Leather and Lace rpg

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Heath stroked Remy a few times just to tease before pushing his knees apart,"I want to hear you."Was all he said before pushing into the olderman.

Pipper pouted,"Fine. I should be out there making you some money."She said pulling out of Jax' arms and towards the mirror he had hanging behind his desk. She quickly adjusted her dress and fixed her face and hair.

"Shit." Remy groanedlooking up at Heath. " Feel so good." He whimped digging his nails into the bench.
JAx watched her for a mintue before smirking. " Just look pretty no fucking." He said simplly.

Heath growled,"Good."He mummered as he started to slowly rock in and out of his boy.

Pipper frowned,"A girls gotta make a living."

" Can I touch you please?" Remy whimpered softly with wide eyes.
" No a girl doesnt." Jax said fixing his jacket. " I keep you in nice clothes."

"No."Heath said firmly, speeding up his thrusts. He had a firm grip on Remy's hips but couldnt seem to touch the older man more affectionaltey.

Pipper looked at Jax' with cold eyes,"Nice clothes arent the only thing a girl needs."

Remy nodded quickly as he whimpered again pushing back against his thrusts. " Thank you."
JAx rolled his eyes before looking back at her. " So what else do you need Pipper? You have a nice room, fucking nice clothes and you get to prace around looking prettyu for a living. What else do you need?"

Heath thrusts turned sparadic as he came with a loud growl that seemed to echo off the walls. He panted softly before pulling out and pulling his pants back up to his waist.

Pipper turned to look at him with a pretty smile,"I need my own money. Not just your money that you give me for 'pretty clothes'."

Remy flinched as he pulled himself up so he was sitting on the bench. He was used to not being allowed to finish himself, it just hurt like a fucking bitch. " So, you gonna talk to me now?" He asked softly as he got up to grab a towel to clean himself off.

JAx frowned slightly because he really didnt want her to fuck someone else because he really hated sharing things he has grown to like. " Alright, you go make money then."

Heath shrugged,"that's kit what I pay you for."he said harshly before leaning down to kiss Remy on the forehead"Ill see you tomorrow. Don't jerk off."he said simply before walking out if the room

pipper flipped her curly hair over her shoulder,"I will."she said before throwing open the door and walking outside. 

"Fucking asshole." Remy mumbled under his breath as he slowly pulled of the ring with a groan. He huffed to himself and pulled his shorts back on before heading up to his room. He needed to set some ground rules with Heath if they are going to start doing this.
Jax watched her leave before getting himself put back together before heading out to the party and putting on his fake smile.

Pipper traveled around the room charmingly. She was flirty and sexy with all the men, gathering their attention like flowers until a tall business man I a expensive suit caught her eyes. She strode over to him purposely before striking up a flirty conversation. She smiled at the new guy but kept a eye on Jaxs. 

Jax likes to think of himself pretty level headed but he couldnt help but feel jelous as he watched pipper talking to  another guy. He swollowed the small amount of pride he hand left a strolled over putting his arm around Pippers shoulder. " I just paid for you for the night so you have money and we can go and fuck." He whispered in her ear.

Pipper stiffened in his arms, but couldn't help the little spark of happy the bloomed in her chest. She smiled at the older gentlemen she had been speaking with,"so good to meet uou."she said gracefully before leading Jax away. 

Jax grinned as he walked into the hallway. " I got bored darling, so play room or normal room?"

Pipper have him a unimpressed look,"it's your money."she drawled walking slowly down the hall. 

Jax grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her into one of the play rooms. " Dress off Pup."

Pipper squeaked at the sudden treatment but did as she was told, slipping the dress off her shoulders to puddle on the ground around her high heeled feet, leaving her in a matching set of red underthings.

Jax walked around her with a grin on his face. " So are we gonna have this fucking attitude tonight or are you gonna act like a good pup?"

Pipper looked up at him with that same bland look on her pretty face,"I can be whatever you want."she droned. 

"I really don't know how you get paid so well if you act like a brain dead twat with everyone else. Or are you just mad I didn't let you go and screw old men out of their ife savings?" Jax asked her as he pulled off his jacket.

Pipper couldn't help the smirk that formed on her lips,"do you want to know how I am with everyone else?"she asked casually, turning away from. Jaxs and walking towards one if the benches. She slide on the bench so she was laying on it, she arched her back dramatically and opened her knees wide,"I'll lay like this in front of them sometimes on my stomach..."she flipped over and put her butt in the air,"and I'll beg them to fuck me."she wagged her ass in the air,"they always do. "She flipped her hair over her shoulder as she looked over at Jaxs,"I'll beg them to fck me harder, and they always do."

Jax was so fucking confused right now. Part of him wanted to fuck her and toss a gag in her mouth to just shut her up but another part of him wanted to just get mad because he was so used to no one ever talking back to him and just doing what he said. He was in way to deep with her. Jax walked over to her a fierce look in his eyes. "Let's see do you think that will make me want to fuck you?"

Pipper turned around so she was in her back looking up at him,"no."She said simply, stretching out on her back to show off her curve. 

"You know you drive me so fucking crazy." Jax told her as he ran his hands up her sides. "So fucking crazy."

Pipper smiled widely,"I know."she said vaguely, arching into his touch with a soft sound. 

"I could just get one of my other girls who just shuts up and does what I say but I don't ans I keep coming back to you, I have no clue why." He said more to himself as he quickly pulled his shirt over his head.

Pipper grinned,"those girls are boring. You like my fight."she said spreading her knees open. 

Jax chuckled lowly as he move on to the bench between her legs leaning down to kiss her roughly. " Well you do keep me busy." He murmured against her lips.

Pipper nodded in agreement as she kissed him back fiercely. 

Jax's hands trailed lazily over her body before pulling her up to he could get to the back of her bra. " This is still fucking difficult." He mumbled against her lips.

So I know you apperciate half naked men as much as I do. So this guy is a irish pro wrestler and an underware model..I just thought I should share his prettyness with someone.

I can't see the picture on my phone I'll have to wait till I get home to see it! 

Pipper laughed,"and here I am thinking your a bu ladies man who would have no problem taking off a bra."she said reaching behind herself and I clasping the bands. 

(Okay! Its pretty!! haha)

Jax chuckled as he grabbed the bra and tossed it away from them before pushing her back down and kissing down her neck.

OMG!!! So pretty!! 

Pipper giggled softly wrapped his arms around his neck to feel his body next to hers. 

I think he may be my new husband

jax kissed down her chest making sure to leave some marks. "God you are so pretty."

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