The Saints.

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"Sure, sure I belive you." Sam grinnedover at his friend.
Draven came out in tight jeans and a teeshirt that felt like it probably cost more than most people ever spend on teeshirts, plus it smelled like Eko. " So do I look acceptable to go to a whore house?"

Eko looked him over lazily a heated gleam in his eye,"yeah, kid. You look perfect."he smirked. 

"Thanks boss." He said with a grin as he pulled on a jacket. "So shall we go have a nice chat with pimps?"

Eko snorted,"yeah. Time to go."he smakced Draven and Sam in the ass as he walked towards the door. 

"Oh you know I like it rough Eko." Sam grinned as they walked out to the car. He slid into the front and Draven got in the back. " So are we all bring guns?"

Eko nodded,"yeah, might as well."he shrugged taking out his favorite gun from inside his console and tucking it into the back of his jeans before starting up the car. 

Sam grinned and patted his jacket pocket. " I always have my baby with me. and I do have an extra if you want it princess?" he said looking back at Draven.
Draven really wasnt a fan of guns, with his never really good being acop. He nodded and reached out for the gun and shoved it in his jeans just like Eko.

Eko nodded as he looked back at Draven before starting to drive,"I'm looking just to talk to them but we'll be prepare if we need it."

"Like the Boy Scouts, always be prepared." Sam grinned as they pulled up to a rather normal looking house. "So if this goes good can I get a hooker?"
draven got outand looked around just to see if anything looked suspicious. This was one of the first things that he has done with them that really could get him killed.

Eko rolled his eyes,"No. No sleeping with the hookers."He said parking the car and stepping outside.

"You are no fun boss." Sam pouted at him. "Fine I'll leave the girls alone."
draven huffed a laugh as he looked around. "So do we knock or?"

Eko smirked softly,"of course we are polite until made otherwise."he instructed, before knocking soundly on the front door. 
A little boy around five answers the door with a tired looking woman right behind him,"hi?"she said looking between the three mrn standing in front of her. 
Eko smiled pleasently,"Hi there. I'm Eko, that's Sam and Draven. We are looking for someone by the name of Bart Alexander? Does he live here by chance?"
the woman's eyes immediatkry widened,"oh god. What did he do now?"she asked, seemingly talking mostly to herself. 
Rko shook his head,"nothing that can't be fixed."he said reassuringly,"now is he home?"

" he is in the garage, I'll go and get him." She said nudging the little boy away from the door, who kept watching the men with a carefull look on his face for such alittle boy. "Will you wait here?" She asked  backing away from the door.
draven really dint like this, he nudged Eko. " the guy is probably gonna run, it's not like we look like fucking Girl Scouts." He murmured softly.

Eko nodded, sure we'll wait."he smiled pleasently as the women quickly walked away leaving the little boy standing in front of them. He turned to Sam,"go around to the back make sure he doesn't leave the house." He commanded before turning to look at Draven,"go around the opposite side of the house." He instructed before turning front again and glancing down at the little boy who was still looking at them all with raised eyebrow. 

Both draven and Sam nodded as they walked around the small house to go make sure they didn't have anyone run on them.

the little boy frowned slightly. " are you guys taking my stepdad away again?" He asked Eko once they were alone on the porch.

Eko looked down at the kid surprised,"No."he answered honestly,"im just here to remind him about some things."

The kid nodded looking a lot older than he should. "Okay, but if you have to it's okay. He makes my mom sad when he brings other ladies over."
sam came through the house pull Bart by the back of the neck Draven following them. "He tried to run and took a swing at princess, so now we are all gonna have some tea and chat about buisness."

Eko looked over at Sam and the slightly balding man hanging from Sams grip. He looked down at the kid once more,"l take care of it."he nodded before turning around to smile broadly,"hey Burt."he said swaggering over to the other three men,"now that you've gracelessly decided to see us we have something to talk about."he said turning around and walking towards the house," but first that tea would be nice."he smiled at the women and boy still in the doorway. 

