The Saints.

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Eko laughed softly as he dumped the pasta back into the pot,"I'm saying your balls are okay."

Eko shook his head and poured the pasta back into the pot,"I'm saying they're okay."

"Well I'll take okay." He grinned as he started cooking the meat balls off. " YOu know this seems very domestic of us."

Eko sighed,"Dont ruin the moment, kid."he said with a sharp smack to Dravens ass.

Draven jumped and grinned at he kept cooking the meatballs. " Fine fine, this is totally normal making dinner agter fucking."

Eko nodded,"right. You're lucky your not in here making dinner by yourself."he said moving the boiling sauce,"naked, while I just watch."

"Well just if you promise me Sam won't just pop in I could make you dessert naked?" Draven grinned back at him after he pulled the meatballs off the heat.

Eko smirked,"I can't promise that but you should still try."he smirked taking the sauce off the heat and placing it in a cool burner. 

"Hed probably like naked me serving dessert anyways." He chuckled leaning against the counter. " Is it ready yet im starving."

Eko rolled his eyes but nodded," yeah." He said taking the meatballs and putting them in the sauce. He quicy made up to plates before handing one to Draven. 

Draven took his plate and went over to the table. He grinned down at the food before taking a big bite, he groaned and laughed. " Can I marry you?"

Eko snorted and fixed Draven with a unimpressed look,"No."He said, taking his own bite.

Draven frowned even more. " Rude, you are a very good cook."

Eko laughed,I know."he said, before getting up and returning with two beers.

" Well if you cont wanna marry me, we can still fuck if you cook for me and give me more of these pricey beers." He said poping the top off.

Eko rolled his eyes,"oh how nice of you."He snorted, sipping at his own beer.

"What I think my ass is worth a home cooked meal." Draven grinnedover at him as he played with the label on his beer.

Eko shrugged,"I guess so."he grinned softly, finishing his beer.

Draven grinned over at him and pushed his ate away. " I have to say you keep suprising me boss."

Eko snorted,"Why? thought i was your typical mob boss?"he said stacking his plate on Dravens.

"Well of course, you know slicked back hair, cigars all that jazz."Draven grinned leaning back in his seat. " Well I am also still suprised you arent old."

Eko smirked and touched his chest above his heart,"you wound me so."he shook his head,"well I do like cigars, and sometimes my hair is slicked back but I am never old."

" Well would me making you dessert naked help heal your wounded heart?" Draven asked with a smirk.

Eko smirked and shook his head,"No but watching you make me dessert naked would."

Draven grinned and pulled off his shirt and underwear. " so do I get an apron or fully naked?"

Eko leaned back with a smug smirk,"I dont think you need one."

Draven frowned at him but dropped his boxers and walked into the kitchen naked. " So what do you want?" He asked bending down to grab a bowl out of the bottom shelf.

Eko smirked as he watched Draven,"Something chocolatey."

"And I'm guessing it has to be more than just chocolate sauce over my chest?" He asked with a grin as he started looking through the cupboards.

Eko smirked softly,"no."he shook his head with a chuckle. 

"Fine good thing I can kind of cook." Draven grinned back at him as he started moving around the kitchen trying to whip something up.

Eko admired quietly for a little while before he was unable to stop himself. He stood up and queitly made his way behind Draven and untying the apron's strings.

Draven grinned and kept mixing the batter. "Whatcha doing." He asked looking back at Eko.

"getting the full experience."Eko grinned and threw the fabric over his shoulder.

He grinned slightly back at Eko and nodded. " Just so you know I could probably cook and give you a hand job at the same time."

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