The Saints.

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To @mizzashley89

Pipper called a cab once she left the building before texting Daniel, I hope you're keeping my bed warm ;) She sent as she got into the cab and headed home.

Eko smirked at Draven but shook his head at Olivia,"as if right now? No but the day is just beginning so who knows."he grinned,"I'll let you know. He nodded, dismissing her. 


Draven froze slightly when it was just him Sam and Eko in the room. " so two large coffees then, anything else while in out?"

sam started to laugh. " even if he kind of sucks at being a gang member, we should keep him. I like haveing an errands bitch."

Eko laughed with Sam,"yeah it is fun..."He grinned,"no coffee is good." He said throwing Draven his card,"why don't you buy yourself something pretty while you're out..."he teased with a mean smirk. 

Draven looked at the credit card and frowned before shoving it into his pocket. " Oh dont worry I will. I'll look pretty when I get back." He said pulling on his coat to head out the door to get the coffee.

Sam shook his head with a smirk. " Anything you need me to do? So you dont think this new threat is worth gettign worried about?"

Eko watched draven leave and the turned to Sam with a shake of his head,"No. It just like al the other threats..."he said crumbling up the paper and aiming for the trash can, which he missed. 

Sam went over and picked up the paper before tossing it in the trash. "Well thanks for walking me up early for this. I had a shi.tty night last night." Sam chuckled as he rubbed his sore neck.

Eko grinned," you did?" He waggled his eyebrows,"with who?"

" Well the rough part was getting sucker punched by some tweaker at the bar last night but I did end up going home with this nice young lady who enjoyed vodka way to much and when I snuck out in the morning I found pictures of her after graduateing from police academy..So I f*cked a cop so hopefully I dont get arrested anytime soon." Sam laughed running his hands through his hair. " It was awesome."

Eko rolled his eyes at his best friend,"you're an idiot." He chuckled,"well lads night I was working."he frowned,"which sucked..."

"You should skip out of working tonight because I want to go out again and you should come with me." Sam said nudging his shoulder.

 Daniel was at the apartment, doing some last minute work on a big case he was assigned. It was a super important one and his boss would have his ass if he screwed up. *Don't worry beautiful, I have the day off :)* He sent with a smile.

Pipper smirked when she read his message. Once the cab dropped her off she hurried into her building and up the elevator. She walked into her apartment, leaning over the couch where Daniel was, resting her arms around his shoulders, "I'm glad you stayed over," She whispered in his ear, kissing his cheek.

Daniel smiled back as he stopped typing at his laptop and intertwined his hands with hers. Pipper was the best that had ever happened to him and even though they had to keep their relationship a secret from her family it was worth it. "I'm glad I stayed" He said with a smile.

Pipper smiled at him, "I thought you said you had the day off?" She asked, resting her chin on his shoulder as she looked at what he was typing.

"I do but I'm just working on a last minute desposition for the big case" Daniel said. He hated to bring up work around Pipper but he was glad she understood most of the time. "But now all I want to do is be with you" He said as he closed his laptop and brought her around so she could sit in his lap.

Pipper laughed when he brought her over his shoulder into his lap, "Oh, well Mr. Blake, that sounds like an offer I cannot refuse," She smirked.

Daniel smirked as he leaned to kiss her. "It's been really crazy at work lately" He said against her lips. "I just had to see you soon"

Pipper smiled against his lips, "Well, anything you need, I'm here," She told him, "Unless you want to go out on a date, then my hands are tied," She teased. She knew there were pros and cons to their relationship, but she honestly liked it because she didn't have to put her heart on the line. It was more physical than emotional.

Daniel smirked. He liked the fact that she was independent and wasn't too needy with him-he didn't really like that in women. He was a free spirit himself and spent most of his time at the firmanyway. "I don't care what we do"

Pipper smirked, "Well, we can take it from where we left last night, or this morning I should say," She said before leaning in to kiss him.

"Ohhh right. That" He teased before intensifying their kiss and standing up with her pressed against him before placing her on the desk, in the process sending some papers to the floor. But Daniel didn't care-he wanted Pipper so badly at that moment he pushed work out of his mind.

(They're at her apartment)

Pipper smirked against his lips, "I like it when you get rough," She said before kissing him once more, running her hands through his hair.

"That's how you like it" He said against her lips before moving his lips down to her neck and shoulders while his hands rested on her sides, feeling her femmiene curves.

"Mhm," Pipper moaned, as she tilted her head to the side to give him easier access.

Daniel was getting very turned on hearing Pipper moan like that. He then lifted her up with his hands supporting her bottom half with her legs aroud his waist as they headed to her bedroom.

Pipper slipped off her blazer and kicked off her shoes as he set her down on the bed, she smirked up at him as she unbuttoned his shirt, kissing him back.

Daniel tossed his shirt to the floor before continuing where they left off. He began to do all the things she had wanted since pleasing Pipper was very important to him.

Pipper bit his lip playfully, moaning against it. She trailed her fingers down his bare back.

Daniel removed the rest of Pipper's clothes before she was in her lingere before leaving kisses on her bare skin, his hands meanwhile going over her body. "That feel good?"

"Yes," Pipped moaned as she arched her back. He was sending tingles up her spine.

"I planned it that way" He said breathlessly as he continued the moment. The lovemaking between them was both intense and romantic and moments like this made their forbidden affair all the worth while.

(Skip forward?)
Pipper finally caught her breath and rolled onto her side to look at him, "Amazing as usual," She smirked, pecking his lips. She looked into his eyes, he was just so attractive that she couldn't stop looking at him.


"Oh yeah" Daniel said with a laugh as he layed beside her with his head in his hands, basking in the afterglow. "You were great like always" He teased with a smile.

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