The Saints.

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Eli snorted,"you're so classy."he shook his head, before taking one last hit and passing it back to Sam. He picked up his phone from the bed side table, and started looking through it; his stomach tied up in knots at the idea of a message from Draven. He wanted more then anything to hear from the other man, but Eko knew he probably wouldn't. If the kid was smart he'd be half way to Mexico by now. 

"You know that kid will come a knocking sooner or later. Both of you are pretty fucking dumb." Sam remarked pulling himself off the bed. " but you are pretty fucking dumb together. "

Eko snorted,"you say the sweetest things."he smirked and then looked back at his phone, his smile slowly fading when he saw that Draven hadn't tried to contact him,"no...he won't come around again."

"DOn't count him out yet Eko." Sam bumped his shoulder before sliding out of bed. " You know you could call him too and just try talking but I ain't your momma because if I was I would have beaten you."

"He's a cop."Eko said trying not to sound miserable. 

"He's the only person who ive seen you really care about that wasn't your sisters or me. I'm not saying welcome him back with open arms but I'm saying try to talk to him while he's not heavily sedated." Sam shrugged smoothing back ekos hair for him,

Eko sighed softly,"I guess."he shrugged before paying Sam off and away from him. He cleared his throat and rolled his shoulders before getting out of bed and walking towards the shower,"I'm gonna clean up."

"Okay. You want me to hang out or is it alright if I head home. I stink like a dive bar?" Sam would like time by himself but if eko needed him hed stay as long as he needed.

Eko looked at his tired face in the mirror and sighed,"no I'm okay. I'll see you later."he called through the door before turning the shower on 

"Call me if you need anything." Sam called back before grabbing his coat and heading out of the apartment.


Eko sighed as the door closed behind Sam, he felt like shit. He felt helpless in a way that he had never experienced before; Eko rubbed his eyes with the heel of his hands before turning the shower on and peeling his smelly clothes off. He was in the shower for a good hour before stumbling out and back into his comfortable bed. 

Draven knew this was fucking stupid and would more than likely get him killed even if he didn't make it to Eko's apartment. He snuck out of the hospital the second he could get the energy too. He heard his nurses talking when they thought he was passed out, his former brothers in blue were going to arrest him because the had stuff on him and they thought he would snitch. He ran as fast as he could, stealing a pair of scrubs out of one of the laundry bins he found. He got a cab and the only place he wanted to be was with Eko even if the other man hated him. He was dizzy from the pain and blood loss but he was at Eko's front door knocking as loud as he could.

Eko had finally summoned the energy to dry himself off and was toweling off his hair wearing a pair of low slung jeans when he answered the door,"Sam I'm fine...leave m..."Eko finally looked up and saw Draven standing in his doorway. He quickly closed his gaping mouth and swallowed around the huge lump in his throat,"what are you doing here?"

Draven groaned softly leaning heavily against the door frame and shrugged. " Was gonna get arrested, they were going to hand cuff me to the fucking bed and charge me cause I wouldn't say shit about I left....can I have some water?"

Eko looked at Draven for a few more long seconds with critical eyes before opening the door wider,"sit down before you fall over."he demanded flapping a hand at the couch. 

Daven nodded, holding a tight hand against his side. " I couldn't think of where to go. I couldn't go home and I couldn't go to my parents. You were the only one I could think of." He said slowly lowering himself down on to the couch.

Eko shook his head,"well you shouldn't have come here either."he said walking towards the kitchen to get Draven some water. 

"I fucking know I shouldn't have. I could go home fuck. My parents dont know I got hurt. God if they saw me get arrested it woud kill them." Draven sucked in a shaking wheezing breath." I don't know what to do. Fuck I wish I died. Would have made this easier."

Eko set the water in front of Draven before laying a hesitant hand on his shoulder,"don't day that."Eko said quietly squeezing Remys shoulder. 

"Why not? You don't trust me, Sam doesn't trust me and people who were suppose to be my brothers in blue are going to string me up like a damn puppet. A bulet to the fucking face would have ended shit." Draven murmured his head falling back on to the couch. " I'm fucked."

Eko sighed and sunk into the couch next to Drwven,"we have a reason it to trust you...."he snapped running a rough hand through his hair. 

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