Chasing Life

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(I don't know why I said Elizabeth haha)
Emily nodded, "Yeah, definitely a day," She said with a light chuckle, taking a sip of her coffee. She knew he was trying to stay positive about the whole situation but it was a little harder for her and she didn't know why. She felt guilty about that but she also hated that someone so sweet and compassionate had to be going through this.

"But I have no friends or family that are worried because they haven't heard from me?" Jane pointed out. She leaned her head back and looked at the cracks in the ceiling. "Maybe they're glad I'm gone."
Daphne was feeling a bit better after her second day in the hospital. They had her on a bunch of medicines to clear up her lung infection and it had been working okay so far. She pulled her tank behind her as she went to the cafeteria to get something to eat.

"We should take a nap... I think we have a legitimate excuse for naps any time we want them now." He smiled at her.

Matthew looked at her, "I don't think that's true," He said, but he wasn't one to talk. He was the one that went to check on his brain dead brother everyday in his room after he finished her rounds. 
- - - 
Mia came back about an hour later, she knocked on the door quickly, "Dinner's here," She said with a smile. She brought a tray full of heart healthy foods for him, "I even found some pudding," She grinned, "Sugar free of course," She whispered to Elliot. 
- - - 
Emily smiled, placing her hand on his knee, "Let's nap then," She said with a chuckle. She stood up, placing her mug on the coffee table, she looked back at him to take his hand. 

"Its the only thing I can think of that explains it." Jane pointed out. "No one misses me or notices that I'm gone."
"Don't tell him that." Elliot whispered back jokingly. "Can I have the pudding first?" Leo asked with enthusiasm. "Sure. But that means your dinner will actually be your dessert." Elliot teased.

He pinched her butt as they walked to the bedroom, "It's unlimited open for business any time that I want it now that I have cancer right?" He teased.

Theo dug around in his pockets for some loose change for his coffee. He didn't want to go back to the room for his wallet. He swore slightly when he saw the line behind him. 

Daphne felt bad for the guy infront of her. There was never a good reason to be at a hospital or sinking to eating hospital cafeteria food. "Excuse me." she cut infront of him and handed the lady her food card. "This is for his coffee."

"You don't have to I can go back to my room." Theo sad rubbing his neck embarrassedly.

"Its okay. Its already paid for." Daphne told him. "Don't worry about it..I don't think you're here for the fun of the hospital and I have a patient food card so its okay."

Theo grinned softy. " why who doesn't love hospital food? So great to eat this shit the last two weeks."

"Try living half your life on it." Daphne teased and cleared her throat when her voice got raspy, though it didn't help much. "You don't look sick..are you visiting someone?"

"My roommate is sick, I've been staying here the past week.  He's got some shitty lungs which I'm assuming you know about." He said motioning to her tank.

"Yeah, I know all about that." Daphne laughed. "I'm sorry about your friend."

"Used to it by now, been dealing with his dramatics for years." Theo laughed softly. "Thanks for the coffee, I needed it."

"You're welcome. I get free food so its really not a big deal." Daphe said and adjusted her tank.

"So you are here often then?" He asked not sure if it was okay to ask or not,

"Yeah..I practically live here." Daphne nodded. "I got a cold so I had to come back."

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Matthew looked at her, letting out a sigh, "I honestly don't know what to say," He said, "I'm just a resident trying to get my degree," He said with a pathetic chuckle. He paused, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that."
- - -
Mia laughed, "Why don't you save the best for last?" She asked as she watched Leo look at the tray of food, "If you want to head down to the cafeteria, I can sit with him while he eats," She told him.
- - - 
Emily gave him a look, "Babe, don't talk like that, please," She said softly, hanging her head.

He stopped and pulled her around into a hug. "I'm only joking hun...everything is going to be fine." He lifted her chin up and kissed her softly.

Emily wrapped her arms around his waist, nodding, "I'm still just trying to process this," She shook her head, "I love you," She told him.

"Its okay. Its nice to have someone be honest with me for once. The other doctors tip toe around everything." Jane pointed out. It was refreshing to have a normal conversation.
"Its okay, I'm not hungry." Elliot told her. When he got nervous for Leo, he didn't have an appetite.

Matthew nodded, looking at the time, he needed to go see his brother, "Well, you can always flag me down in the halls if you ever need to talk," He told her, "But I have to go now, I'm sorry." He said.
- - - 
"You sure?" Mia asked with a raised eyebrow, she waited a moment, "Well if you do get hungry, you know where I'll be," She said with a smile, "Enjoy Leo." 

"Thanks." Jane said and grabbed the tv remote. She didn't have much else to do while stuck in the hospital.
"Wait. You said you'd watch Nemo with me." Leo reminded her. "She's got work to do Le." Elliot told him and hoped he wouldn't get upset. "But you said you would." Leo reminded her again.

Matthew headed out and turned in his paperwork. He then headed down to his brother's room, going to check on him.
- - -
Mia nodded, "That's right, but you have to promise to eat all of your dinner," She said, "Well scoot over munchkin and we can watch it," She grinned, putting the movie in and sitting in the bed next to him.

Leo smiled and moved over to let her sit. "You know I'm 5 now?" he asked proudly.
"Shes your nurse, she knows everything about you." Elliot teased and sat down in a chair by the bed.

"Yes, you turn 6 in November," Mia said, getting confortable, "Your favorite color is still green right?" She asked, this is why she loved her job so much.

"Yup! And my favorite shape is a heart. Daddy says if I wish enough, I'll get a new one." Leo told her casually. He didn't understand how serious his condition was and it pained Elliot to think about it.

Mia looked over at Elliot with a soft smile before looking back at Leo, "That's right, and that wish just may come true tomorrow," She told him with a grin.

"Am I getting a new heart tomorrow?" Leo asked curiously and looked between his dad and Mia. "You could get a new heart any minute." Elliot said with a pained smile. It was frustrating waiting for a new heart, and at the same time, that meant that somebody else had to die. "Tomorrow you're getting an operation to regulate your heart beats."

Mia nodded, "Yep, tomorrow they're just going to make your heart feel better, but hopefully you'll get your new heart soon," She told him, he deserved it and so did his dad.

"You know I used to have a mommy? Her heart was bad like mine so now shes in Heaven." Leo told her. Elliot stayed quiet and looked away. It was hard enough dealing with Leo and it hurt even more to think of losing him like he lost his wife.

Mia nodded, he was so smart and so genuine for his age, "You know I bet she's smiling down at you from Heaven because she knows you're going to get better," She grinned, tickling him slightly.

Leo laughed at her tickling him before answering her. "I don't know..but if my heart doesn't get fixed then I'll get to meet her soon right?" he always wanted to know his mother.

What he said really caught her off guard, she really didn't know what to say. She looked over at Elliot before back at Leo, "Yeah, but only if it doesn't get fixed, but it is buddy."

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