The Saints.

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Draven started laughing as he tucked himself back into his jeans. " You should get him to give you a blow job, he has a great little mouth."

Eko smirked as he shook his head and lite up another joint,"I'm not into sloppy seconds."He shrugged taking a long hit of his joint before passing it to Draven.

Draven took the joint and leaned back taking a long drag. " Well you did get a pretty good show, so that can be your enjoyment for the night."

Eko rolled his eyes and snorted,"It was.... nice."He smirked,"But i'll still get my own 'enjoyment'."He gave a smug smile as he looked around at his VIP section. He glanced out to the dancefloor, vaugley wondering where Sam had been.

Sam came stumbling into the VIP area, his shirt was ripped but he was grinning. " So boss, I have this juiced out gudio threatening to kill me because I f*cked what I assume was his girlfriend in the bathroom. So, Im having a good night." He said flopping down on the couch and pulling the joint out of dravens mouth and taking a drag fomr it.

Eko laughed softly,"well that's nice..."he said leaning against the balcony over looking the dance floor. 

Sam grinned as he got up and leaned against the balcony by Eko. " So boss man, you having a good night?"

Eko grinned,"Sure..."He shrugged, and glanced back at Draven on the couch,"Had some kid give Draven head while I directed. So that was interesting."

Sam burst out laughing and shook his head. " awh, you're so nice to the kid, I never got a blow job while you directed. Probably made his night."

Eko chuckled,"he probably won't remember it tomorrow..."he said looking at Dravens musty eyes,"but yeah it was nice if me..."

"Well I did give him a large handful of pills which he swollowed like a champ. We should get the princess home before the girls boyfriend finds me and I get into another fight." Sam grinned as he shot his drink back.

Eko nodded,"Yeah, alright."He finished his own drink before putting a hand on Dravens shoulder and shaking him a bit,"C'mon, kid. Time to go."

Draven looked up at him with foggy eyes and a big grin. "But Im having fun." He whined as he reached up to wrap his arms around Eko's neck. " The blow job made me sleepy though."

Eko made a face and patted Draven on the back before detangling the other man off of him,"Good."He directed Draven towards the door,"Sam...Lets go..."

Sam put his arm around Dravens waist after he almost fell on his face. " \if he pukes on me Im throwing him in the river."

Eko snorted,"Fine with me."He nodded,nodding to the bouncer as they walked outside. He pointed to his car,"Throw him in mine."

Sam nodded and drug Draven who was mumbling softly to the car and put him in the front seat. " He is strapped in and only looks slightly dead."

Eko laughed,"That was how my night was so supposed to end not carting this idiot around."

"Maybe you'll get laid. He's pretty hammered, when I was giving him shots at the bar he was saying your cute." Sam told him with a grin. " He does not handle booze well."

Eko rolled his eyes,"Newbies, always want to sleep with the boss."He grinned, shaking his head,"I might."He glanced at Draven, who was fumbling with his phone,"Wanna come?"he asked Sam.

Sam grinned and shook his head. " naw, the cop from last night has been text I'm going over there to f.uck. You take princess home and don't be too mean."

Eko grinned and nodded,"yeah be careful with the cop."he warned seriously as he walked backward towards his car,"have fun."he yelled at his best friend before slipping into the drivers seat and starting her up. 

Draven perked up abit when the car started up. " it's not even late, I don't know why your making me leave."

Eko snorted,"because your about half a beer away from dying..."

"S'not dying. Just sleepy and horny." Draven grinned as he pushed his sweaty hair out of his face. " I'm handle booze well it's the drugs I've never done before."

Eko looked impressed,"I got myself a virgin?, nice."

"I was a good kid growing up, I wanted to be a cop but I was alittle too dumb so that never worked out so I'm now in a car working with a mob boss." Draven said his head flopping over grinning at Eko.

Eko laughed,"yeah that's a big jump from cop..."he shook his head as he drove towards his apartment. 

Draven laughed as he closed his eyes when watching the buildings fly by made him dizzy. " parents think I'm working in an office somewhere, they are fucking clueless. They don't know about any of the tattoos, the gang stuff or even the gay stuff. They think iman come home one day with a nice girl."

Eko laughed softly,"Well you might come hom with a nice boy one day."He shrugged pulling up to his building and parker near the entrance,"C'mon,kid."

Draven stumbled out of the car and laughed when he saw the building. " Bringing me to your house? We gonna get lucky?"

Eko looked over at him with a dangerous smirk,"Maybe, You offering?"

"Well, you are good looking aand you could do worse then banging me plus I probably wont remember this in the morning and if I do I will never bring it up because I know I shouldnt get f*cked by the boss." Draven rambled as he leaned against the wall with a drunken grin.

Eko rolled his eyes and reched out for the collar of Dravens shirt so he could pull the other man along with him,"All good points."he nodded as they made their way into the empty elevator. He pushed the button for the top floor and then leaned Draven against that wall," let's see if you can even get it up first..."

"Well, if I cant get it up I can still give you a pretty awesome blow job. Sucking dick got me on the honor roll in high school." Draven said his head flopping back against the wall.

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