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Nick watched with wide glowing eyes as Milo transformed. He was fully stuck inside Milo now but he continued to grind his hips and the met out a loud howl as he finally came. 

Milo came with a howl teeth biting into Nicks shoulder pulling his even closer.  He felt like he couldnt breathe, every nerve ending was on fire still clinging to Nick. " Everything feels funny."

Nick growled, the knot causing his to come for longer then he was used to,"you feel so good."he mumbled leaning down at kiss Milo's tenderly. His hips continued to twitch against Milo. 

Milo groaned against his lips his face starting to turn back to normal, softly rocking against Nicks hips. " I'm yours."

Nick growled as his lips pulled back into a snarl,"mine."he said a he fangs started to grow. He closed his eyes trying to get a grip on himself before looking down at Milo, his teeth back to normal. 

Milo ran a soft hand up and down Nicks back murmuring softly " I knew it would happen for us..I knew it."

NIck shivered, he had no idea how it happened but he was glad for it all the same,"Youre my mate."he said softly, almost in awe as he reached down and cupped Milos face in his calloused hand.

"I knew it, I knew I'd be yours." Milo smiled tiredly pushing his face into Nicks hand almost purring. "God every nerve is on fire."

Nick smiled but he couldnt help the nigling question in the back of his mind,"You and Izzy?"He trailed not knowing how to finish asking, he wasnt really sure what he was asking. He knew that MIlo would have told him if he knotted Izzy but he honestly wasnt sure they had even had sex before. 

Milo blushed slightly and kept his head buried in his neck. " We fucked once, lasted about five mintues didnt knot. It was my first time since then its just been going down on each other and touching."

NIck nodded, absent mindedly not sure what that meant,"oh okay,"he said, mentally setting a reminder to ask his alpha about what all this meant.

"Ya its pretty fucking embrassing." Milo mumbled his cheeks flushing red. " So how long are we stuck like this?"

NIck smiled at the blushing boy and wiggled his hips expermentially, he felt a little less stuck,"I think itll just be a few moreminutes."

"Good cause I dont want anyone walking in though this feel awesome." Milo flushed more when Nick moved his hips. " But it makes me feel like I should roll on to my back and bare my neck/"

Nick smiled at that,""he groaned his hips twitching at the image,"You can do that..."he grinned sharply, his fangs poking out from behind her lips.

Milo grinned and reached up running his thumb over the fangs. " Any sort of wrestling into gonna go well know, I'll probably just roll over and let you take you claim."

Nick shivered, his eyes glowing and he leaned down to press a single bite right over Dravens jugular. He let his fangs just rest there as he slowly tugged his now much smaller knot free. 

Milo whimpered feeling so empty now. He pulled Nick up for a soft kiss. " Miss you already." He mumbled against his lips.

 Nick gave a smug smirk,"give me a few minutes and I can fix that."he teased flopping back on the couch. 

Milo snuggled against Nick clinging to his chest letting out a small huff. " Ya Ya are you gonna be all cocky now that you know Id roll over pretty quickly for you."

Nick couldnt wipe the smug smile from his face,"Cant wait to try that out."

Milo hit him on the chest and giggled. " you are such a dick head and tyler is gonna kill us..I scratched the couch."

Nick laughed,"it'll be fine. Plus Ethan will be all weepy that we mated he won't let Tyler kill us."

"Right he will probably wanna take pictures with us and document it." Milo laughed before rubbing his face in Nicks neck with a content sigh. " God I hope he doesnt cry."

Nick laughed,"He probably will."he shook his head, rubbing a hand through MIlos hair.

"Mayve we can get ice cream out of it." Milo giggled against his neck. " Just as long as tyler doesnt get that weird look on his face."

NIck looked downa t MIlo and laughed,"Which weird look?"

Milo looked up at him with a scrunched up face and a frown. " You know the one when he is trying to impart some alpha advice or something emotional happens  regarding us."

Nick couldn't help the explosion of laughter that left him when he saw Milo's impression of Tyler,"yeah I hope so too."he giggled. 

Milo giggled laying close to him.  "We can traumatize him by having him walk in on us having sex in random places.

Nick snorted,"yeah that's only a good idea if I can learn to control my knot."he smiled. 

"Ya it might be bad getting caught and being stuck." Milo laughed at the thought. " Ethan would take pictures to blackmail us."

Nick snorted,"probably."he shook his head and then his face flushed when he heard Tyler's car pullin into the driveway. 

Milo popped up and passed Nick his boxers and pulled on his own, his cheeks turning red when the door opened a crack.
"so if everyone wearing clothes?" Tyler asked not wanting to come in without confirmation.

Nick scurried into his jeans,"yeah we're good."he shouted back, pulling his shirt in as well and opening a window. 

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