The Saints.

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Draven groaned softly and pushed his hips up more into Ekos hands. " Feels so much better than doing it myself."

Eko smirked,"you jerk off a lot?"he asked casually as he slowly stroked them 

Darven licked his lips and nodded. " Cheaper then therpy. A hand on the dick makes everything better."

Eko snorted,"wow. And you could never get anyone to help you with it?"he asked stroking now wih a twist of his hand. 

"Couple of people. " he murmured moaning softly. "Girls hands are too soft and the guys just bent me over fucked me ans never called again."

Eko smirked,"YOu want somebody to be your boyfriend, baby?"he teased gently, squeezing their dicks.

Dravens cheeks flushed groaning softly. " It would be nice but havent found any one who wanted anything more than a fuck or too..So Ive kind of given up on that." He licked his lips and sighed. " Fucking around works somewhat."

Eko studied him for a moment,"A romantic,how cute."he said mostly tohimself as he let go of their dicks to prepare Draven.

" Fags can want fairy tale romances too boss." Draven groaned  and grined down at Eko. " Now, hurry up, I wanna be fucked."

"Oh yeah romance."Eko smirked as he squeezed Dravens asscheeks in his hand and slowly pushed himself up into the man above hm.

Draven started to say something else but it got cut off from the moan that escaped his lips, he ground down to get more of Eko. " Though this is fucking better then romance right now."

Eko nodded, as he snapped his hips up into the younger man.He growled softly,reaching up and dragging Draven down with a hand wrapped around his neck. He kissed Draven harshly.

Draven groaned breathlessly against his lips bouncing his hips faster. " Shit, this is even better." He murmured kissing him hard.

Eko growled low in his chest, his grip on Dravens hip turned bruising before he sat up and toppled Draven over unto his back Eko. Once he was firmly planted in his knees between Dravens thighs he started thrusting again. 

Draven moaned arching up off the couch, his fingers digging into the plush couch. " We need to do this every day."

Eko nodded and dropped down so he as on his elbows above Drwvensnhead. He kissed his soundly while pounding into the boy. 

Draven moaned kissing Eko back almost franticly. " Keep goin, almost there." He murmured against his lips.

Eko groaned loudly as he started to pound harshly into Draven, he smacked him on the ass,"Come for me."

Draven came hard, biting down on his arm knowing the sounds he was making would be fucking embarrassing.

Eko gave a low groan when Draven tightened around him, he came with a soft groan; throwing his head back. 

Draven kept moaning softly  until he could breathe normal again. " Holy shit, you should do porn if the whole gang thing doesnt work."

Eko smirked,"Ill remeber that."He chuckled as he ran a hand through his own sweaty hair.

Draven wiped the sweat from his face and grinned. " So how was I sober?"

Eko smiled as he stood up and walked into the kitchen,"better."he shouted back as he opened the fridge. 

Draven grinned and pulled himself up off the couch so he could clean up abit. "You were better also."

Eko snorted,"I'm always good."he said pulling things out if the fridge. 

Draven walked into the kitchen still naked and grinned. " So what are you making?"

Eko looked over at Draven with appreciative eyes before turning back to his boiling water,"spaghetti and meat balls."

" ooh you know the way to an Italian boys heart." Draven peaked over Ekos shoulder and grinned. "Need any help?"

Eko looked back at him,"that depends can you cook?"

"I'm  a mommas boy, she taught me everything she knows...I'm a pretty damn good cook." Draven said smiling softly as he watched Eko cook. "Trust me."

Eko looked at him dubiously,"okay. Go and start the meatballs." He directed the younger man."

Draven pulled his teeshirt over his head and grinned grabbing a bowl to put everything together. " I promise you will love my balls."

(So Im thinking they go after the other people involved in the sex ring draven should get shot or something and when he is in the hospital they find out he is an undercover cop and sams like we gotta kill him but eko doesnt because he is starting to devolp feelings for him.)

OOOO good idea!! i love the drama!!

Eko rolled his eys,"Youre an idiot."he said straining the pasta at the sink.

(okay awesome!)
"So you  are not saying you like my balls?" Draven grinned over at Eko.

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