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Nick snorted and shook his head but continued to roll his hips up. He vaguely wondered if coming again would cause the knot to reswell as he reached down to play with Izzy. 

Izzy moaned softly and ground her hips down the best she could. She buried her face in nicks shoulder moaning softly. "You know how to treat a girl right."

Nick laughed softly,"very true."he growled out. His other hand slide up Izzys bare back to get a firm grip in herhair. He pulled her head back before biting her neck. 

When he bit down on her neck Izzy almost jumped out of his skin, every nerve felt like it was on fire. She moaned his name loudly as che calm clinging to him.

Nick growled a izzy tightened around him. He could feel the knot swelling again as he leans back against the wall,"I kinda like this knotting thing."

Izzy  laughed breathlessly and shook her head. "It's not horrible though hopefully it doesn't last too long."

Nick nodded, "I agree."he laughed softly into Izzys throat. 

Izzy giggled softly before moving her hips abit. " I think its gone down, Im going to try to get off of you."

Nick sighed,"I guess so."he grinned, putting his hands in her hips to help. 

Izzy managed to pull his self off only uttering a few swears and a loud pop. "I'm not going to be able to walk tommorow asshole, and I feel grossly sticky."

Nick laughed loudly,"I'm not sorry..."

Izzy glared at him over her shoulder as she grabbed a towel off the back on her desk chair. " I need to shower, even though every werewolf in the tricounty area is gonna know who Ive been fucking, I probably reek like you."

Nick couldn't help the satisfied smirk and the low growl that escaped him,"good."

Izzy rolled her eyes and grinned. " YOu should take my sheets off my bed while I shower so I can wash my bedding before my parents get home."

Nick groaned,"Fine."He smiled and slipped out of the damp sheets before starting to pull them off,"Wheres the washer?"

" Basement to the left. You wont be able to miss it." Izzy yelled over the spray of the shower.

Nick bundled the blankets in his arms and started for the basement; he was about halfway there when the blankets started ringing. Nick quickly shook them out only to find Milo calling. He answered with a sudden rush of guilt nearling choking him,"Hello."

"Hey darling, how's hanging out with your mom?" Milo asked with a soft smile on his face. Since getting with Nick he gets so bored without the other boy, he needs him around.  

Nick cleared is throat,"pretty boring."he said, tucking the phone between his ear and shoulder after picking up the clothes from the floor,"what are you doing?"

"Well I studied abit at the library but I'm back at Tyler's now. They are both sleeping and the house reaks of sex." Milo said with a sigh. " But I got pizza left overs."

Nick laughed nervously,"atleast you got pizza."he said pouring some detergent into the washing machine. 

" It was freaking good pizza too." Milo laughed softly. " YOu gonna come back tonight or will I just see you tommotow?"

Nick turned the washer on,"I'm not sure."he said making his way back up the stairs," I'll text you soon to let you know."

" OKay, I miss you." Milo said softly into the phone.

"You too."Nick said fondly into the phone as he walked back up the stairs. 

Neither izzy or Milo are mean to know that nicks seeing both of them, right?

Right :)

"okay well I'm going to study some more. Come back soon." Milo smiled ingot phone before hanging it up and opening his text book.

Nick smiled but that quickly dropped from his face when he heard Izzy shut the shower off,"yeah okay gotta go bye."he hung up the phone quickly before throwing it on the sheet less bed like it had burned him. 

Izzy came out in a tank top and shorts drying her hair with a towel. " I feel better now, though sitting may be a probably. I can't feel anything down there."

Nick couldn't help but grin,"well I'm not sorry."he chuckled, pulling in his discarded boxers. 

"I know you aren't." Izzy laughed as she went over wrapping her arms around Davies shoulders. "You are a bit of a jerk."

Nick shrugged,"girls like bad boys."he gave a goofy grin a he wrapped his arms around Izzys waist. 

"Nicky, you are no where near being a bad boy." Izzy told him giving him a light kiss on the lips. " But I like you anyways."

Nick pouted,"Fine..."he smiled into the kiss,"I guess i like you too."

"You better, normal girls would freak out over your little...well not little Penis thing." She giggled as she kissed him again.

NIck waggled his eyesbrows with a little chuckle,"I know. you are awesome."he grinned, kissing her neck.

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