Chasing Life

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"Leo actually put me up to this a few days ago." Elliot laughed and took the paper from her.

"Is he going to come or is it just going to be me and you?" Mia asked with a raised eye brow, she loved Leo, but she would like a little time to get to know Elliot better.

"Just us two..unless you'd prefer he go with us?" Elliot asked. He didn't want to make her uncomfortable.

"No, I'd love to go and get to know you, on a more age appropriate level," Mia chuckled, "I don't know about you, but sometimes I need a little break from coloring books and Disney movies."

"I feel the same." Elliot laughed. "I need a conversation where I don't have to spell out bad words."

"Well, I'm looking forward to it," Mia smiled, "But, like I said earlier, I'll be back in an hour to check on him."

"I'll see you soon then." Elliot smiled and went back to his seat by Leo.

Mia nodded before heading out to check on other patients. She finally took her lunch break before heading back to check on Leo. "Everything is looking normal," She said as she checked off her her clip board.

"Thats a relief." Elliot smiled and ran his hand over Leo's hair as he slept. "So now we just keep him on his meds and wait for a heart?"

(What if the beeper for his new heart went off on their date?) 
Mia nodded with a smile, "Yep," She said, looking at her watch, "I get off soon, but I'll be in tomorrow to help out with his checkout."

((aww yes!))

"Thats good. I know he'll want to say goodbye before he leaves." Elliot told her.

"I wouldn't miss it," She chuckled, "But you have a good rest of your day, relax, please," She told him, "Nurse's orders."

"I'll try to abide by that." Elliot laughed. He knew that would be hard to do but he'd try to relax.

((i gotta get to bed.ttyl!))

Mia headed out and clocked out to go home. Her dog greeted her at the door of her apartment and she took him for a walk since he'd been inside for 12 hours.

Theo sipped on the coffee and nodded. " You doing okay though?" He asked. He really hated seeing all the sick people, it just reminded him of Noah.

"Yeah I'm alright." Daphne shrugged. "This is my reality. I'll probably be back in a few weeks after another cold."

"Jjesus, well You know I'll probably still be here." Theo laughed softly. " I'm starting to get used to this place."

"If you ever got to be a patient, you'd really get used to it." Daphne teased.

"I have eatten enough dirt throughout my childhood I never get sick.: He teased, even if he did get sick he never really did anything to hel himself.

"Well maybe I should eat dirt and I'll be all better." Daphne smirked.

"Well you know I am not a doctor but I think it wil work wonders." Theo laughed and shook his head. " I btter get back to the room before Noah wakes up."

"I hope he gets better soon." Daphne said honestly. No one deserved be stuck in a hospital bed.

Mia looked at herself once more in the mirror once she heard the knock at the door. She smiled when she saw Elliot, "hello," She said.

" look great." Elliot smiled after discretly eyeing her up and down.

"Thank you," Mia smiled, "But I'm sure anything looks great on me besides scrubs," She chuckled as she head out the door with him.

"I'm sure anything would look good on you in general." Elliot said and hoped that wasn't too forward.

Mia was actually surprised by how forward he was, but she didn't mind it. She smiled, "So where's Leo tonight? Is he feeling better?" She asked.

"He's with his babysitter. We don't get to use her much so I'm sure she's happy to finally make some money." He laughed and opened the door for her once he got to his car.

Mia thanked him with a smile as she got in the car before she buckled up, "Does he know that you're with me?" She asked him.

"Yeah. He told me if I really wanted to impress you I needed to take you somewhere where they serve Mac and cheese." He informed her and started the car. 

((When u had the idea about the beeper, were u thinking that it goes off so it interrupts their date or that it's with Leo and it goes off while they r out so he misses his chance at a new heart?))

(Well I was thinking last night. That if he gets a new heart now would it be too soon? The whole RP is about people in a hospital - but if we wanna keep the idea then we could say it goes off at the end of their date?)

Mia couldn't help but chuckle, "Oh, is that how he gets all of his ladies?" She said.

((i think maybe it is too soon.))

"All the girls in kindergarten are crazy about him." Elliot teased and headed to the restaurant.

"Oh I'm sure, he's such a charmer," Mia told him with a smirk, "So where are we headed off to?" She asked.

"I just told you- some place where we can have mac and cheese." Elliot teased her. "Its a surprise."

"Oh, okay," Mia laughed, she was excited that he was surprising her.

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