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"I'm romantic as fuck with my girl." Jax put his arm around her shoulder, "I treat what's mine well."
remy nearly felt boneless as he sucked on the two finger. It used to freak him out how easy he could fall into his submissive side but he wasn't about to complain he groaned softly around the fingers and glanced back at Heath with wide eyes.

Pipper rolled her eyes but inside her stomach was fluttering, she huffed softly trying to squash the feeling,"how about you treat me to some lunch?"she asked changing the subject. 

​Heath smirked as he looked at Remys flushed face,"you're so pretty, baby."he said softly against the older mans ear. Heath slide his fingers further into Remys mouth before pulling them out and spinning him around. He glanced back at the rest of the store and deciding it was safe enough he pushed remy to his knees,"down."he commanded softly 

"Ofcourse darling."  Jax grinned slightly as he speed down the road stopping infront of a small resturant. " This place is really good, I used to go here all the time back in the day."
Remy dropped to his knees hard and looked up at Heath with wide eyes, He sat back on his heels and stayed quiet waiting for Heath to tell him what to do.

Pipper laughed,"back in the day?"she asked getting out of the car. 

Heath reached down and ran a gentle hand through the older mans hair,"pull my cock out."he demanded softly n

" Back in the day of being a young punk who would come here hung over off his ass to  get lunch. Remeber I am an old man darling." Jax said smacking her on the ass before wrapping his arm around her waist.
Remy licked his lips and looked around quickly before undoing Heath's jeansand pulling them down just a bit to pull his cock out by not enough that he couldn't just pull his jeans back up if they got caught. He licked his lips and looked back up at him grinning softly.

Pipper snorted"well you're still a punk so I can see that."she smiled sweetly at him. 

Heath smirked down at the older man and ran a thumb across Remys bottom lip,"open."he commanded

"Aren't you so sweet." Jax smirked down at her before giving her another kiss and finding a table. "Just remember I'm the punk that buys you nice things."
remy grinned before opening his mouth, he moved closer to Heath but didn't make any more movements with out being told to first. As much as he may like punishment, he wanted to be good today.

Pipper laughed as she slide into her side of the booth,"I will remember that."

heath smirked and leaned forward just barely thrusting into heaths open mouth,"hands behind your head."he said softly 

"You better you are an expensive habit to have.' Jax flipped open the menu and scanned through it before deciding. " what are you getting?"
remy groaned softly at the small thrust into his mouth before putting his hands behind his head tugging at his own hair,

Piper looked through the menu with a hum,"a chocolate milk shake and a chicken salad."she nodded decidedly before sliding the menu away,"you?"

heath reached back and out his hands over Remys, using that as leverage to move the older mans face the way he wanted. He started gently at first just enjoying the sensation but the front door to the shop opened and reminded him of where they were so he started to move faster, thrusting deeper. 

"Burger and a black coffee." Jax tossed the menu down. "Same thing I ordered every time."
Remy groaned when heath started thrusting harder. The fact the could get caught freaked him out but he also wanted more. He just wanted to touch heath.

Pipper rolled her eyes,"you have no sense of adventure..."she shook her head. 

Heath growled louder then he meant to as he came down Remys throat, it surprised him enough that he didn't have time to warn the other man. 

"I own a sex club and I just fucked you in my car. I am damn adventurous." Jax snorted taking a drink from his coffee.
remy was slightly shocked when Heath came. He fought the urge to choke but him swallowed as best he could wiping the rest on the back of his hand. He tucked Heath back in his pants and smiled up at him. " did I do good?"

Pipper laughed,"sure darling. You're like Indiana jones."

heath reached down to pull Remy to his feet with a smile,"so good."he said using his thumbs to wipe the remaining bit of come from the corners of Remys mouth before kissing him softly,"my good boy."he grinned, soothing Remys hair back down 

"Damn fucking right I am."Jax snorted when the waitress brought them their food.
Remy groaned softly and the praise snuggling close to him. " Your good boy huh?"

Pipper laughed and popped a fried pickle into her mouth,"so any plans for tonight?"

heath smiled softly and kissed Remys head,"mine."he repeated softly , rubbing Remys back 

" Nothing so far. We should be pretty dead tonight." Jax took a drink form his still hot coffee. " You wanna go and do something?"
Remy shuddered and tried to move even closer to Heath. " Yours. I'm yours."

Pipper smiled and picked up another fried pickle and popped it into her mouth,"like a date?"she teased with an easy smile. 

Heath hugged remy close,"good boy."he squeezed him close before wrapping a arm around the older mans waist and walking towards the front of the store again. 

" You gonna expect flowers and shit?" Jax teased taking a drink from his coffee. " Gotta have you back to your Daddy by ten or he'll get the shot gun?"
Remy stayed close to his side with a smile on his face the whole time. " Where are we going now?"

Pipper laughed,"No..."she rolled her eyes,"but if you don't have my back and in bed with all my clothes off by midnight I might get the shot gun."she teased 

Heath kissed the side of remys head,"whatever you want to do....this is your day out."

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