Chasing Life

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                                                                          Chasing Life; RPG   

At Simmons Memorial Hospital there are a wide variety of patients with different backgrounds, stories and reasons why they are there. But for the people who walk in and out of the doors everyday, they are all fighting some sort of battle. Sometimes it's an illness or sometimes it's their loved one who is fighting. This is an RPG about the strong people who put up these fights everyday. 

Character form: 
Name, age:
Illness (if applicable):


Emily McMurray, 30
Emily is an outgoing, friendly, and bubbly Southern Belle. She comes from old Southern money and she grew up in the particular stereotype. She comes from a big family, competed in pageants and met her new husband in college at the fraternity mixer her sorority threw. They've been in love ever since. She's works for the mayor's office and they both lead the magical and whimsical life. Everything had perfect for them but it all came crashing down recently. Emily's husband has just been diagnosed with cancer. It's taken a toll on her and she is trying to remain strong for him. Right now he can still do everything he wants to do but they both know sooner than later the sickness is going to take over. She goes to every doctor's visit with him and she plans on staying his biggest supporter through this whole thing. 

Matthew Evans, 27
Matthew is in his final year of residency at Simmons Memorial. He worked hard all through college and medical school to become the best doctor he can be. He wants to make his family proud. He could have gone anywhere to do his residency though- but he chose this specific hospital because his older brother is here. The two were always so close growing up. Michael was his mentor and his best friend. The two were always inseperable growing up. But a year ago Michael got in a terrible car accident and has been in a coma ever since. That's why Matthew works here - so he can take care of the guy who always took care of him growing up. (He could use a love interest) 

Love the idea!

Karla Dillard. 25. Multiple Sclerosis.
Karla was diagnosed with MS three months ago and it has changed her life dramatically. She is a recent college graduate and an intern at her local news station. Karla is finding it really hard to accept this into the prime of her life and has become an emotional mess. She quit her internship because she has been in and out of the hospital on a regular basis and she can't seem to balance it all out. She has been going to the hospital to get these new treatments that are still in the trial stages.

Daphne Pierce. 17.
Daphne was born with cystic fibrosis. She's been in and out of hospitals forever and is waiting for a lung transplant. She uses an oxygen tank on a day to day basis but if she could go without it without dying, she'd do it. She doesn't have a lot of friends because no one wants their social life to be held down by the sick girl. She gets bullied but no one stands up for her. She's back in the hospital now because she caught a cold, which led to another lung infection.

Noah Lane, 22
Severe  Pneumonia
Noah has never been a heathy kid, always way too thin, way too pale and way too mouthy for his own good. He was the only child of a single mom who works hard to keep a rough over his head. He spent alot of time by himself until he met his best friend Theo who lived a floor above him. They became attached at the hip. Noah and Theo moved in together once they both graduated and Noah wats to be an artist. He spends most of his time in the apartment drawing, he is akward around anyone but his best friend, this makes it hard to date anyone. He has just been admitted to the hospital after Theo found him passed out on the foor in the living room. He hasnt been this sick in awhile, he cant move a few steps without losing his breath.

Theo Asher, 26
Theo is in the hospital to watch over Noah. He has been doing it since he was 16 and some asshole tried to steal the kids bike. He isn't a great guy, he doesn't have too much going for him, he works for shit pay at a factory and has a few habits that are not really good for his heath but he is a good guy under all of that. He is not leaveing the hospital until Noah is better though.

Bump! We need more characters!

Elliot Sawyer
Elliot has been in the hospital more times than he'd like to be. His wife had a heart condition that required multiple surgeries. Their son Leo was born with the same condition. They are in the hospital now Leo is about to have another surgery on his heart. Elliot just hopes his son pulls through better than his wife; having the baby put too much stress on her heart and she went in for yet another operation just weeks after Leo was born. She didn't make it out. Her disease killed her and Elliots been greiving ever since. He hasn't taken his wedding ring off for the last 5 years. He's overly protective of Leo and doesn't let him rough house and he can only eat heart-healthy foods. He doesn't know what he'd do if he lost him too.

Jane Doe
age unknown
Jane has no idea who she is. She was robbed at gunpoint and shot in the head but miraculously survived. As amazing as her survival was, the bullet did a lot of damage to the part of her brain that stores her memory. The mugger stole everything on her, including her ID, credit cards, checks- anything with her name on it. She has no memory of who she is, where she lived, what her job was, if she had family. She even forgets little things sometimes throughout the day. She's staying at the hospital while trying to get  her memory back. She's trying to rebuild her life as best she can but thats hard to do with no memory and living in hospital.

