Big Bad Wolf::Rpg

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Izzy closed her eyes and hummed softly. "Hey now, no more funny business, we should just cuddle."

Nick smiled softly,"I can do that."he said wrapping his arms around her waist before throwing Izzy on the bed. 

Izzy bounced onto the bed and laughed. " okay that hurt abit, come here wolf boy."

Nick frowned,"I didn't meant to hurt you."he mumbled crawling to to bed with Izzy. 

" Im fine, come here." Izzy said softly as she snuggled up against his chest, pulling a thin sheet over them. " I know you would never hurt me darling."

"Damn straight."nick said nuzzling into Izzys hair with a content sigh. 

Izzy let out a content sigh and closed her eyes. " God, I love how warm you boys run. Its like having a space heater."

Nick laughed softly,"Yeah..."He said suddenly his head full of the fact that Izzy and Milo were together.

"Whats wrong? you sound tense." She asked looking up at him running her hand up and down his chest.

Nick sighed softly, he didnt want to ruin their time but he had to say something,"Milo will be able to smell is on eachother."he said softly.

Izzy nodded. " Right, he will wont he. I guess we both have to shower again. He wont put it together. He is a cute kid but not the most bright kid."

Nick bite his lip to stop from defending Milo,"He's a wolf, silly.A showers not going to so much we need a story of why we were together."

" We are both in AP Bio and he isnt we can just say we are studying together." Izzy shrugged as she kept trailing her hand up and down his chest.

Nick nodded,"That works."He smiled kissing her head.

"See I am pretty smart. He wont suspect anything, belive me." Izzy smiled up at him. " So we can keep doing this."

Nick smoothed back her hair,"Good cause i kinda like you."

"Good I really like you too." Izzy laughed as she placed a kiss on his chest.

Nick smiled softly,"As much as i want to stay in bed with you forever. I have to go."He said sadly.

Izzy nodded and sat up wrapping her sheet around her shoulders. " Okay darling, I'll see you later okay." She gave him a light kiss.

Nick smiled and kissed her bak deeply,"alright darling."he gave a goofy grin before getting out of bed and into his clothes. 

Izzy smiled up at him as she snuggled into the bed. " Be good darling. You should probably figure out this knotting thing too."

Nick smiled,"yeah I'll ask about it,"he said easily even though his face started to heat up at the idea of taking to Tyler about this. 

Izzy smiled softly as she yawned. " I miss you already."

Nick smiled and kissed her once more before starting for the door,"bye dear."he smiled over his shoulder before closing the door behind him. As he we walking out to his car he dialed Milo. 

Milo half asleep curled up with Tyler and Ethan. He got lonely sitting in the living room by himself so he went in and wiggled between them. He grabbed him phone huffed as he anwsered. " Ello?" He asked sleepily.

Ethan smacked a hand to the top of Milo's head and hushed him while Nick slide into his car,"hey. Did I wake you?"

Milo pouted up at him before wiggling out of bed and going in the hallways yawning loudly. " Kinda, I got was cuddling with Tyler and Ethan and full asleep. What are you doing?"

"Im actually leaving Izzy's house."Nick said as causally as possible,"She asked me to help her study for a class we have together, but im coming back home now."

Milo yawned and rubbed his eyes, he was glad they were atleast somewhat getting along. " Oh okay, good. I wanna cuddle with you. Did you guys get alot of studying done?"

Nick swallowed thickly,"yeah so much."he said pulling up to Tyler and Ethan's house,"I'll be inside in a second to cuddle you."

Milo yawned again and went over to flop down on the couch. "Okay hurry up."

Nick hung up the phone right as he walked through the front door. He smiled seeing Milo on the couch before he jumped on top of Milo,"hey sleepyhead." 

Milo leaned up to nuzzle his face in Ethan's neck. " I was so comfy snuggled in with them but I still wanted you home."

Nick smiled,"sorry." He kissed Ethan's neck in apology. 

Milo hummed happily. "Salright, I can somewhat survive a few hours without you. But tyler growls in his sleep,so I like sleeping with you better."

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