Chasing Life

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Mia smiled at him once more before looking back at the menu, she believed that she had finally decided.

He chuckled as he wrapped his arm around her. His throat was stinging from all the coughing, he was hoping he would be able to relax enough to fall back to sleep.

Emily smiled at him before kissing him quickly, she wanted him to get some rest, he really needed it. 

The waiter came and got their orders and Elliot noticed he seemed to be checking Mia out. "I think you have a fan." he teased once he left.

Mia looked up with a confused look, "A fan?" She chuckled, "What makes you say that?" She asked.

to bamf-

Simon sat in the waiting room of the hospital to go over the pros and cons of possible brain surgery. He really didn't like the idea but he wanted to go over every option to deal with his disease. He had to hold his coffee with both hands so his tremors wouldn't cause him to spill hot coffee all over himself.

"the way he was staring at you. Its like how Leo stares at cheeseburger he's not allowed to have." Elliot teased.

She couldn't help but laugh a bit, "Really? I didn't notice," Mia said, honestly she never noticed it, she hadn't had a boyfriend since she was 25; work just seemed to consume her life. 

"I bet you get hit on a lot more than you realize." Elliot pointed out.

Mia shrugged, "I probably do," She chuckled, "I was never a girl with a boyfriend or anything in high school and I guess it just stuck that way," She said. 

"Did you not want relationships?" Elliot asked curiously. He was surprised she agreed to go out with him.

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"No, it wasn't that," Mia told him, "I was just so focused on school, I was a really big nerd." She said.

"Well it payed off. You're a great nurse." He pointed out. 

"Thank you, I do try," Mia told him with a smile.
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"How long have you been working at the hospital?" Elliot asked, realizing he didn't know much about her.

"I got a job right out of college," Mia told him, "I've had chances tI move units, but I like where I am."

"You ever want to be a doctor?" Elliot asked and sipped his water.

"No, I would have had countless amounts of debt and years of school left," Mia said, taking a sip of water, "Nursing was just enough for me," She smiled, "But what about you?" She asked, wanting to focus on him now, "What do you do?" 

"I'm an editor. I work from home now so I can be with Leo when hes not at school." Elliot explained. He hadn't planned on working at home but it was just the way things turned out.

"An editor?" Mia asked, intrigued, "Like books, or papers, or what?" She asked.

Chase eventually fell asleep. His throat didn't sting for too long.

"Books." Elliot told her. "My wife was a writer..thats actually how I met her."

Emily kissed Chase's forehead before slowly getting out of bed, she had a few things to do around the house. 
- - - 
Mia nodded, "Is that why Leo likes reading story books so much?" She asked, he always brought two or three books to his appointments. 

"Yeah..his mother wrote him one while she was pregnant with him. She used to write dramas but she started writing childrens books as s sutble way of hinting she wanted to start having kids." Elliot laughed at the memory.

"That's pretty cute actually," Mia smiled, "I'm guessing you finally got the hint," She chuckled. 

"Isn't Leo prood of that?" Elliot pointed out with a laugh,

"Yeah, I guess he is," Mia teased with a laugh as well. 

"What about you? Do you want kids someday?" Elliot asked. She would make a good mom.

Mia nodded, "Yeah, if I met the right guy and settled down, then one day." She said. 

"You ever get tired of being around kids all day?" He asked.

MIa shook her head, "Not really, I mean sometimes I want to talk to people my own age not in medical terms," She chuckled, "But kids are fun to work with, they're precious and so innocent, and a lot nicer than anyone else I come in contact." 

"I'll tell Leo to be more rude so you'll feel like you're with an adult." Elliot teased.

MIa shook her head, "Now, there's no need to be doing that," She told him with a smirk. 

"Why not? You'll feel more like an adult." Elliot teased.

"If you didn't catch it before, I like being around kids becasue they're nice," Mia told him with another chuckle. 

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