The Saints.

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Eko shrugged,"I was horny and he was there."

Sam passed him coffee he picked up and grinned. "So was it good?"

Eko gave a smirk,"Yeah it actually was."he took a sip from his mug,"what about your threesome?"

"Well the one girl took me to her apartment where her roomates little sister was also staying for the night and after some drinks...I ended up making out with both of them and then we did it on the couch. The roomates sister just turned eighteen soo I am an awesome birthday present." Sam grinned before drinking his coffee. " I have a way with the ladies boss."

Eko snorted,"Yeah yeah, Youre a regular casonova."He shook his head massaging his temples.

"Awh does the princesses head hurt?" Sam teased as he wrapped his arms around ekos shoulders. "You might be getting too old to party anymore."

Eko punched Sam in the side but leaned into the embrace,"shut up jackass. I'm not to old to kick your ass."

Sam laughed  and smoothed down ekos hair before going around to the fridge to grab something to eat. "I know, I know you are so tough."

draven mde mde his way out into the kitchen pulling his shirt back on. " So I'm gonna call a cab and head out."

Eko frowned at SAMs back before looking over at Draven. He shrugged,"that's fine."he didn't necessarily want the kid around but he didn't really want him to leave either,"do you want to eat first?"

Draven ran his hand through his damp hair and nodded. "Ya sure..I am pretty hungry for being this hung over."

Eko nodded before starting to pull out ingredients from around his kitchen,"eggs and bacon,okay?"he asked Sam and Draven.  

"Ya, that sounds great." Draven said grabbing a cup of coffee.
sam watched the two of them with a grin on his face. "So Draven how was the sex?" 
Dravens eyes went wide before laughing. " Well iit was pretty good."

Eko smirked,"damn straight it was."he flicked Sam off while he started flipping on burners

Sam watched them both carefully with a grin on his face. He was fine with Eko sleeping with pretty much everything. " So you two doing this alot or is this just a one time thing? I wanna know if I have to becareful comeing here incase you all are like fucking on the table with anything. I dont need to see that."

Eko snorted,"I don't know yet and you'd probably like it."he snarked, pushing Sam out of the way to try into a cabinet. 

Sam laughed and went over to wrap his arms around Ekos waist. " Awh dont get all pouty and no I dont want to see you and princess over there fucking..unless one of you grows tits."

Eko snorted, and tilted his head back to look up at Sam, the top of his head against Sams collar bone,"Yeah yeah...I know you want me, Sammy."he smirked before pushing Sam away and handing him a plate. He slide a plate to Draven with a smirk,"Here ya go,kid."

" Well you would make a good house wife." Sam smirked as he sat at the table with his food.
"Thanks Eko." Draven said sitting down and groaning when he took a bit of bacon. " Grease is amazinf, this is amazing."

Eko smiled at Draven as he smakced Sam in the back if the head,"thanks, kid."he smirked, hiding how pleased he was with the compliment. He say down at the head if his table and took a bite of his own food. 

They are in silence for a few mintues before Draven started laughing. " YOu know I never thought I would be eating breakfest hung over with my boss and what ever Sam is."

Eko rolled his eyes,"Dont get to excited, kid."He said putting his empty plate in the sink,"and dont get used to it."

Draven blushed and chuckled. " I'll keep that noted boss."

Eko grinned as he collected the other mens plates,"So we have a vist to make today,boys."he said after setting the platesinthe sink.

"What kind of vists?" Sam asked leaning back in his chair. " The kind I need a gun for or the kind that I have to look pretty for?"

"I've heard of a prostituion ring thats been started uptown without my permission."Eko shook his head,"So it could go either way."

"Ohhh I fucking love hookers." Sam grinned as he fixed his hair. " So can i beat some people up and meet some pretty hookers."

" So are we mad about the fact its a prostitution or the fact that they did it without you okaying it?" Eko asked as he finished his coffee.

Eko rolled his eyes at his best friend before looking at Draven,"Both. Prostitution rings are gross, now a brothel that would be better and since this is my town any illegal business must be okayed by me."

Draven nodded and rubbed his face. " Okay, when are we heading out. Do I have time to go home and change into something that doesnt smell like a whore house?"

" well you fit right in the way you look now."Eko smirked, before shaking his head,"just shower here and you can wear something of mine."

Draven grinned as he turned to head back to the bedroom. " I am going to pick something fancy."
Sam couldnt help but grin when he watched the interaction between them. " So Eko, this is pretty cute." He said once draven was back in the bedroom.

Eko scowled at his best friend,"shut up."he shook his head pushing Sam on his way to the sink. 

Sam kept grinning and followed Eko to the sink. "Come on when's the last time you cooked breakfest for someone you fucked?"

Eko shrugged,"I barely remember the last time I fucked anyone so..."

"Well as you best friend I remeber." Sam hopped on to the counter with a grin. " It was some kid you brought home from the bar that you kidded out five mintues after you were done. I was still getting a blow job on the couch."

Eko rolled his eyes,"yeah well..."he started,"I need the kid here for work, that's it."

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