The Saints.

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Eko laughed,"Be a man."He smirked, taking the bottle back from Draven and taking another gulp,"This is some good, Sammy."

Sam grinned as they started to walk up the street. " You know I know how to have a good time Eko." He said as he started to get the nice warm feeling as he took another gulp from the bottle.
Draven couldnt help but frown at the be a man comment as he grabbed the bottle from Sams hand and drank more down. It was going straight to his head. " I'll so you Im a man boss." He laughed.

Eko grinned devilishly at Draven,"I cant wait."He took the bottle from Draven and raised it in salute before taking another sip. As they walked up to the club he couldnt help but smile at the long line of people. He looked over the line of people as he slowly walked past them to the front,"You."He pointed to a curvy red head in a tight dress,"And your friends, come on."he motioned for them to follow him. A few more people up the,"you two."He crooked a finger at two tight tshirt wearing twinks,"Come on." He looked back at Sam and Draven,"Pick some out."He motioned to the line.

Sam grinned and went over to grab a tiny blonde girl with a big rack. Who just giggled when Sam picked her up to pull her out of the line. Draven kind of froze, he didn't know if this was a test or if he really was suppose to grab someone, plus he didn't know if he should grab a dude or a chick.  He just frowned slightly to himself and motioned to the friend of the blonde Sam grabbed. He was about to follow them inside but he stopped and grabbed the arm of a smoking hot muscled guy and pulled him in behind them.

Eko smiled approvingly at Draven as their little group got to the front door,"Hey Dave."Eko nodded to the bouncer,"Theyre all with me."He pointed a thumb back at the group.
"Got it Boss."Dave nodded, unclipping the rope and letting the group in.

Draven looked around the club with wide eyes, this place was wild. Loud music and grinding bodies. He watched as Sam took the blonde and her friend to the bar. He knew he should nt follow Eko around so he let the dude he brought in with them pull him on to the dance floor.

Eko watched Draven and Sam do their own thing while he went into the VIP section. It was on the second floor and overlooked the entire club. He motioned for the private bartender to start pouring out drinks to his guests while he took his own sip from the bottle Sam brought. He smirked as one of girls he had picked out started to dance, motioning for him to come closer.

Draven managed to stumble up to the VIP section, sweaty, missing his shirt and drunk. After dancing the blonde he was with poured shots down his throat and he ended up doing body shots but he pieced once the dude wanted to go f.uck in the bathroom. He slumped on the couch grinning when he saw Eko dancing with that little red head. " having fun boss."

Eko smiled at Draven before dissmissing the redhead with a smack on the ass. He plopped down on the couch next to the other man with a sigh,"A little but not at much as you."He laughed.

Draven grinned as he grabbed a bottle off the table and took a long drink from it. " people we doing shots out of my belly button, then Sam gave me some pills to take and I feel awesome now. I lost my shirt though."

Eko smirked, he hoped the kid didn't OD in his club," sounds fun."he chuckled. One of the young boy Eko picked up outside stumbled over and crawled into Ekos lap with a coy smile. Eko grinned and let the twink slowly grind in his lap but he looked at Draven,"when we as the last time you sw Sam "

"he was f8cking that blonde with a big rack in the bathroom." Draven told his as he tried to push hiself up abit so he wasnt slumped so much much. He looked over at Eko and frowned. in his drunken haze he didnt like that kid on his bosses lap, he was better looking then the twink anyways. " So you have a thing for the thin, pale and hairless." He said motioning to the kid in his lap as he grabbed the bottle Sam brought and took a drink/

Eko snorted as he heard about his best friend,"I have a thing for attractive..." He clarified as he took the twinks face in a hand and tilted it towards Draven, then motioned to the remaining girl and guys in the room. 

Draven moved so he curled his long legs under himself as he tried to get a better look at the kid. " He is pretty cute, not my type. I dont like little boys." Draven said patting him on the cheek even though he was only 24 himself. He pulled out a few more pills sam shoved in his pocket and popped them in his mouth. " But whatever these pills are make me wanna fuck anyone."

