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"You know if we didn't have pups in this house right now I would bend you over the table and bite that neck of yours." Tyler told him before popping some bacon in his mouth.
Milo giggled and wrapped his arms around Nick. " Fine, you are my favorite, you have to be my favorite. You are my mate."

Ethan huffed,"promises promises..."he smirked, before gently touching his bare neck,"you know some of these marks are fading.."

Nick couldn't help the ball of guilt that dropped in his stomach at the word mates,"you're my favorite too."he kissed milo sweetly 

"Well we can't have that can we?" Tyler chuckled reaching over to pull Ethan closer by the back of his neck. "I gotta take care of mine and make sure the whole world knows he's mine." He said before kissing him hard.
milo grinned happily before hopping off of Nicks lap. "You better go see your momma and then hurry back to come and see me."

Ethan smiled happily into the kiss, reaching up to wrap his thin arms around Tyler's neck

nick sighed and rubbed the back of his head before nodding,"yeah okay."he said pulling the rest of his clothes on and slipping into his shoes,"I'll text you in a little while."

Tyler chuckled softly and pulled Ethan down into his lap to keep kissing him softly. He pulled away from Ethan's lips and lightly bumped their foreheads together. " YOu know I think I'm pretty crazy about you."
" You better darling." Milo grinned pulling his knees up too his chest smiling even more. " Say hi to your mom for me."

Ethan couldn't help the bug smile that spread across his full lips,"well I know I'm crazy about you."he kissed Tyler's forhead

nick leaned down to kiss milo softly once more before opening the door, he smiled over his shoukder before walking out. He slipped his phone from. His packet and texted izzy to see where she was. 

"You better be cause if anyone else comes near you I'll probably bite them. You're mine." Tyler leaned forward nuzzling his face in Ethan's neck. " Never gonna not be mine."
*I'm home alone wolf boy. Come over.* Izzy has been pissed at Nick. She knew Milo got hurt but not seeing him did annoy her. Milo wasn't a baby he could spend sometime b himsef.

Ethan smiled softly," yours..."he nodded tilting his head back to expose his neck further. 

nick smiled, he had missed Izzy but he was so confused as to what exactly it meant that he had knotted two people. He just thought it was the normal werewolf sex but apparently it was special. He sighed as he parked in front of Izzys house not sure what he was going to say to her. He knocked on the front door. 

Tyler just kept rumbling mine mine mine against the pale skin of Ethan's neck,his teeth grazing across his jugular. "We should go back to our room."
izzy open the door grinning softly when she saw ick. As annoyed as she was with him ditching because of Milo that faded when she saw him, she loosely wrapped her arms around his shoulder and gave hima kiss. "Hey wolf boy."

Ethan nodded eagerly,"yes yes we should."he started back up towards their room. 

nick smiled, he hadn't really noticed it until now but he could feel his wolf calm like it did when Milo was around,"hey gorgeous..."he kissed her back wrapping his arms around his waist 

Tyler pushed back from the table and picked up Ethan to carry him to the bedroom. He tossed him down on the largebed before pounceing. Tyler growled and pinned Ethan's hands above his head. " Fuck you are so good looking."
Izzy grinned up at him snuggling against his chest. " I've missed you."

Ethan wiggled happily,"I know."he smirked smugly, lifting his hips to rub against Tyler. 

Nick smiled happily, giving her a tight squeeze before letting her go,"how have you been?"he asked, against her head. 

Tyler grinned down at him, his eyes already growing red around the edges." You are such a little trouble maker."
" Not bad." Izzy laughed taking his hand and pulling him up the stairs to her room. " I'm going on a few college tours soon and I think thats freaking out my parents that I'm leaving. What have you been up too other then babysitting?"

Ethan laughed happily,"your trouble make.."he wiggled

Nick felt a hard tug of dread at the idea of his girl leaving him but he shook it if for the moment,"nothing really...taking care of Milo. He's having a hard time recovering."

Tyler let go of his wrists and kept grinning. "Do not moved your hands or I'm going to tie you to the bed and leave you there." He slid down to his knees and palmed the front of Ethan's pants. "You gonna be good?"
"the guy who shot him just got out of the hospital. My dad will discipline him..he shouldn't have been on your alphas land."Izzy told him sitting down on her bed. 

Ethan hips canted up into Tyler touch,"yes alpha."he whimpered softly. 

Nick eyes glowed softly at the mention of the man that shot his boy,"I could rip him to pieces."he growled 

Tyler cracked his neck his eyes fully red now. He hooked his fingers in Ethans pants and tugged them off before wrapping a loose hand around him giving a few teasing pumps. " You should see how fucking amazing you look right now."
" Then they would be after you." Izzy pulled him down on the the bed with her. " I need you too stay safe. I don't know what I would do with out you."