((if someone wanted to do "the vow" type storyline, i wouldnt be opposed.))

1 or 2 more nurses or doctors (I plan on making a nurse)
A (The Vow type) love interest for Jane Doe- Chchcherrybomb
A love interest (preferably another resident or nurse) for Matthew- sunshinee
Mr. McMurray, the cancer patient (husband to Emily)-sunshinee
A love interest for Karla- )bamf(

Chase McMurray. 32. Recently diagnosed with lung cancer.

Chase has always been a goofy, charming guy. He is always making people laugh and never meets a stranger. As much as a goof he still takes most things seriously. He is a hard worker and enjoys his job as an accountant. He also cherishes his relationship with his college sweetheart/wife Emily. When he was diagnosed with lung cancer it came to a shock to him. Being in the prime of his life and never smoking but a few cigarettes here and there. Thankfully they have caught it early enough to start treatment that may cure it.
As much as he tries to make light of the situation he is terrified. He is concerned more about the effect this will have on his marriage more than anything.

Janes love interest doesnt have to be 'the vow' style, it was just an idea. =P

Daphne and Elliot could use love interests too =]

I was planning on making a nurse for Elliot's love interest!

oh perfect!


Add anymore characters if needed (we really need love interests now!) I want to get this started soon!

Chchcherrybomb- my computer has been down all week! I'm hopefully getting it fixed, so if this starts before then I'll form up for you somehow! 

Simon O'Grady
Simon has Parkinson's disease. He was diagnosed 3 years ago and has managed to cope but now hes starting to progess. He's at the hospital for some treatments, trying out new drugs and considering brain surgery. He's an optometrist and has a nice business and he just wants to live a normal life. He doesn't want to do a high risk surgery but he doesn't want to disintegrate either. His symptoms aren't too bad now but at the rate he's going, he knows he only has a few normal years left.

Mia Thomas, 30
Nurse at Simmons Memorial
Mia has lost a lot in her life, she grew up with just her mother and sister. Her mom had to work two jobs just to keep the electricity on. They moved a lot, apartment to apartment, never staying one place too long. Her mom died when she was sixteen, leaving her in her big sister's care. She's never had stability in her life and that's just something she's gotten used to. She worked her way though college, graduating from nursing school. She got a job at the hospital as a pediatric nurse right after graduation and hasn't left. She loves her job and it's the only stable thing she's ever had in her life. Her big sister is her best friend and so are her littlest patients. 

i forgot to mention I figured Simon could be a love interest for Karla.


Elizabeth made herself and Chase a cup of coffee and brought it out into the living room. It had been a hard morning of doctor's visits and she just wanted him to relax. "Here you go sweetheart," She said, handing him his mug before sitting down beside him, "2 sugars and 1 cream," She said with a smile.
- - - 
Matthew sat in the breakroom, drinking his 6th cup of coffee for the day. He'd been in for 14 hours now and it was already 2 o'clock in the afternoon. He took a deep breath before going to finish up his rounds. He wanted to hurry so he could go stop by Michael's room. He picked up his clipboard, seeing that Jane Doe was on his last today. He knocked lightly on her door, "Hey there," He greeted, "How are you today."
- - -
Mia was sitting at the nurses station finishing up some paperwork for a patient. A little girl was getting to go home today after having phnumonia for two weeks. She was always happy to see the kiddos she got to help feel better.

Jane turned from the window when Matthew came in and gave a shrug. "I'm okay." she said and put her hands in the pocket of her robe. "I like watching the birds outside..maybe I liked the outdoors in my past life." she teased and walked over to sit on her hospital bed. She had no memory of who she was or what she liked before all this.
Elliot walked into the pediatric ward with Leo, who happily ran up to the nurses station to greet his favorite nurse. "Hi Mia!" he smiled his toothy 5 year old grin.

Matthew nodded, looking at his clipboard, then back at her, "We're ready to release you," He said, "Everything has healed properly and in good timing, we just don't know where you're supposed to go," He told her honestly. 
- - - 
Mia grinned when she heard a familiar voice. She leaned over the top to see Leo, "Hi buddy!" She said standing up. She walked to where the boy was standing, "And how are you doing today?" She asked him, giving a smile up to his dad before looking back at him. 

