forward, "He should get to go on a field trip with his friends, and you could just say the doctor assigned me for liability reasons."

Chase put away the clothes that were already folded before helping her fold the others. "How to you think I'll look bald?" He asked.

Emily looked up at him, not wanting to think about that but she knew they couldn't get away from it, "I think you'll still look just as handsome," She told him with a smile.

"Really? " He grinned. "I think I'll buy wigs... channel my inner Nikki Minaj. " He joked.

Emily couldn't help but laugh, "Yeah, I'd like to see that happen," She teased him, continuing to fold.

"He'd probably love that." Elliot smiled. She had a really kind heart and he loved that about her. "I'd have to see if the schools okay with it."

"If you had a medical note they'd have to let it happen," Mia reminded him.

"And you don't mind giving up a Saturday to do all that?" Elliot asked, wanting to make sure she was really ok with it. "I don't want you to feel like you have to do this."

"No, it's totally fine," Mia told him, "I'd rather see him have a fun day with his classmates than do anything else."

"I'll do it." He said. "I'm already going to get the looks might as well make people laugh while I'm at it."

"Just promise you won't wear something that makes you look like a washed up rock star or a pedophile," Emily told him with a chuckle.

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