Chasing Life

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"You'll get a new heart soon." Elliot said simply before changing the subject. It was still hard to deal with talking about his wife even after so long. "So Mia, anything new with you?"

Mia just shrugged, "Just the same old stuff," She told him with a chuckle, "Go to work, walk my dog, go to bed, repeat," Sne said.

"I love you too." He told her. The reality of the situation hadn't hit him yet, he hadn't given it much thought it was like some out of body experience for him.

 "What kind of dog do you have?" Leo asked. He wanted a puppy but Elliot wouldn't let him have one yet; they spent so much time at doctors appointments they wouldn't have time for a dog. 

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Emily smiled, kissing his lips quickly before heading to their room. She wanted to nap so she could spend time with him and try to get her mind off all of this. 
- - -
"I have a golden retriever named Riley," Mia told him with a smile, "He's bigger than you are," She said with a chuckle. 

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"He's really big then." Leo laughed. "Daddy says I get bigger every day."

"I know, and pretty soon you won't be so little anymore," She said, tickling his sides once more.

"I'm not little." Leo laughed as she tickled her.

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"Oh, I am so sorry," Mia said, "You're a handsome, big boy," She said with a smile.

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"Thank you. Daddy says you are a pretty lady." Leo said, which made Elliot give a nervous laugh.

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Mia just smiled, she thought Elliot was attractive as well. But she knew nothing would ever come up and she reall didn't ever think about it, "Thank you," She said, really to both of them.

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"He said you were pretty first." Elliot told her, keeping his pride from shame.

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Mia laughed, "Well thank you still," She said, looking at the time, "I need to go do my rounds but I'll be back to check on ya later."

"promise?" Leo asked as he looked up at her.

"Of course," Mia smiled, "I'll see ya later," She said before heading back out to the nurses station to grab her clip board.
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Elliot was more nervous than ever but he hid it from Leo. He didn't want to make him scared. "Can I take my gameboy into surgery?"
"No. You'll be asleep. Just like all the other times." Elliot reminded him. "Is it going to hurt again?" Leo asked sadly. The recovery time wasn't exactly pain-free. "If it does, Mia will give you medicine to make it feel all better." he assured his son.

Mia came in with another nurse to prep Leo for surgery, "You ready bud?" She asked, helping him get on the gernie to take into the operating room.

"I guess." Leo said, not really wanting to have surgery.
"I'll be right here when you wake up and we can have ice cream." Elliot gave him a smile and hid how scared he was for him.

"Woah, ice cream, now that's a treat," Mia said, giving giving him a smile, "Your dad's gonna be right outside and I'm going to be in there with you and Dr. Osborne," She reassured him, "So tell dad you love him and we'll be right back." She said with a smile towards Elliot, she knew he was freaking out.

"I love you daddy." Leo said with tears in his eyes. He was scared and he wanted to go home. "I love you too. It'll be over soon and you'll be okay. I promise." he said and gave him a kiss on his forehead. He looked back up to Mia. "take care of him for me?"

"Of course," Mia told him with a reassuring nod. She held Leo's hand as they wheeled him down the hall to the OR. Three hours later, the surgery was complete and was successful, she went to find Elliot so he could be there when Leo woke up.

Elliot was sitting in the waiting room with his head down and his foot tapping the cold tile. He was so nervous something would go wrong. He couldn't handle losing Leo.

Mia came out and found Elliot, "Hey, he's all done," She smiled, "It went really well and he should be waking up any minute."

Elliot sighed in relief stood up. "Thank you. Can I see him now?"

"Yes, of course," Mia told him before walking him back to Leo's room, "I'll be right down the hall if you need anything," She said.

"You've helped us a lot..I hope you know that." Elliot told her. He was grateful to have someone who could make this easier on both him and Leo.

Mia smiled, "It's my job," She told him before heading to the nurses station once she saw that Leo was starting to stir. It was her job, but she knew she had an extra special bond with that family.

Elliot stayed with Leo as he woke up. He was still a bit loopy but he was so happy to see that he was okay, he didn't care if he was only half conscience.

Mia stopped by on her way to another patient's room, "Here's some ice chips for him," She whispered, hanging yhe cup to Elliot.

"Thank you." Elliot took the cup and set it by his bed. "I think he'll be out for the night."

Mia nodded, looking at Leo, "I'll be back to check his vitals in about an hour, but flag me down if you need anything," She told him.

"There is one thing actually." Elliot said and stood up from his chair. He felt the slightest bit brave after seeing Leo make it through another surgery. "Can I take you to dinner sometime, to say thank you for everything?"

Mia thought about it for a moment, not sure if that was appropriate. But she didn't think she had anything to lose from it, "Sure, I'm off this Wednesday night," She said with a smile.

"I'll pick you up at 7?" Elliot suggested. He was glad she actually accepted.

"Okay," Mia said with a nervous chuckle, she grabbed a piece of paper, "Here's my address," She said as she wrote it down and gave it too himZ

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