"So are you kicking me out or can I stay here until I figure something out?" Jane asked, unsure of where she was supposed to go. She didn't know what job skills she had so she didn't know what she could do for a living.
"I'm good- my hearts getting better tomorrow." Leo said proudly. He thought once he got this last surgery, he could start being a normal kid.
"His surgery is in the morning. The doctor said to get him checked in today?" Elliot said, hoping she already knew this. It was a routine for them by now.

"No, we're not kicking you out," Matthew told her, "We're just going to be sending in more psychiatric doctors, just to try to jog your memory a little more," He said, "We want to see if there's just a few things left such as skills or something." He told her. 
- - - 
Mia nodded, "Of course," She said, standing up, "And yes your heart is going to feel so much better after tomorrow," She told him matter of factly. She went back behind the desk once more to start his check in process. She looked up at Elliot, "So, how are you?" She asked him with a raised eyebrow. She's worked on this floor for so long - knowing this family since Leo was just a baby. She knew how nervous Elliot was. 

"I'm a complete blank slate..I don't think they're going to find anything." Jane pointed out. She felt like she'd never
"I'm doing okay." Elliot said casually. He was worried about Leo but he learned how to keep himself level headed each time Leo had an operation. "How are you?"

"Well, the investigators from your case have been looking into missing persons reports - trying to narrow that down." Matthew told her, "They've also looked into the apartment complexes around the spot the paramedics picked you up." 
- - - 
"Same with me," Mia said, "Just another day at the office," She said with a chuckle. She printed out Leo's charts, attaching them to a clip board, "If you boys would follow me, I can get you set up in your room for the night," She told them, taking Leo's hand. 

"They've been doing that for weeks. Whoever I was before, no one seems to notice I'm gone." Jane said, feeling like she was totally invisible.
"Can we have ice cream?" Leo asked as he tugged on her hand.
"No. We'll have ice cream later." Elliot told him. Leo knew how to play the cute card with the nurses to get what he wanted but Elliot caught him every time.

"We're trying our best to help you," Matthew told her, trying to be sympathetic, he hadn't slept in twenty-four hours. 
- - - 
Mia smirked, "Maybe later," She told him, "You need to get settled in your room and get dinner from the cafeteria first, but what if I come by and we can put in your favorite movie?" She asked him with a grin as they got down to his room. 

"I do appreciate it..its just really hard to deal with all this." Jane said honestly. "You've been really nice. I know its just your job but you doctors are the only people I know so I kind of think of you as my friend."
"Nemo?" Leo asked excitedly as he hopped onto his bed. He knew the routine here. He got his gameboy from his pocket and started his new game.

Matthew let out a deep breath, "Okay, let's sit down and talk about it," He told her, that was one thing he was good at, getting to know his patients from more than just their diagnosis, "Tell me everything you're feeling and thinking," He told her, taking a seat. 
- - - 
Mia grinned, "Of course," She told him, watching him as he got in to bed. "I'm here for the night, so let me know if you need anything," She told Elliot before heading back to her nurses station. 

"I don't know..I feel like I'm totally lost." Jane said bluntly. "I don't know who I am and whats worse is that theres not one person in the world who seems to miss me."
"Thanks Mia." Elliot said with a kind smile. She was always the best nurse with Leo.

((i have to get to bed. goodnight!))

"Do you ever think that maybe you're not from here?" Matthew asked her, "That maybe you had just moved to the area before the incident so you don't really know anyone?" He said, it was just something to think about. 
- - - 
Mia smiled before heading back to the station. She grabbed her clip board and started her rounds. 

Theo had his feet up on the bed as he listened to Noah's raspy breathing. It was shallow and raspy but it did sound better then when he found Noah aa few days ago passed out in the kitchen his lips almost blue. He is always sick but he really hasnt bee this sick in a few monthes, So they are back in the same room as last time but atleast now no one is trying to make him leave and calling the cops when he threatened a nurse to leave him the fuck alone. He needed coffee and since Noah hasnt really moved for the past ten mintues he should be saafe to get some coffee. He slipped on his boots and snuck out of the room to go to get some shitty coffee.

Chase took a sip from his mug, "Um. Perfect." He gave her a grin, taking her hand in his own and giving it a squeeze. "What a day huh?" He chuckled. Chase always made light of things that concerned him. He didn't like the way Elizabeth was looking at him, he didn't want her upset.

Karla was on her way to the hospital, this would make her 4th treatment and besides a bit of shakiness in her hands she didn't feel anything different. She was still fatigued and her balance was off.

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