 Maria glared at Burt before grabbing her son. " Okay boys, why dont you come in. I'll start the tea." She said walking to the kitchen in the small house.

"  I aint got to talk to any of you shit head little pricks. You come to my house and disrespect me and expect to be allowed in my home?" Burt spat as he wiggled in Sams grip.
Before the other two could say anything Draven stepped around Sam and moved down a bit so he could look Burt in the face. He was pretty fucking pissed about his split lip. " Burt come on, we are trying to be fucking nice and your wonderful wife is making us tea. SO lets not be rude or I'll show you what happens when we arent nice."

Burt looked at Draven with wide eyes before Eko stepped over and put a hand on Dravens shoulder,"down boy."he said softly,"I promise if he steps out if line you can have him."

Draven nodded softly and took a step back rubbing his neck. " Ya, ya sorry boss." He murmured.
Maria came out on the porch. " Okay boys, tea is ready." She said starting to look more tired then angry now. " Come inside, take off your shoes."

Eko nodded,"yes ma'am."he pulled off his boots before following Maria deeper into a the house, through a kitchen and into a dining room. Maria moruoned for the boys to have a seat. Eko casually found the head of the table and sat down. 

Draven sat beside Eko and Sam was on the other side making sure to keep an eye on burt incase he ran again.
" So boys what do you have to talk to Burt about?" Maria asked standing by his side after pouring them tea.

Eko sighed softly,"you may not know but my name is Eko Saint."he started and knew it had the effect he wanted when Burt paled and Maria's eyes widened,"I've heard of your new business, Burt and, honestly I'm insulted that you did not ask before starting this endeavor."

"I thought you said you had everything figured out?" Maria hissed slapping him up side the head. "I knew you'd get in trouble for this, not everyone else. He isn't running it by himself mister saints, he is in business with other people who I know would pin all this shit on him. One of them is a cop and I knew no one else wouldn't get talked to."
"woman, shut the fuck up." Burt said still pale.
"a cop?" Draven asked with wide eyes.

Ekos eyebrows rose with each passing word before he nodded,"do you know their names?"he said leaning back in the dining room chair,"I believe they also are due a visit."he sighed softly. Eko really wished people would just do as he said it made life so much easier. 

Burt put his head in his hands and sighed. " I got no names, I deposit money in a bank account and they drop money off here for me. I have just met them a handful of times. I only know ones a cop because I saw him get back into a patrol car after one meeting."

Eko nodded,"fine."he said after taking a sip of tea,"now, if I were your Burt? I'd quit immediately. I really don't want to have to come back to your home."he warned standing up,"thank you for the tea, Maria."he smiled, and motioned for the other men to get up. 

"If you have to come back you can take his ass with you." Maria said in a sharp voice as she went to clean up to the tea cups.
Draven and Sam both got up and followed Eko, thanking Maria as they walked out. Once the door closed behind them Draven rubbed his face. " Cops? fucking cops?"

Eko shrugged as he pulled his keys out of his pocket and unlocked the car doors,"not he first time we've run into a dirty cop."

" I dont  like dirty cops. Its just wrong." Draven said shaking his head. " I have family who are cops back home." He shrugged as he reached up to touch his busted lip.

Eko smakced Dravens hand away from his bleeding lip,"don't touch it."he instructed,"you'll get it infected."he shook his head,"cops are almost always dirty."he shrugged,"sometimes there are a fee who think they're doing the right thing but most of the time cops just want to make money like everyone else."

Draven really wanted to argue but that may look more that alittle iffy so he just sighed and laid his head on the window. " So how the fuck are we going to figure out who he's working for?"

Eko shrugged," well have to ask around."he said pulling out if the drive way and unto he suburban street,"someone's always willing to talk."

"And if they don't the threat of lighting on fire helps." Sam said grinning from the back seat. "And if the threat doesn't work you light another person on fire to see that your serious."

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