The Saints.

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Eko laughed,"Im sure..."He shook his head as the elevator doors opened up. He walked out of the the elevator and into his roomy apartment.

Draven looked around with wide eyes and walked over to the couch flopping down on it. " You have a fucking nice place. Its massive. Why cant we have meetings here?"

Eko poured himself a drink from his private bar, he wasnt nearly as drunk as he had wanted to be,"Because i dont want you people at my house."

"You people?" Draven asked with a laugh as he sat up pulling his shirt over his head as he got off the couch. " Well I am awesome and I know where you live now."

Eko watched Draven with a raised eyebrow. His eyes roamed over the other man chest,"this was a terrible idea."he said with a smirk.

"I'll make it less terrible." Draven grinned as he clumsily dropped to his knees in front of Eko and reached up to attempt to undue his jeans.

Eko watched Draven with amused eyes. He didn't move to help Dravens clumsy attempts to unfasten his pants ,just sipped his drink casually. 

Draven looked up at him and grinned once he got the pants undone. He tugged them done and grinned even more. " Just saying my blow job will be better then the skank at the bar." He said before leaning forward and swollowing Eko down.

Eko moaned softly as he leaned his head back against the back of the couch. He lifted his head enough to take a deep sip of his drink.

Draven bobbed his faster as he reached up to run his hands up Ekos chest.

Eko moaned softly, as he ran a hand through Draven's hair,"deeper."he instructed.

Draven groaned at being told what to do and swolloed deeper trying not to choke. He looked up at Eko with Wide eyee.

Eko sighed contently while gently guiding Dravens head the way he wanted. He growled softly looking down into Dravens eyes,"gonna come soon."he warned letting the other boy know so he could pull away of he wanted. 

Dravens eyes flutter close as he bobbed his head faster trying to get Eko off.

Eko growled softly, his hips stuttering up and further into Draven's mouth as he came.

Draven pulled off when he started coughing. " warn a guy when you choke him with your dick." He said with a rough voice as he wiped his mouth off.

Eko laughed softly,"Sorry, Kid."

Draven sat back on his feet and grinned up at Eko. " So was I good sir?" He asked the other man on the couch.

Eko nodded as he finished his drink,"Much better then i thought so it was acceptable."he smirked.

BUMP on shameless.

   Draven smirked and pulled himself up on the couch. " Your dick is better then I thought."

Eko laughed,"You thought about mydick?"

"yup, you wear really tight pants and you dick looks pretty awesome in them." Draven said with a drunken grin as he leaned back against the couch. "I like dicks."

Eko snorted,"Yeah. I can see that."

Draven grinned and tried to push himself up more on the couch. " So you gonna fuck me or not, I only have a small window of time left before I pass out and then that would be not socially acceptable to fuck me."

Eko laughed as he stood up and let his pants and boxers slide the rest of the way off,"Thats true."he shrugged walking towards his room, tossing his shirt over his shoulder,"good thing i dont care about socially acceptable."

Draven half scurried and half stumbled after him into the bedroom. He looked around and grinned. " Why is your room so f*cking massive, your bed looks like it could comfertablly fit an orgy."

Eko laughed softly,"Thats what its made for."he flopped back on the bed, leaning against the head board.

Draven stumbled slightly as he pulled off his jeans and crawled onto the bed. "So in the mornings are you going to completely ignore the fact that we fucked and never tell anyone?"

Eko shrugged,"Im not embarrassed that we fu.cked..."He laid back in the bed and sighed,"But thats all it was was a"he said firmly but casually.

Draven looked at him with a curious look before laughing. " what did you think I'd think you are my boyfriend or something after I sucked your dick? I'm not that fucking needy, I like sex and I like sex with good looking people even though it takes me about half a bottle of vodka and random pills to even want to talk about it without blushing."

Eko snorted loudly,"well okay then. Just wanted to straighten that out now."

"Okay all straight, so you wanna get your dick in me or am I all alone here." Draven as as he laid back on the bed.

Eko laughed softly,"so crass..."he shook his head but rolled over until of Draven. 

Draven grinned up at him as he reached around and grabbed ekos ass. " I can be crasser."

Eko laughed softly as he leaned down his hands on either side of Dravens head,"oh please..."he grinned. 

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