Ethan blushed from his ears to his chest, even after all this time tyler made him blush. He pushed his hips up into Tyler's fist while he kept a tight hold around the bars of their headboard to avoid misbehaving,"you look better..."

nick smiled and wrapped his arms around Izzy pulling her close with a gentle squeeze,"you'll never have to find out."

"Now you are just trying to flatter me so I'll suck your dick." Tyler grinned up at him while giving his hand a twist, ' but since you are being so good, I'll be nice." He kept grinning until he leaned over and sucked Ethan down.
izzy buried her face in his neck and sighed softly. "Promise wolf boy?"

Ethan moaned loudly, he was shameless in his lust as he twisted in tyler grip, Ethan thoughtlessly moved his hand to tug at Tyler's hair. 

Nick co kissed her head with a smile,"promise, baby."

Tyler felt the hand in his hair and chuckled lowly before grabbing the wrist and pulling off of Ethan's dick. "Someone forget what I told them?"
izzy laughed softly and laced her fingers with his. "You know what we should do since we are home alone?"

Ethan whined at the loss but his mouth quickly snapped shut when he realized his mistake,"s-sorry..."he stuttered looking down at Tyler. 

Nick gave a predatory grin,"play scrabble?"

Tyler chuckled pulling himself up off the floor. "Oh I know you are darling but I still gotta punish you. Can't have you getting wild on me."
"scrabble could be fun but I think we should study some bio." She said wiggling out of his grasp to pull her shirt over her head.

Ethan whimpered softly,"gonna keep me in my place?"he asked coyly. 

nick laughed softly watching izzy shimmy out of her skirt,"you're so beautiful."he said softly reaching out to touch Izzys bare stomach 

"Well I have to." Tyler leaned down nip at his neck. " If you get wild on me then the pups will and I can have that." He moved so he was on top of Ethan arms on either side of his head supportin his weight. " Gotta show you who the alpha is."
Izzy smiled softly at the touch and move so she was straddling Nick's lap. " YOu are pretty good looking too."

Ethan stretched his head back baring his neck to the powerful wolf above him,"are you going to punish me?"Ethan asked looking at Tyler under his eyelashes

nick smiled,"I know."he let his hands settle in Izzys hips before sliding back and grabbing her ass. He gave a rough squeeze,"that's why were oerfect together."

Tyler leaned down to kiss the long collum of pale skin. " I think you may like that too much. Maybe I'll just fuck ya and not let you come."
Izzy's cheeks turned red and pushed her ass back into his hands. " Best looking couple that I knwo."

Ethan's eyes snapped to Tyler's,"but that wouldn't be very nice..."he pouted. 

Nick smirked and in one effortless movement flipped izzy over so she was on her back sprawled out across the bed. Nick pulled his clothes off before reaching for what was left of Izzys clothes, he pulled her pants down roughly biting whatever skin started to show. 

"But Im punishing you darling." Tyler grinned down at him as he reached over to grab the lube out of the drawer. "Punishments aren't nice."
Izzy moaned at the teeth on her skin and squirmed on the bed. " You want people to know I'm yours Im guessin?"

Ethan huffed in annoyance,"o don't know why you hate me..."he tried to say with a straight face but couldn't help laughing at the end. 

Nick growled in agreement,"yeah cause you are mine."he said tracing his teeth marks with a finger before biting her hips 

Tyler burst out laughed nuzzling his face in Ethan's neck. "YOu are such a loser. Fine we won't try to be kinky and I'll just fuck you because I like the sounds you make."
Izzy  groaned and wiggled on the bed playing with Nick's hair. " I guess you biting me if better then you peeing on me to mark your territory."

Ethan smiled,we can still be kinky but you should still fuck me."

Nick stopped and put a thoughtful look on his face,"well now that you mention it....."

"Ya, Ya I'll fuck you." Tyler said still grinning down at him, he grabbed the lube from the bed side table and got them both ready. " You sure you want me to fuck you?"
Izzy sat up on her elbows and grinned down at Nick. "I have slept with chinese finger dagers under my bed since I was ten, I wouldn't try it wolf boy." she giggled softly.

Ethan whined,"yes."he said wiggling his hips 

nick laughed,"fine I'll save that for trees..."he finally pulled her pants and underwear off. 

"As you wish." Tyler groaned out thrusting in. He bottomed out and buried his face in Ethan's neck. " YOu always fee lperfect."
Izzy ran her fingers through her hair and laid back on the bed. " You better get naked too."

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