The twink huffed at Draven making Eko chuckle,"go get a drink."he dismissed the boy in his lap before funding his head to look at Draven,"well we have plenty of willing bodies."he motioned around the room. 

Draven pulled himself up on shakey legs and stumbled slightly. " Fine, I'll go find someone to f*ck, dont leave without me. I have no f*ck clue where I am." He laughed as he looked around looking for someone.

Eko snorted,"Are you sure you can get it up?"He motioned at Dravens drunk stumble and hazy eyes.

"Oh I am sure." Draven grinned as he tried really hard to walk straight. " You'd love it if you saw it."

Eko snorted,"Im sure."He motioned for two of his body guards to push Draven back on the couch,"Just have someone blow you on the couch."he not really suggested. 

Draven frowned at Eko when he was shoved pack down on to the couch. " Fine, you offering?" He asked before running his hands through his hair. He was more then alittle f*cked up right now. " I want the one who was just on your lap, hes gotta a pretty mouth."

Eko raised a eyebrow but nodded. He put on a charming smile on before calling the boy over with a crook of his long fingers. EKo talked quietly to him for a second, running a seductive hand over his lap, legs, chest and arms before grinning over at Draven,"Hes all yours."He pushed the younger boy up off his lap and over to kneel between Draven's legs. 

Draven unzipped his jeans and pulled himself out. Normally this would embrass the shit out of him but right now he was digging it. " Alright kid, get to work."

The twink looked on hungrily before leaning forward and slurping Draven down. Eko watched on with interested eyes.

Draven groaned as his hand tangled in the kids hair giveing it a tug. " Oh he is pretty good at this." He said grinned over at eko.

Eko nodded in agreement,"Yeah he looks it."he looked on as the boy who was basically gagging on Dravens dick. Eko, without thinking to much about it, reached over and pushed the boys head down to create a better rythm for Draven. 

Draven nearly jumped out of his skin as he started laughing. " Holy sh*t, this is so awesome." He squirmed in the seat as he looked over at eko. " This boy has a talent, your hand is very helpful though."

Eko smirked and continued to guide the boys head,"youre welcome." Eko curled his hand in the boys hair and pulled him off Draven with a teasing smirk,"How does he taste?"Eko asked the panting twink.

The kid wiped his mouth off with the back of his hand and gave Eko a cocky little smirk. " He tastes fucking great." He said in a scratchy sounding voice.
Draven whined and pouted. " I dont wanna hear talking, I want my dick sucked."

Eko cut Draven with a cold glare,"I want to hear him talk..."
The kid gave Draven a stuck his tounge out truimphantly. Eko chuckled at the kids reaction but pushed his head back down to Draven's dick,"Suck."he ordered. 

Draven thrust his hips up just a bit to choke the kid just abit to get alittle payback before relaxing back into the couch. " you do this with everyone ?" He asked Eko breathlessly.

Eko smirked,"When the fancy strikes..."he said vaguely, letting the kids head go as he was setting a decent pace now. 

Draven let out a breath moan as he closed his eyes gripping the kids hair. "Make the fancy strike often, this is hot." He  said before moaning louder. " f.uck so hot I don't want it to finish."

Eko laughed,"you've held out long then I thought you would."he looked down at the boy in Dravens lap,"finish him." He chuckled as the boy suddenly swallowed Dravens dick. 

Draven's eyes flew open as he swore loudly. " Sh*t so awesome." He groaned as he came holding the kids hair tight.

The kid pulled off with a satisifed smirk before wiping his mouth.
"Good..."Eko praised, patting the boys head as he sat back. He pulled out his wallet and handed the kid a few hundered dollars.
"M'not a hooker..."The kid grumbled.
Eko nodded,"I know..."He shrugged, before flicking his fingers to dismiss the kid. 

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