Chasing Life

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"Adults can be nice too. Am I nice?" He asked with a smirk.

"Yes, you're one of the few," Mia chuckled, "You can trust us to do our jobs with your child, and you know that we want the best for him as well. But, some parents like to tell us how to do our jobs and like to think we're out to get their children." 

"I was a little bit like that when Leo was a baby..after losing his mother, I didn't trust the doctors." Elliot pointed out.

MIa nodded, "I know that must've been the hardest thing you had to do," She told him. 

"I got over it fast. I had to if I wanted Leo to live. He had his first operation at 2 weeks old." Elliot noted.

Mia nodded, although she didn't believe that he got over it as quickly as he stated, "Well, Leo is such a fighter." 

"He is. I don't know where he gets it from." Elliot said and sipped some water again.

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"You're stronger than you believe Elliot," Mia said, "I've known you and Leo for five years and I can tell exactly where he gets it from." 

Karla sat down in the only empty seat in the waiting room. She gave a small smile the man in the seat next to her. "To think I feel like I'm the only sick person in the world most of the time. This hospital is a busy place." She said.

Chase slept for quite some time. When he woke up he made his way downstairs. "Emily?" He called out, thinking maybe she had left the house for awhile.

"I'm in the kitchen!" Emily called back, she had cleaned the whole thing, even rearranging the pantry, cabinets, and refrigerator. She tended to organize when she was restless or nervous.

"Wow...cleaned the whole kitchen." He noted as he walked to the fridge to grab him a drink. "Even the long was I asleep for?" He chuckled.

Two and a half hours," Emily told him as she finished washing the dishes and drying them.

"That was a super nap." He laughed, walking over to her. "Want me to finish that? "

"It's already done," Emily told him before quickly kissing his lips, "Did you enjoy your super nap?" She asked.

"I did...I feel very much refreshed and I have an appetite that's out of this world." He said.

Emily smiled, "I can make you something if you want," She told him.

"Well to be fair, most people are here over drunken bar fight injuries." Simon teased and tightened his grip on his coffee so he wouldn't spill it.

"I would love something." Chase smiled. He sat down at the bar.

Karla chuckled, "You don't look like the brawler type...what are you here for? " She asked him. She noticed the shake in his hands but she didn't know what that was associated with.

"A lobotomy." Simon teased and let out a chuckle. "No, I've got Parkinson's. Its a degenerative disorder."

"I've got a degenerative disorder too...multiple sclerosis. " She told him.

"I'm sorry to hear that." Simon said honestly. It sucked not being normal. "You here for treatments or something?"

"Alright," Emily smiled, "What would you like?" She asked as she leaned over the counter to look at him. 
- - -
"You're stronger than you believe Elliot," Mia said, "I've known you and Leo for five years and I can tell exactly where he gets it from." 

Elliot was happy to hear all that she said. It made him feel like he was doing the right thing wth Leo. "Thank you. That means a lot to me."

"You're welcome," MIa smiled to him before the waitor came up for their order, "Oh my gosh, I forgot we hadn't even ordered yet," She chuckled, quickly scanning the menu to tell him the order, "I'll have the chicken parmesean, please." 

"They must have a busy night." Elliot noted after the waiter left.

((they did order, remember cause Elliot said something about the waiter checking out Mia?))

(Oh yeah! Haha, sorry! We can just say he brought the food out) 
Mia nodded, "But this looks delicious," She said with a smile. 

"Yes... it's more of a trial and error type thing...they don't know if the treatments will actually work." She told him.

"Something simple." He said. "Do we have any cheese? I seen grapes in there. "

Emily chuckled, "You want cheese and grapes?" She asked him with a raised eyebrow as she went over to the refridgerator. 

"Yeah." He laughed. "I've got to watch my figure now." He said. He honestly wasn't sure if he would be able to stomach much of anything.

"If they haven't changed in the last few years, the food should taste great too." Elliot told her.
"They're always trying out new stuff." Simon noted. "Have you tried it yet?"

"I'm sure it is," Mia smiled, before taking a bite of her dinner, "It is," She said, it tasted great. 
- - - 
Emily chuckled, "Okay, whatever you say," She said, grabbing a plate for him. She cut up some cheese and washed some grapes before placing them on the plate and setting it infront of him. 

Elliot started eating and nodded in agreement. "Yeah its delicious."

MIa continued to eat her dinner, she hadn't had something this good in awhile. 

"I almost feel guilty going out without Leo. I'll have to bring some back to him." Elliot noted.

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