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Pipper smiled at Jax' excitment, he was like a little kid in candy store,"Shes pretty."

Heath looked down at Remy uncertainly,"Arey ou sure?"

He grinned back at her and pulled her against his side. " SO you like this one? You would look pretty in it."
" Ya this isnt my first rodeo kid." Remy grinned. " Anything and use your big boy voice."

Pipper grinned,"I like the red."she said running her hands over the roof. 

Heath looked down at Remy and tried to get himself together. He normally only became that dominat person in the heat of the moment so it was weird to just casually start doing it. He reached down and ran his hand through Remys hair a he thought, what did he want to happen here?  "Stand up. Take off your clothes, fold them and put them on the bed."he instructed taking his hand away from the older mans head. 

"Okay you stay here and I'm gonna find someone so I can buy this." Jax kissed her on the cheek before going to find a sales person.

Remy smiled and nodded before getting up and doing as he was told, folding his clothes and laying them on the bed. He smiled softly and stood in front of Heath naked. His chest and neck littered with bites from last night with Heath.

Pipper nodded and turned back to the car. She opened the door and slide inside admiring the interior, she couldn't wait to fuck in the hood. 

Heath smirked softly seeing his marks left in Remy,"lay back on the bed."he instructed, walked closer to Remy. 

Jax came back about ten mintues later with a grin on his face and keys in his hand. " They are bring my new baby around to the front so we can take it right now."
Remy couldnt help but smile softly and nodding as he laid back on his small bed looking up at Heath.

Pipper smiled brightly,"I can't wait to take her for a spin."

heath looked down at Remy for a few long moment before reaching out a wrapping a hand around his dick. He gave a few long slow strokes as he watched Remys face.  

Jax looked down at her and tossed her the keys. " don't crash my new car."
Remy moaned softly smiling up at Heath. Thank you." He murmured softly.

Pipper squealed as she caught the keys,"I won't."she smiled brightly. 

Heath smiled wathing Remy for a few Lon seconds before he reached up and pressed his fingers into the marks across Heaths chest,"do you like my marks on you?"

JAx grinned and lead her outside where his new car was waiting for him. " Okay you better be carefully or I will beat your ass red." He said sliding into the car.
Remy groaned and closed his eyes. " I like them more than anything, I want them on me always."

Pipper smiled,"yes sir."she said taking the keys and starting the get. She smirked at the growl of the engine. 

"Good answer."Heath chuckled as he twists his hand. 

Jax watched her with a fond look on his face. "Now don't go too fast, I don't need to be getting pulled over."
remy moaned softly and wiggled on the bed trying to keep still. " do I get a reward for my good answer?"

Heath smiled softly,"you do."he said quickly moving his hand now.  

Remy shuddered and let out a soft moan. " Can I come plelase."

Pipper looked over at Jax with a evil smirk before squealing out of the parking lot.

Heath nodded, and leaned down to kiss his left hip,"Yeah."

Jax grabbed on to the seat and grinned over at her. " Alright, a hot girl driving a hot car is my new kink."
Remy moaned and reached up to lightly grab Heaths arm as he came.

Pipper laughed loudly as she turned sharply unto a new street,"mine too."

heath watched her remy with wide eyes, he slowly worked Remy through the aftershocks with gentle kissed to his chest and neck. 

Jax grinned over at her still hanging on tightly. " If you crash my car though I will kill you woman. I cant afford two of theses."

Remy laughed softly after letting out a shakey breath. " Fuck you are so adorible."

Pipper smiled sweetly at him,"don't worry, baby. We'll be fine."

Heath smiled shyly at Remy as he took Remys discarded shirt and cleaned up the older mans stomach. 

"That does not make me want to trust you. Drive to fifth street where all of those shops are, I can get my new suit and you can get your self something pretty." Jax  grinned more as they flew past everyone else on the street.
Remy watched him still smiling. "Want me to return the favour?"

Piper smiled as she zipped into a parking space,"we're here."she giggled. 

Heath shook his head,"later."he patted Remys  thigh. 

Jax slipped out of the car and ran a hand over the shiny paint again. " I dont care what you say, I am getting driving gloves."
Remy smiled softly and pushed himself up. " What are we gonna do now then?"

Pipper rolled her eyes," Okay captain douche." she smiled sweetly over her shoulder.

Heath threw the now dirty shirt over his shoulder unto a chair before shrugging,"Whatever, We can go out, or we can stay here. Whatever you want to do is fine with me."

"With that attitude I am not buying you a leather jacket." JAx grinned back at her pulling her against his side.
"Go I wanna go out." Remy hopped off the bed to go to his closet to find something to wear. " I never really leave the house much."

Pipper laughed,"So mean to me."she poked him.

Heath smiled softly,"Where do you feel like going?"

"Not mean. just keeping you in line. I dont think I could handle if you started getting all wild on me."Jax laughed kissed the top of her head. " Pick out a jacket."
"Anywhere really." Remy said puing on a tight pair of jeans. " Somewhere where we can hang out and not be bothered."

Pipper smirked as she looked around the rows of leather. Trying on a few before making a displeased face and tossing them back.

Heath nodded,"Okay..."he trailed trying to think of  place,"what about dinner and movie, old school?"

Jax watched her with a smirk on his face. He grabbed a black leather jacket for himself and walked over to him . " So nothing is good enough for the princess?"
Remy peaked out of his closet and pulled on a pair of tight jeans. " Well that just sounds romantic, after that will we drive out to makeout point and do abit of necking?"

Pipper narrowed her eyes at him,"most of these are ugly."she poked him.

Heath laughed,"yeahi was goingto give yoummy varisty jacket."

Jax sighed dramaticly and pulled her closer. " Should we get you one personaly made?"
"Ohh my momma would be so proud to see me goin steady with a nice boy." He smirked as he pulled on his shoes. " Im gonna have to gossip with all of the girls."

Pipper smiled,"No its okay. Ill settle for a ugly one."she giggled before looking through the store once more and finally finding one she liked.

Heath smiled and wrapped a arm around Remy when he was close enough,"Youre adorable."

"Even if you wear something ugly you will looking fucking hot, dont worry." Jax gave her a toothy grin tossing his jacket and gloves up on the counter.
Remy snuggled tight against his side. " You are adorable too and hot."

Pipper smiled happily,"well duh."she said throwing her jacket untop of Jax'.

Heath smiled softly,"yeah yeah•he brushed it off before walking down the stairs to where they would need to sign out. 

"Glad to know your confidence is so high darling." Jax smirked as he pulled out a credit card to pay for the coats.
remy stayed tucked under heaths arm as he grabbed the book from the secretary to check out. "How long are we gonna be out? Since it's my day off I'm free till eight because I'm booked to work tonight so any longer and you'll be charged." He hated talking like he was just a piece of property but he pretty much was.

Pipper grinned sweetly and smacked Jax' on the ass when she picked up the bag with their jackets in it,"Thanks dear."

"we'll be back before then."Heath said awkwardly as he signed his name next to Remys.

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